Was Roy really harsh on the Hose?????

Some of the Duke Blue Devil fans are trying to say that North Carolina coach Roy Williams went out of his way to make it tough on a Presbyterian fan at Saturday’s game in Chapel Hill at the Dean Dome.

This is from a Duke site and here’s how the Duke fans saw things transpiring on Saturday evening:

Saturday, scrappy Presbyterian College from Clinton, South Carolina waddled into the Dean Dome to get predictably stomped by the Tar Heels. That still didn’t stop coach Roy Williams from tossing a Blue Hose fan for…yelling at his team during free-throws.

During the post-game press conference, Williams puts on his best car salesman smile and explained to reporters that he had the fan removed because he doesn’t think that “anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period.” One reporter continued to probe about what the fan said — “was it vulgar?” — but Roy just summarily disposed of the question and threatened to end the conference if there were anymore questions about it.

According to one observer, the disruptive Presbyterian fan yelled — brace yourselves — “Don’t miss, Deon!” when Deon Thompson was at the free-throw line.

Do we have any opinions or feedback on this one?????

Was Roy really harsh on the Hose?????

I saw Coach Williams at the Dudley High School game on Friday evening and he was very cordial and friendly….Do the game conditions and the competitive atmosphere on the college sidelines change people/coaches into different personalities?????

This makes for an interesting case study on human behavior within the athletic environment………..


  1. If opposing non conference fans are not allowed to yell at UNC free throw shooters then they should play another top 10 program other than UNC. If enough refuse to come to the Dean Dome then maybe UNC will at least curb enough of their arrogance to not lose money on scheduling non conference opponents. I know they will always have this attitude that they are better than everyone else. It is the the way for the University of NO CLASS!

  2. I was at the game. The guy threw something at Roy. THAT’S WHY HE GOT TOSSED, NOT FOR YELLING. Say whatever you will about him, but if you’re gonna throw ANYTHING at a crippled guy (whether it’s Roy, Coach K, or whomever) you have no class. You don’t get two cops and a state trooper on you that fast for yelling. If that’s the case, half the crowd on a normal basis would be in jail and the state or the city would be in trouble financially.

    I can’t believe that detail was left out. Sure, the guy was yelling at everything and I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT, but throwing something at a guy who has his arm in a sling. Let’s forget the fact that he’s Roy Williams for a second…it was A CRIPPLED GUY. Sure, he might be able to afford another surgery or treatment, but that don’t make a difference.

    Although, looking at the cops, one decided to poke his finger at the guy’s chest even though he was physically causing any harm. That might have been harsh. If he’s got a lawyer, he might be able to milk some money out of that. And they yanked him out…almost literally.

    Let’s also think about the people he was sitting next to…no telling what he said to them. There were A LOT OF THINGS that were left out here.

    Above all else, I’M NOT CONVINCED HE WAS A PRESBYTERIAN FAN. Looked like a guy in a white shirt…he looked drunk, too.

  3. The guy WASN’T causing physical harm…that’s what I meant. Though, there is the off chance he threatened the officer, but I don’t think he did.

  4. I did not realize that the guy threw something at Roy.
    If that is the case then tossing him was ok.
    It is usually UNC people that act with no class but if that is true the fan should have been tossed.

  5. The guy threw something at Ol’ Roy? Really? If that’s true, why was it neither mentioned on the WRAL report or shown on their video of the incident? Why didn’t Ol’ Roy bring that up in his post–game press conference? Why did no one else bring it up either? I see the spinning has started elsewhere, too.

    I’m disapointed in Andy making the issue the Duke reaction, instead of the documented actions of Carolina’s hyper-sensitive coach. Has Jocko joined the “There’s a journalism school in Chapel Hill” local media conspiracy? Is he selling out the Pack to make the big move to channel 2?

    Say it isn’t so!

  6. I heard today that the man in question also threw a middle finger in the face of Coach Williams. I will not call our National Championship coach Roy, to us he should be, Coach Williams.

    The word on the middle finger was being discussed on 850, formerly known as the Buzz, with David Glenn, formerly known as Dave Glenn.

