Piedmont Challenge with NG, GDS and ORMA all winning(GDS-HPC update)

Results from earlier today:
Northern Guilford 54
Grimsley 49

Greensboro Day School 58
High Point Central 52

*****GDS now (8-0)*****

from www.hpe.com sports:
GREENSBORO – Greensboro Day School’s boys foiled High Point Central’s season opener, posting a 58-52 victory on Saturday.

Derek Grant led the Bison with 15 points, while Sam Everhart and Drew Adams added nine points each.

Central visits Greensboro Smith on Tuesday.

Oak Ridge Military Academy 67
Smith 65

The game of the day was ORMA versus Smith as the Smith Golden Eagles tied the game on a three-pont shot at 65-65 and then Oak Ridge had the ball with 8.5 seconds remaining and they got a decent look and then they won it a short range put-back shot by Jay Canty(Xavier) and the Cadets got the hard-earned win over a very spunky and attacking Smith Eagles ball team.

Smith was led by Dominique Bartell, Donte Johnson, Keith Coleman and Darian Jones, while the Cadets were paced by Canty, Jacob Lawson, Asad Lamont and Chris McCain and Chris Richmond…..

The game went:
At the Half…..38-35 ORMA
End of 3rdQ 58-51 ORMA
Smith 65

This looked to be the game of the day and the upstart Eagles from Smith deserve a lot of credit for sticking with the Cadets from Oak Ridge. There was a ton of talent on the court especially on the ORMA side and Smith was not intimidated at all, they played hard and they were right there at the end….

Once Oak Ridge gets all of their guys in place and the injured kids return, they will be a season-long force to be reckoned with. ORMA is deep with Rankins, Mitchell and others in the mix with the previoulsy mentioned players…..

Smith may give a few more teams a run for their money at the Pizza Hut Invitational and in the Metro 4-A Conference this season.

From the people I spoke with, the Greensboro Day School Bengals were charging hard and their top man based on crowd input was Brandon Dorsett. Dorsett led the Bengals to the win over ORMA last Sunday and from what we were told on the way in, he was right back at it tonight….I was also told that Quayshad Williams turned in a solid performance for GDS and now the Day School stands at (8-0) on the year…

Frye was the name I heard from Northern and really no surprise there either and with the win the Nighthawks have yet to lose this year under new coach Ryan Freeman. The Nighthawks should be getting Jon McBeth from the football team on Monday and who knows, we still might see Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris out there with basketball team next week too, wearing the roundball colors of Purple, White and Black……

That’s all we have for now, although we have been receiving news that the Nothern Guilford girls have been tearing up the field in that Thanksgiving tournament down in South Carolina.

Hopefully we will get some news on the girls at the Papa John Classic going on over in High Point….Dudley girls versus Forrestbview(a re-match of last year’s 3-A State Championship game) was set for 7:30 with Dudley’s UNCG-bound Breonna Patterson and Forrestview’s Shannon Smith(UNC-bound) ready to do battle and Desiree Drayton prepared to control the inside game for the Panthers….

Let us know if you have more info on any of these games…….


  1. Don’t remember the final score. But Dudley lost by 6 points on behalf of the ref’s. The Ref’s gave the game to Forestview. It was just that obvious guys. It was heard in the stands that many on lookers no longer have respect for Forestview’s Shannon Smith. Shannon proved tonight to be a DIRTY PLAYER, elbowing pushing, holding never to be called by the ref’s. Three ref’s on the court … who knows who! Shannon received only 4 fouls which should have been 6 or more in the 3rd quarter alone.

    She’s being recruited by the Tarheels but may change her mind before hitting the wood. The level of play Shannon Smith plays with is not typical Carolina style. Shannon may be sitting the bench a long while before she realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore (Forestview). Bad Game!

  2. Observing that Oak Ridge (Basketball) Academy has an all-star team and only beat Smith by 2 pts, its clear that when Dudley has played them, Stan and fam have been helped by the referees. Dudley Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams (along with the football team) has always played against 3 extra players on the hardwood/field. When we pull off victories, we have to play against insurmountable odds. Forestview, we will end up playing them again in the playoffs.

