Those that went wild on Wednesday

High School’s top scorers from Wednesday evening games…..


1. Rashida Pugh: Northeast: 20 pts
2. Camille Horne: Southern Guilford: 16 pts
3.Julissa Anderson:Southeast 16 pts
4.Shaquana Jackson: Northeast: 14 pts
5.Ayshia McNeal: Southeast Guilford: 14 pts
6.S.Jackson: HP Andrews: 14 pts
7.Zena Lovette: SWG: 12 pts
8.Shannon Buchannan: SWG: 20 pts*****
9.Taylor Barker: Northeast:11 pts
10. Cree Baynes: Northeast: 11 pts

1.Donovan Griffin: Northeast: 28 pts
2.Greg Bridges: Southeast: 22 pts
3.Malik Wright: Southwest Guilford:22 pts
4.Alex Smith: HP Andrews: 19 pts
5.Keemon Ingram: Southern Guilford: 14 pts
6.Braxton Daye: Southwestt Guilford: 12 pts
7. Benny Butler: HP Andrews: 12 pts
8. Danny Pressley: Southeast: 11 pts
9. Austen Thompson: Southern Guilford:11 pts
10.Josh McDuffie: Southern Guilford: 10 pts & Parris Scales: Northeast: 10 pts


  1. In the game against SWG vs Southeast the numbers read:

    Lovette 12 pts
    Pone 9 pts
    Mott 7 pts
    Ramirez 2 pts
    Deese 2 pts

    That alone comes up to 32 pts as a team not including Buchanan’s. They score a total of 47 points. Now if you add the 20 she made that would make the final score SWG 52 and Southeast 50 and they would have won the game. Either one or two things happen.

    Either some one else did not score and it was printed wrong.
    SWG won the game based on the additions.

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