Terry Sanford will play on Saturday too….

At first they were out due to an ineligible player and now they are back in the playoffs as of tonight:

Here’s the word from our reporter in Sanford, EC:

Terry Sanford will play.

As ruled by a judge, there is a restraining order out and Terry Sanford will be allowed to play against Pine Forest on Saturday.

I can assure you this will be going to the Court of Appeals on Monday and I would not be surprised to see the NCHSAA marching into court tomorrow morning and having the play-offs delayed in one way or another.


  1. I feel fairly certain the NCHSAA will be in court tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see what they decide to do. If they chose to delay the play-offs it is my understanding it will probably only be for the 4A bracket.

  2. Charlie Adams the NCHSAA’s executive director released this statement….

    “We are very disappointed in the judge’s decision in this matter, but we are planning to be in court on Monday morning. With the case pending, it is appropriate that we have no further comment at this time.”
    –Charlie Adams

  3. That makes it sound like no action will be taken tomorrow and they will take the matter up in court on Monday morning.

  4. The NCHSAA needs to take a look at their rules. Their rules are designed to help the lazy coaches and hinder the coaches that really want to help kids . The whole state ought to go to schools of choce and the kids go where they want to. That would get rid of the oaches that really do not want to coach and are doing it for the little bit of money they would receive. In North Carolina you are hired as a teacher and assigned as a coach. With the load teachers have today and the amount of work they have to turn in to their administrators coaching has suffered.

  5. Wes,
    If you allow free transfer then “All Star” teams will be formed. The whole purpose of the different classifications in schools is to keep them competitive. If you want “Open Class” that’s what private schools are for.

  6. Things in this old world are changing. Look at Forsyth County. They let kids choose the school they go to and they seem to be doing okay. That would force teachers and coaches to step it up a notch or two. Kids would have a choice to go to a school which they feel would best fit their needs.

  7. i agree with Wes. the rules are wrong. you are not reading about Forsyth Co parents upset about the rules or high school coaches crying about no good players in their program. the fact remains – this county (Guilford) is continuing to drive a policy that is wrong and does not serve the best needs of kids or our community. if someone does not want to be in a specific school, then they should be allowed to attend a different school. the county should not be responsible for the transportation and there should be a deadline to apply. just like in Forsyth – the opportunity or open spot must be approved in advance.

  8. “Wes” , “you are correct”

    Take a look at these statements and tell me if you think Forsyth County has choice.

    “Students between the ages of 5 and 21 may attend a public school of choice serving the geographic attendance zone and area in which his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) is domiciled until the student completes the prescribed course work for graduation in high school, subject to the provisions hereinbelow. ”

    Determination of Domicile.

    A. Defining Domicile: The term “domicile” means a student’s permanent, established home as distinguished from a temporary, although actual, place of residence. It is a place where the student intends to remain permanently, for an indefinite length of time, or until some unexpected event shall occur to induce or cause the student to leave it.

    1. In general, the domicile of the student shall be determined by the domicile of the student’s parent(s), custodial parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

    2. To acquire domicile, a person must intend to make a place his/her home for the present time, at least. A person has domicile at a place for school assignment purposes if:

    a) He/she has abandoned his/her prior home;

    b) He/she has a present intention to make the present place his/her home, and

    c) He/she has no intention presently to leave the place he/she calls home.

    3. The Principal is primarily responsible for determining a student’s school assignment based upon the domicile of the student, student’s parent or legal guardian. If the Principal is unable to make the determination or desires assistance in doing so, he or she should contact the Student Assignment Office or the appropriate Assistant Superintendent. School officials may request appropriate documentation establishing the student’s domicile in accordance with school system regulations3. If a student’s domicile cannot be verified before the opening of school or enrollment, the student shall be allowed to enroll and attend a school in the attendance zone serving the reported address. The student’s parent or legal guardian shall have ten (10) school days to verify the student’s address. If verification is not produced by the end of this ten (10) school day period, the student may be suspended or reassigned to the school serving the student’s last verified domicile.

    4. The following documentation evidences an intent to establish a permanent home in Forsyth County:

    a) A deed to a home or a lease of an apartment with a Forsyth County address and residence in the home or apartment.

    b) An automobile registration form with a Forsyth County address.

    c) A utility bill for electric, gas, water or sewer services to the residence of the parent or guardian.

    d) Listing a Forsyth County address with an employer or other document verifying that employer has transferred employee to Forsyth County from another location or that employer has hired parent as a new employee and parent is relocating to Forsyth County.

    e) Documentation of receiving temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) or other public assistance at a Forsyth County address.

    f) Documentation of a permanent guardianship with a relative or close family friend who is domiciled in the county.

    g) In the absence of all other documentation, a document verifying that the parent, legal guardian or caretaker is living on a permanent basis with someone else:

    (1) that is signed by the owner of the house or the lessee of the apartment;

    (2) that is signed by the parent, guardian or caretaker; and

    (3) that is notarized.

    5. Incorrect assignments. If it is verified a student is attending a school to which he/she has not been assigned in accordance with WS/FCS Board Policy, the student shall be reassigned to the school he/she should properly be attending. This reassignment shall occur at the conclusion of the current grading period unless the parent agrees to an earlier reassignment. The Student Assignment Office shall notify the parent(s) by certified mail or a personal conference of the error in assignment and advise them of the student’s correct assignment.

    This does not sound like choice to me. Besides, schools are a place to get an education and not a place to play sports. When we get to the place where we are moving kids around just to play sports, then the purpose would be lost. I love sports and I love to see youg men and women compete, but, we have some very selfish coaches and parents in this world. WE DO NOT NEED THAT SYSTEM OF CHOICE. Another thing, you guys in Guilford County had better watch Mo Greene. If he had his way I a msure spoirts would probably be non-existence. With this pay for performance thing, I am quite sure he will run some teachers out of the county. But I will let John Hammer help me with that one.

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