Mid-week report card with Top Hoop Scorers for boys and girls


1. Samantha Coffer: 30 pts: NG
2. Denika Harden : 23 pts: Grimsley
3.Khadejah Wilkerson: 21 pts: GBD
4.Ciara Jackson: 20: Ragsdale
5.Lakendra Wilkerson: 19 pts: Smith
6.Zena Lovette: 18 pts: SWG
7.Rashida Pugh: 17 pts: NE
8.Valarie Beale: 17 pts: HPW
9.Kristin Crosby: 17 pts: Eastern Guilford
10.Gretchen Bennett: 15 pts: NWG


1.Jay Canty: 28 pts: Oak Ridge
2. Brandon Harriston: 26 pts: Eastern Guilford
3.Demone Hairston: 24 pts: Page
4.Quan Stevenson: 24 pts: Andrews
5.Deng Leek: 20 pts: HPW
6.Benaiah Wise: 20 pts: Ragsdale
7.Danny Pressley: 20 pts: South East
8. Kalik Parker: 19 pts: Ragsdale
9. Chris McCain: 18 pts: Oak Ridge
Hunter Clary: 18 pts: Northwest Guilford
10. PJ Hairtston: 17 pts: Dudley


  1. Love the coverage that you are giving the high schooler’s! Enjoy kid’s those are some special years.

  2. This has become a staff list and I will remind the staff memebers to watch a little closer and they will.

    I was at last night’s game and I saw the 18 points and I added Hunter to our Flying Under the Radar list this morning.

    We will look out to keep him and others on the charts….

    Thanks for the heads up and we want to start expanding the list soon so we can our man Saegan Hilliard from Asheboro in here…..

  3. Saw that you posted Clary earlier.

    Some of the coach’s are starting to posts stats on Max prep, it will be intreresting to see who is feeding all these shooters. (Assits Leaders, typically point guards but we will see). Should do an Article once we have some stats.

  4. We’ll know something Friday night with Northern at Eastern Guilford…..

    Early season 3-A conference matchup…..

    Game on come Friday night.

  5. Sam is better than good. As far as an all around player, she gets my vote as the best in the county. Every player has on off night. Her off night, 14pts this season so far. She is hit 30(twice), 27, 20 and the list goes on.

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