  3. The refs fault? So who’s gonna call out Dudley when they complain bout a loss and place blame on someone else? Double standards

  4. Per the Gastonia Gazzette Forestview 47 Dudley 40. Shannon smith lead with 25 and kelsey Harris 10. I guess that’s all FV needs. They had 35 of their 47. I have seen Shannon play over the summer and never seen her play that dirty. Maybe it was something bout Dudley. But her attitude stinks.

  5. Andy –

    What was the scoop from the High Point Central/Greensboro Day game? Who were the top scorers?

  6. Dudley this dudley that, let them beat GDS and we can talk Dudley until then Dudley is 2nd best, you cant just go on talent you have to consider who coaches. Yes i agree Dudley has the talent but they cant beat everyone in GC. Last year i think they lost to Northern so it is someone every year they cant beat

  7. Dud ley probably has the best group of basketball players in the county but like the above post says, you have to have coaching and leadership to steer the team in the right direction and that is where GDS has the edge. Johnson, Smith and Shelton. They kive the game, study the game and plan each game, have good relationships with the players.It takes more than players to mold and establish a successful team. You must have discipline and leadership in this competetive atmosphere.

  8. I am so tired of people from dudley making excuses every time they lose…I didnt see any dirty play by Shannon Smith; I thought the refs called a decent game…what I saw is that Dudley needs a second scorer besides BP. I saw Shannon Smith go to the basket a time or two, appearing to be fouled, and no call was made. I cannot say that I even like her game, she takes a lot of bad shots, but she hit a big three down the stretch, and hit several key free throws late in the game.

  9. Forestview just beat Dudley out right. Dudley has no bench and Britton needs to see that. Hairston didn’t really play until this year because of her attitude, but she makes a huge difference and it showed with her not playing last night. Britton needs to get her head out of her championship trophy and get humbled. I heard you can’t play for her unless you kiss her butt and she keeps kicking girls off because of attitude. Her attitude stinks so what’s with the double standard. Lead by example and stop playing with the kids careers for her own ego

  10. I think it’s almost orgasmic for some of you clowns when Dudley loses in something………you guys need to grow up. Dudley’s athletic programs are just fine even when they lose. Un-like some programs, when they get down they get right back up and work harder, that’s why the girls won their state title last yr and why the football team was able to come back and knock off an un-beaten Ragsdale team this past Friday.

    Now hate on THAT!

  11. the problem with the Dudley girls team is their short rotation. opening night the coach only used the starters primarily for 95% of the game even with a 17 point lead. they only have 2 outside shooters from what i saw the other day. the coach has to develop a 7-8 girl rotation and find at least 1 more girl that can make the 10-15 foot jumpers. if either of the starting guards have a bad night, then the girls will lose. if the competition plays a tough zone or a box and 1 on Miss Patterson, then Dudley will lose with the current rotation. they have other girls on the team that can produce but they are not getting the opportunity.

  12. Shay…

    You’ve got to be feeling better now that you have all that off you chest?
    Sounds like you or someone you know must have a beef with coach Bee. Regardless of what you hear, heard or amagion no one has ever been dismissed from the ladies, or men’s basketball team because personal dislike from the coaches. Any coach who has ever dismissed a player is deeply hurt because they usually have no choice and have exausted all options.

    As with every player it is a must that you bring your game, be positive, work hard and represent yourself in a manner becoming of an outstanding althlete both in the classroom and in the community which is what should be required of each coach. In the history of high school sports everyone out there knows of a player dismissed for any number of reasons (attitude, committment, Character etc…).

    This is high school… kids mess up! Pershaps college ball players or the pro’s would not have the many issues if they would have had caring , responsible coaches… like Dudley’s Coach Bee who cares about the person and not just the game.

    Shay…It’s apparent that you don’t know Coach Bee or any of Dudley’s coaches.
    Players practice hard, work hard, and play hard and are held to high standards.
    Lay off … These kids have great personalities and talent… remember I did say kids.
    Shame… Shame… Shame garbage collector!

    So… Shay if you know of someone that didn’t make the cut… there is a reason… You can believe that!

    Oh, I”ve briefly forgotten… you seem just the type , low self worth, never did much yourself, hides in crowds obsorbing bits and pieces of other folks conversations to make it your own. Sure hope you’re not raising your kid that way.

    Don’t be a wet MOP! They soak up anything!!

