HS hoops tonight for 12/9/09

Big girls game at Northwest Guilford with the Vikings hosting the Dudley Panthers at 7:30pm and you’ll get to see Gretchen Bennett, Hannah McIntosh, Melissa Foures, Harmony White, Natalie Harper and Katilyn Shelton from NWG….

From Dudley, the Panthers will be led by Breonna Patterson, Chell Jackson and the Jackson sisters, Desiree Drayton, Kierra McIvor and Amanda Hairston plus there are others on both teams that contribute heavily to the Viking and Panther cause……

At Grimsley it will be a battle in the backcourt with Burle Brown battling Darius Rogers in a matchup that will feature two of the hardest working point guards to found anywhere around this area.

Quan Steveson and Alex Smith are HP Andrews Red Raiders that will be ready to help their PG Rogers and the Whirlies will send in Gourley, the Sweeneys and LayShawn Brown to help Burle in the quest against the Raiders.

Two fine young coaches on the sidelines in Darren Corbett and James Abell and this ought to be a baseline to baseline all-out war……

We are also hearing reports on a Southwest Guilford at Western Guilford event set for Tonight, but we need more confirmation on this one…….

Update received in the two o’clock hour:
SWG @ WG tonight boys at 7:30pm Girls at 6:00pm JV boys @ SWG 6:00pm


  1. SW has big girl going 2 HPU-never seen her name n the paper(no pts.)lol-I’m sure tooey knows what he’s doing-lol again-WG big girl has some game(does not need 2 shoot the 3, even if it banks n-lol)-their best guard is athletic & they will believe the shots she makes(just after they go in)——–I like WG n this 1

  2. Great Game to watch. Dudley defense against the vikings weave and triangle offense.

    Dudley Girls over NW in a hard fought game
    Congratulations Panthers.

  3. Great game last night with Dudley/NWG. I think NWG would have faired better if they didnt lose their composure towards the end. Careless turnovers and fouls cost them the game. But Dudley girls D late in the 4th caused it. Amanda Hairston came in the 4th and started blocking shots and nothing was coming in the inside. Clutch free throws for Dudley sealed NWG fate. But great game to watch.

    @ True That- SWG big girl is currently not eligible to play.

  4. NW/Dudley was a great game. Cudos to Dudley. I was surprised Amanda didn’t play more than she did, however, Dudley’s starters played well. NW did lose their composure some near the end. It was kind of interesting that the Dudley fans didn’t come alive until the Dudley girls were up 7 with 2 minutes to play, but with about 30 seconds left NW was only down 3 with the ball out under their own basket-they were kind of quiet then. Hard fought game with a very good crowd “for just a girls game”. Don’t know the stats for sure, but it seems like free throws missed or made was probably one big difference in the game, but both teams had plenty of opportunities to win during the game. Overall the refs were actually pretty good for a change. The JV & Varsity games were definately worth 5 bucks.

  5. I wouldnt say “spanked them pretty bad”. NWG was up a few times during the game or it was tied. Dudley didnt come alive til the end. Up to that point it was anybody’s game to win. Or to lose. If NWG would have made their free throws, I think the outcome would have been different. But either way, it was a great game!

  6. Panther fans always come alive when they see great defense. (not points). Ladies played great defense all game but as you stated turned up the heat in the fourth causing turnovers and holding the best two shooting guards in the County to about 7 point each. Down the stretch it was Patterson and Mcivor mostly guarding them, but Chell, Lauryn and Drayton all played gut wrenching defense on them as well.

    6-7 points is not enough leverage with Gretchen and Hannah lurking.

    Clutch free throws by Amanda and Kiera down the stretch helped come away with the win.

    Definitley was a good game from all parties refs included.

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