    Dave said that Coach Williams should have left the security work to the Security Staff at UNC and I would agree with Dave on this. Coach Williams has to coach. As Bryan mentioned, Coach could have injured his other arm in some sort of fracas. Please leave the security to the hired Security……

    Whatever means allows us to reach a rational conclusion, that is the way I am going on this one.

    We need to talk this out, so no one will be harboring hard feelings as we head to the holdiays……

  7. Middle finger? Really? Is that on the WRAL tape? Why was that not mentioned at the press conference either? What fraces? The gut didn’t do anything but yell, “don’t miss!” Is Bryan insinuating Ol Roy is such a hot-head he would have put up his dukes over “don’t miss” with a thirty-plus point lead? Maybe he ought to stay out of Cameron Indoor then, for his own protection.

    Here’s a question I do know the answer to: where did Dave Glenn go to college?

    Like, I said, though, the one I’m disappointed in here is Andy…

  8. It’s funny what Carolina fans will say to justify things. It’s funny that Roy never mentioened a fan throwing something or the middle finger. The only thing he mentioened was “fans cannot yell at our players”. Are you kidding me?? It’s pathetic that a National Coach of the Year and one of the best of all time would worry about anything a fan says when your kicking their butts. Who cares? I guess he will petition the NCAA to not allow fans to cheer against his team at home or away. It’s an embarrassment to UNC and their fans.

  9. Do you ever think that Roy brushed it off and couldn’t have cared less at the end?

    And for the record, I am an Elon fan. I’m just saying what I saw. You all can say whatever you want…we know the media does all the time.

  10. I also should mention, there were guys in Carolina garb on BOTH SIDES of the dude. The guy was sitting directly behind the Carolina bench, though he had to make an effort to reach Roy. About 1 minute after the guy was escorted out, the Carolina guy to his right left. 3 minutes later, almost the entire row was gone…and it was all Carolina fans….as you would expect behind the home team’s bench.

    I think people tend to forget that drunk people can make life a living hell for a fan…even a fan of the same team. I’ve seen it one too many times and have bad memories.

    The way I see it, he sneaked in one too many Jack Daniels. I still don’t think he was a PC fan…the PC fans looked like they didn’t care…quite frankly no one wanted to be there it seemed. I mean, TV didn’t even want to be there…and this Carolina!

  11. This dude was just sitting with his friends watching the game. Per his own admission, he had a couple of beers before the game. I would hardly classify that as intoxicated. Mind you, this is the same venue that is considering serving alcohol in the future.

    Bottom line….Roy pulled a Bush League move and probably should use this teachable moment to show what class he really has….or at least should have.

  12. Bruce,

    I thought I heard Dave Glenn say on one of his programs that he attended Miami(FLA) and he got caught up in the life and he may have returned to Penn. for college after that and then he got his law degree at one of the Triangle universities….I would assume that Dave got his legal training at NC Central just like Greensboro’s own Fred Whitfield.

    Coach Williams depends on us for info so we must keep our channels open. He and other college coaches come here for their info so they can cut down on their travel costs….

  13. This guy deserved to be tossed. Anyone who shows up at the DD and cheers against our Tar Heels deserves to be thrown out.

    I was there and saw the whole thing. This guy in a PC golf shirt is yelling Allah Akbar and all this extremist stuff right behind the Carolina bench. The fans near him didn’t seem too concerned. Maybe they just thought he was one of the students, who knows? That’s when Roy turns around and stares this jerk down. The security forces arrived just in time because Roy was about to go up there himself and extract a little playground justice. When those security guards started shaking this guy down they found a bomb strapped under his shirt, three semi automatic pistols and a copy of the latest food network magazine. Face it guys, Roy Williams just saved everyone in the DD the other night and we need to give him the credit he deserves. All these guys sitting around talking golf and stock portfoli0s had no idea how close they came to getting capped.

    And before you guys start giving me a bunch of crap, I’m an App fan. Everybody knows that kids that can”t get into Carolina go to Socon schools. Mountaineer nation supports UNC in times of need and so does the entire Southern Conference. Go Heels! Go Roy! Stop the Jihadists! We need transparancy now!

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