  13. To thebiggerman,

    I can’t wait for my girls to play Dudley girls…I don’t hide in crowds. I am a coach so I am front and center…..can’t wait til we meet on the hardwood…………

  14. thebiggerman comment about Coach B not dismissing girls for dislikes is NOT true. I know first hand she has dismissed girls for no reason or didnt put them back on the team for no reason other than she didnt like them. I wish the current girls on the team good luck and hope they get the opportunity they deserve.

  15. The bottom line is the Dudley girls lost a few early season games last year and then went on to win something like 30 games in a row on the way to the State Championship and most of the way with the exception of the Rockingham County Triad 3-A conference title game and the state title game, no game was ever close.

    The Dudley girls were beating people by 30-plus points a game….The RC game and the Forrestview game were both something like 60-58, but when it was all said and done, Coach B took her girls to the title and Dudley runs a hard-working classy program.

    Sometimes things aren’t all cookies and milk, but for the end results and winning State Titles, I don’t believe anyone would mind some tough love and hard work, to get a title….

    Give me Desiree Drayton, Breonna Patterson, Amanda Hairston Chell Jackons, McIvor and a few others and I will take my chances against the field…..Shannon Smith and Forrestview came in here to win Saturday and they did, so we need to give them credit too……

    Hard work pays off and we will see who is at the scorer’s table ready to check in, in March…..

  16. I think it’s so unfair for coaches like Coach B to do that to kids. Some girls could get college scholarships but if not given the right to play due to a caoch dislike is horrible. That alone needs to be investigated. How many kids and parents have to put up with coaches they don’t like just so their kids can play? So it works both ways. GCS should have a neutral third party at all high-school try-outs to make sure all kids are given a fair chance. That should be a part of their Fair Play initiative.

    To all Coaches: Please be fair to these kids..they are kids and will grow up and mature…do not play with their futures because you can.

  17. Why you guys are hating on Dudley girls I don’t know. These girls don’t brag boast or walk around big headed.

    If you were there then you know that Amanda Hairston was out due to an allergic reaction of something she ate and could not play. Her inside game was missed and some inside shots were blocked.

    This was Dudley’s second game and only had 1 scrimmage. Forestview played well, but the missed calls were over the back on their big man not Shannon Smith.

    All though the first 7 are returner’s the line up and chemistry is different.

    Dudley carried the lead most of the way; had a couple of defensive miscues. They will bounce back and begin to gel. Not how you start but how you end.

    Please box 1 Breonna you have no idea what you are asking for.

  18. A WARNING! I would not want to be one of the teams around here that has to play the mighty Panthers in the weeks and months to come. Coacg B is going to play smash mouth ball and you had better be ready.

  19. To “Thank you” and “Not True”:

    Hey… everyone know’s someone like you guys. You’ll the same group of folk finding fault with any coach when your kid doesn’t make the cut or get more playing time.

    It’s clear you had issues with any number of folk: (AAU Coaches, Volleyball Coaches, Band leaders) etc… Whatever the case, I guess you can give an excuse as why whoever you’re talking about isn’t playing J.V. either?

    And to Shay…

    You say you are a coach … Did we read you clearly? Let’s repeat… you are employed by GCS working with kids? But you made the original statement… that you heard that players having to KISS Coach Bee A____ to play.

    People… if Shay is a coach, what a disgrace to the community to ready this type language posted regarding other area coaches. By the way coach Shay… you have
    questioned the character of Dudley’s coach… As I said earlier, DON’T BE A COWARD… hidden among us. Why don’t you step-up, give your name so that you may be addressed properly by Dudley when they face you head on… not your team… just you… HARD TO BELIEVE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WORK WITH CHILDREN.
    Coaching is about the game…skill and hard work…not HATE!

    What are you teaching?

  20. Giving my honest objective opinion I would have to say that the game between Dudley and Forestview was a game well officiated game. Sure there were travels and over the backs, and a few pushoffs that were not called, but if anyone of you have ever been to a highschool game in the triad you know that this is not uncommon. Shannon Smith did no more pushing, holding, reaching, etc than any other player on either team. The referees were not to blame for the final outcome. Forestview just made the right plays at the end of the game. Shannon Smith is a great player. She had an off shooting night and still finished with 20+ points. Bre Patterson is terrific as well but does not compare to S. Smith talent wise. I do think that Amanda H. would have helped Dudley with thier interior offense, but the 6’2″ girl from Forrestview ruled the paint defensively. Dudley has a great team this year but they are not quite as good as Forestview with S. Smith (unc), Kelsey Harris (elon) and their 6’2″ center. I wish both teams good luck this season I know they will fair well.

