Paul’s pigskin prognostications week 15

Last week saw a slide to 9-7… 139-67 on the season.

Colts v. Jaguars: The Colts are going to fall, aren’t they? Aren’t they? Maybe not Colts 30 Jags 21

Cowboys v. Saints: The Saints are going to fall, aren’t they? Well Roy Williams thinks so, I beg to differ. Saints 38 Cowboys 28

Pats at Bills: Pats close the deal on the AFC east as another chapter of the TO saga comes to a surprisingly meek end. Pats 27 Bills 16

Cardinals v. Lions: Do not look for Kurt Warner to commit six turnovers this week. Cards 31 Lions 17

Dolphins v. Titans: I do not know if he is being possesed by the spirit of Steve McNair like my station manager believes, bu Vince Young is without doubt the comeback player of the year. Titans 30 Dolphins 20

Browns at Chiefs: Good excuse to finish up the Christmas shopping. Chiefs 17 Browns 10

Texans at Rams: This one is also a good excuse to head to the mall. Texans 28 Rams 16

Falcons at Jets: Atlanta fading fast, Jets quietly playing their way back into the playoff race. Jets 27 Falcons 20

49ers at Eagles: McNabb and company could be locking down the division which I think leads to a little extra effort. Eagles 24 49ers 13

Bears at Ravens: Ravens finding a way to stay in the wildcard race, Bears just playing out the string. Ravens 30 Bears 13

Raiders at Broncos: Denver righted the ship, Raiders are what they are. Denver 35 Oakland 17

Bengals at Chargers: These two could see each other again ihn about a months time. My original choice was the Chargers, but with the passing of Chris Henry I expect the Bengals to put forth a truly inspired and emotional effort. Benglas 34 Chargers 31

Packers at Steelers: Green Bay has been very quiet, Steelers just falling apart at the seams. But something tells me this is this will go contrary to trends, I just cannot see a team like the Steelers dropping 6 in a row then again I could not have seen five, or four or…. Steelers 20 Packers 17

Bucs at Seahawks: Ain’t enough lipstick for this pig. Only interestng fact on this one is these teams came in together. Seahawks 27 Bucs 10

VIkes at Panthers: Too much Brett. Vikes 31 Panthers 14

Giants at Skins: Skins as spoiler will make things difficult for the G-men, but in the end some sort of surreal circumstance will keep the Skins from cashing in. Giants 30 Skins 27