Bengals receiver dies after Charlotte wreck


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died early Thursday morning from injuries suffered when he “came out” of the back of a pickup during a domestic dispute in northern Charlotte, according to police.

Police said he died at 6:36 a.m. at Carolinas Medical Center where he had been taken early Wednesday afternoon. Police haven’t released a cause of death.

Officers were called to Oakdale Road near Interstate 85 just before noon Wednesday in reference to a “person down.” When officers arrived, they found Henry in the road with life-threatening injuries.

Paramedics transported Henry to Carolinas Medical Center, where he was treated overnight, according to police.

Police said Henry was involved in a “domestic situation” with his fiancee on Peachtree Road. They wouldn’t identify her but said she got into a pickup and drove away from the home. As she was driving, police said, Henry jumped into the bed of the truck.

The domestic dispute continued between Henry and his fiancee and at some point, Henry “came out” of the back of the vehicle, police said. But they refused to elaborate on whether Henry fell or might have been forced out of the truck.

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  1. Fred Lane, Bobby Phills, Rae Carruth’s girlfriend and now Chris Henry….

    Why does Charlotte have to be the DeathBed of the South, instead of the HotBed of the South??????

    This is sad. The guy is on injured-reserve and ends up in Charlotte and ends up dead…..

  2. If you read his girlfriend’s “my space”, I hope she was not a language arts major @ A&T. If she is, then they will have a tough time promoting UNC East market as a an institution of higher learning.

  3. You can always count on Dale to say something mature, classy, and relevant. Talk about Dudley and he hates on the kids. Talk about a dead guy and he hates on the fiancee. But we can all take solace in the fact that everytime someone from A&T or Dudley does well and represents our city well, this guy dies a little inside.

  4. What are you talking about? I don’t suffer fools easily. It has nothing to do with A&T or Dudley—read the quotes and tell me wht you think—-YI hate it when people cannot speak using correct grammar no matter where they went to school. what’s your suggestion? Give everyone a “pass’ and then we’ll continue down the road to mediocrity ( actually mediocrity is a stretch based on what I see)—
    dale f.

  5. I saw a young woman typing the same way many on myspace type from their phone. I saw a young woman nervous and happy that she was just days away from her wedding. I saw a woman too occupied with other things to worry about grammatical errors. Now I see a guy trying to equate his insensitive remark to our youth being on the road to mediocrity. She did not speak these words – she typed or texted them.

    If it didn’t matter where she went to school, why’d you mention it? I never said give everyone a pass. However, does your missing an “a” in the word “what “reflect on the quality of your school? How about not closing your quotation marks with another quotation sign around the word “pass”? What does that say about your own education? Are your run-on sentences and reluctance to capitalize the beginning letters just a subconscious admission that you, too, are on that road to mediocrity. Or are you typing too fast, just expressing yourself, more concerned about getting your thoughts out than how it appears?

    The sad part is that a young father died too soon. It was about a week before Christmas. He was days from getting married. This should have been the prelude to one of the happiest times in his life. instead, due to his own mistake and poor judgment, his finacee must plan a funeral instead of a wedding. Nevertheless, your comment is how his fiancee’s bad grammar reflects poorly on “UNC East Market”. Your subsequent explanation is you can make a snap judgement by a myspace account posting that this woman “cannot speak using correct grammar”. Don’t suffer fools lest you suffer yourself, Dale.

  6. Something like this-“there’s a man in the back of a moving yellow pick-up with a woman driving. He’s not wearing a shirt, he has a cast on his arm and is using it to beat on the truck and he’s acting kinda crazy”. I’m not so sure they were going to get married in a few days after that kind of episode, even if it was scheduled in a few days. I think it might go a little deeper than “poor judgment”. It’s such a shame that someone who has that kind of talent wastes it & their life like that.

  7. Did U here,

    You are right. It is much more deeper than a mistake; more like a tragedy. I just couldn’t express my sentiment about such a senseless chain of events. I see what you are saying about the wedding probably being called off. However, the myspace posts that were referenced included thing like being on the way to Charlotte, planning, etc. (before the death).

    I would say maybe younger kids can learn from this, However, it is just so insane and needless, I hope they realize that sometimes your next error in judgement may be your last; whether it be speeding, riding or hanging with the wrong kids, being at the wrong place, trying this or that substance. Sometimes you just don’t get a chance to make it right or take it back. So maybe that lesson can be learned.

  8. Both of the families will be in our prayers. Chris and his girlfriend and we also will pray for all those that have been making the snide reamarks….

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