  21. Somewhat disagree with you TriadhoopFan;

    The 6’2 center in my opinion other than height was not a stand out. With 5’6 Chell having to play the 4/5 she did exactly what she was supposed to do block shots and get rebounds. 6 ft Amanda has post moves and definitely would have been a difference maker.

    However it was still a great game and was up for grabs even with Amanda on the sidelines. Kelsey and Shannon are good ball players; so are many girls on the Dudley squad.
    Probably could have taken Shannon out her game with a half or 3/4 court trap.
    Good game….Fall down get up and on to the next one.

  22. As a parent of a child was not able to play due to her attitude this year…I am indebted to the coaches of Dudley. Coach B really showed me her dedication to EXCELLENCE in all aspects.

    I THANKED her for not allowing my daughter to play because it is making her a better person. My daughter LOVES basketball and wanted so much to play for the Panthers, but Coach B demands EXCELLENCE on and off the court. As a parent, I really appreciate that because I know my daughter is more than just a basketball player and her antics were just unacceptable. I think allof this bickering is immature from parents/coaches/fans. My daughter is sitting in the stands watching and I am one of Coach B’s biggest fans and I think her team is phenomenal. A true fan…with no child on the court!!!!

  23. Why is thread about Dudley? This discussion is irrelevant to GDS ( who always supports the local hs basketball scene unlike other schools in this area ) and Dudley’s relationship and whether or not Coach “Bee” is fair to all of the little darlings at the academy. let’s talk about the kids who played @ GDS this past Saturday. The referees did not cheat anyone there. The teams were all treated fairly.
    They did not even play in the Piedmont Challenge.

  24. Tonya K…





  25. Coach B is gonna please some and gonna rub some people the wrong way. In any case, that’s with every coach. And people who chooses not to like her, that’s their right to feel that way. Just like the people who do like her, their right to feel that way. However when it comes to the game, she knows her stuff. But I do wish she would give more chances to those who wants to play. Not everyone is a DIV 1 or college player. I wish the best to her team this year. My girl Amanda Hairston is gonna catch everyone’s eye this year. Can’t wait til she’s better.

  26. Tonya K

    What you’ve done is extremely rare. There should be more parents like you.
    You listened to supreme advise regarding your child and you both will be better for it.

    You’ve just written a page in the book of how to be a good parent 101.

    Keep you head held HIGH! Good luck to your kid! They will be fine!

  27. For some reason, whenever a thread is started regarding high school football or, in this case, basketball in Guilford County the name DUDLEY always comes to peoples’ minds. We don’t ask to be drawn into these discussions, the Greensboro community does it for us. Many of the comments are positive and others are not. We say let our records and accolades over the years speak for themselves. The hard work that we have put in has earned us ALOT of respect around the country, this is why we get invited to many of the bigger Christmas tournaments for basketball every yr; this is why the marching band will be performing at The Citrus Bowl in Florida. And “Mr. Ed” if we choose NOT to support the local hs basketball scene, that is our perrogative.

    See you guys at the MLK Day Challenge,

    —————-Dudley vs. Oak Hill Academy—————-

  28. Okay, I’ve read the highlights of the game between Oak Ridge and Smith. Why is’nt there any big talk about the players at Smith. These guys didn’t hang in there with Oak Ridge but they are really good. Not to mention the top scorers of Smith stealing the ball and causing turnovers throughout the game. Don’t get me wrong Oak Ridge has great players but Smith does too. I know people won’t admit but that’s alright. Actions speak louder than words. I have respect for all student athletes but we need to post stats of all the basketball teams.

  29. I just wanted to say that there are many sides to a story. The coaches for Dudley’s womens basketball team do care about their players, they also absolutely positively hold personal grudes against children. So to say they are all good, or all bad…they are both..Good and Bad. To “thebiggerman”, I know you mean well but it’s obvious you really dont know very much about what really goes on there. They care buy they definately have their share of lessons to learn about working with children. And as an insider they definatley treat some girls with favor and they treat some girls just plain WRONG !! They have certainly overstepped their bounds on many many occasions and they demand behavior from their players that they can not demonstrate themselves.

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