Dudley boys fall in first two games in Florida

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from Monday afternoon at Fort Myers, Florida as Dudley falls to (6-3) on the season….

Weston Sagemont 56
Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley 44

from Saturday in Florida with the Dudley Panthers…

Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL) 85
Dudley HS(Greensboro, NC) 65

Right wing, top of the key, left wing, right corner and left corner, the 3-pointers seemed to be coming from everywhere Saturday for the Montverde Academy boys basketball team.

Jamail Jones was the primary weapon, scoring 32 points with five long-range bombs as the Eagles —ranked 25th nationally by USA Today — rolled to an 82-65 victory over Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley in a City of Palms Classic first-round encounter.

A 6-5 senior, Jones scored 17 second-quarter points as Montverde grabbed ahold of what the Marquette recruit called “a statement game.” The Eagles led 47-33 at the half, pushed their advantage to 61-42 in the third quarter and maintained control throughout the fourth.

“We’re coming into this tournament to make a lot of noise,” said Jones, who finished by hitting 12 of 20 shots, 5 of 10 on 3-pointers and 3 of 3 on free throws. “This is a big win for us.”

Senior James Bell (a Villanova recruit) added 13 points, senior Papa Samba Ndao (headed to Boston College) chipped in 12 and senior Hauker Palsson had 11 for the Eagles, who improved to 9-1 and earned a spot in Monday’s quarterfinals against the winner between No. 4 Los Angeles Westchester and Bartow.

Senior P.J. Hairston (North Carolina) and classmate Reggie Dillard each scored 16 points to pace Dudley (7-2), which dropped into the consolation bracket to face Weston Sagemont at 1:45 p.m. Monday.


  1. Wow!!!! This would have been a great venue for Dudley to make a good showing and to highlight the level of talent we have here in NC and in Guilford county. Hopefully they will bounce back in the next round.
    Any other local teams playing in big-time tournaments?

  2. This is going to help out dudley in the long run for thier state title push…….. this is a great expierence for this very young dudley panther team…… and by the way… PJ HAIRSTON IS A JUNIOR NOT A SENIOR… c/o of 2011… DUDLEY HAS HIM FOR ANOTHER YEAR AFTER THIS ONE… HE IS A STUD… AND HAS PLENTY OF TALENT AROUND HIM.

  3. Dudley will be fine, there is nothing for them to worry about. They are playing against competetion way that are way better than any public school they will play in NC.

  4. Our boys are using this as a tune up before our run. We would have gain nothing playing in the Little Four because that is not where are competition is at. Conference Champs is a no brainer. PJ, Reggie, Quel, Sam, Brennan and company is ready to dominate as usual. So enjoy until we return!

  5. How about winning the Little 4 before saying there is no competition there. I think you lost the last three times you were in it. And was probably favored all three times. Dudley is very talented. Without question the most talented team in the city, however, they have been the most talented on a number of occassions and lost.

  6. Exactly hoopsnut that’s why Dudley doesn’t need to be in the little four because they are the most talented team in the city and although they have lost the only other competition provided for them was Greensboro Day that’s ONE whole team instead of a lot of competition down in Florida. In a sense you helped prove PANTHERS point.

  7. My point was that let’s not go and think they are better than they really are. What makes them think they can compete on that level when they can’t even beat a less talented team at home. If they can’t do that, they can’t go and beat teams that are of similar or more talented than they are.

  8. True….that’s why they won 2 games last year in an international tournament and beat word of god by 8 last year which included now sensation John Wall….and you are basically suggesting that since they can’t beat Greensboro Day they should limit themselves to a local tournament and not try and get as much exposure for their players as they can by going to a national venue?? Come on now

  9. What I would actually like to see is them maybe do both. I guess they should play here first. Like this year they could have done both. They are away now and then could have played in the Little 4. I am a fan of the area. I think having them in the tourney makes it better and much more competitive. I also think they (GDS-Dudley) should play at least once a year outside of the Little 4. People get excited in this area about seeing the best teams play each other. Bad thing is, that won’t happen again this year because Dudley not playing in the local tourney. I really just wish the two coaches would put their differences aside and play each other. Regardless of what anyone says, that is the problem. And not sure one of them is less guilty than the other.

  10. I totally agree that would be a sensational game I was praying for it last year but that fell threw and although you make a valid point about playing in both the NCHSAA limits public schools to a certain number of games a year (I have to research the number) but that is the problem where Dudley has to choose between the PHI and national tournaments and although the PHI is a respectable tournament I dont know too many coaches that would pass up invites from a national tournament especially City of Palms. On the other hand schools like GDS don’t have a limit on the number of games they can play that’s why when most of gcs are just starting the season they have about 8-9 games under there belt (slight advantage) but Dudley and other schools in gcs are restricted to there conference games maybe 4 out of conference games at the most and one tournament.

  11. Dudley defeated Hunstville Butler this morning by a score of 65-52. PJ Hairston had 31 pts. Navy committ Brennan Wyatt had 16 pts.

  12. Dudley will not compete in the Little Four this year because they were not invited. The tournament committee felt that Northern Guilford pulled in enough supporters and chose not to extend an invitation to Dudley. The competition outside of the local area is what Dudley wants to expose their kids to. City of Palms is the lagest Christmas tournament in the country. Last years trip to Puerto Rico was absolutely a better experience and exposed the teams to a different culture and international rules of basketball. Keep up the good work Dudley!

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