High School hoops tonight with results for 12/21/09

NG girls 60-Glenn 28.
NG boys blew out Thomasvillle not sure of final score but last we saw was 59-33…..

At the CiCi’s Pizza NWG Shootout:
Oak Ridge Military Academy 72
Winston-Salem Reynolds 45
….ORMA was up 43-19 at the half and went ahead 66-24 after three periods…Lawson and McCain very strong inside…

Winston-Salem Carver 63
Northwest Guilford 62
…..NWG up 14-12 after one quarter, WS Carver was up 29-25 at the half and then NWG was back in front 46-45 at the end of three quarters….NWG let it get away on in-bounds pass miscues in the last minute of the game….NWG was steady at guard and they also had nice inside play and they had a layup to win it at the end of the game, but the shot rolled off an as someone said earlier, another tough night for the Vikings….They should play ORMA tough on Tuesday, since NWG uses multi numbers of players throughout the game, during every game….

Western Guilford takes two from Southern Guilford at WG:

Varsity Boys
1 2 3 4 F
WG 24 8 20 7 59
SG 8 7 8 9 32

Varsity Girls Final
WG 46
SG 35

*****Thanks to Coach Jim Clontz out at WG and to Coach Whitaker from SG….*****

*****We could use a score on the Page boys at the CiCi’s and the Page girls, as well as the NWG girls….

Also looking for results on the Northern boys from their Berico Heating and Cooling Holiday Classic…..*****


  1. NG girls 60-Glenn 28. NG boys blew out Thomasvillle not sure of final score but last I saw was 59-33

  2. I heard that the ORMA game was just a dunk feast, can anyone confirm that. And whats tomorrows schedule for this tournament.

  3. You are correct Andy. NW does way too much substituting. Does not give the 5 guys on the court time enough to come together before another substitution. Have not seen the same starting lineup all season.

  4. Mike, after what I saw last night, I think your being to0 generous with the score. I expect 100 from ORMA and panic mode from NWG. NWG is not mentally prepared to play competitive basketball. They will get blown out this evening and blown out in the upcoming games next week. They have talent and it’s hard to put a finger on it, might be to many subs but only Coach Bloom knows for sure.

  5. Hey bbfan, maybe its lack of support and negative comments from fans like you that are contributing to the mentalness of the team. Do you really think they do not know they are struggling. They don’t need to be reading this CRAP from you. Give them a break!!!!!

  6. Wednesday Morning Paper:

    Northwest wins in a stunner over ORMA in the upset of the year 78-77.

    (this is for my dear friend Funny) Come on, That’s FUNNY!

  7. bbfan, you are correct in that NW does have talent but part of the problem I am hearing it that Bloom is not always playing his talent but rather the ones that think they are talent and try to take over the game and don’t run the plays called.

  8. Yup, it’s true, I saw a shooting guard dribbel the length of the court and turn the ball over out of control rather than give it to the point guard. Lot’s of that going on. I saw little guys for Carver getting rebounds over larger NWG players standing around. How many rebounds did Carver get after missing a free throw? I saw at least five, no boxing out. Lets get back to basics again and the wins will come.

  9. BBFAN, I don’t have to tell you anything, you were there to see it:-), Hit the nail on the head, Know just the guard you are talking about hence the statement about the ones who think they have talent. Unfortunately, that is the way it it going to go until NW sees they need to play their real talent. Of course, I missed it, this is all hearsay but I might catch it tonight.

  10. Nobody in Guilford County want to take on Stan and the Boys! No one! We are rounding into Dominance again just like we did at Northern. We left them something to work with and it is no surprise that they are 8-0. Any other questions County Ballers? If Neal wouldn’t got hurt we would be 10-0 right now. Except for PJ, Jonathan and Reggie Dillard there are few other ballers that could play for us and see considerable action.

    Any takers? Greensboro Day stop hiding! Dudley would be a great game! Everyone else would equate to a mere scrimmage for our crew.

  11. ORMA,

    Do you play?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas! Glad Northern could put you guys on the map. You should tell Guilford County thank you.

    Smile….for real though Merry Christ,,,,mas

  12. ORMA IS JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH!! Michael Neal coming back,+7’0 coming back+ team starting to gel= problems for anyone else who has to play them, you shoulda got them early!!

  13. ORMA doesn’t sound like anyone from the school or the team. Nothing more than a S— Stirrer!!!!

  14. All jokes aside by the end of the season ORMA will be the best team in Guiford/Triad area, and probably the state. They are starting to develope chemistry, and play like they should be playing. The game they lost to GDS should have never happened, and I think that’s why thet are running now.

  15. joydancer, you forgot to put your joke aside. Saw them play last night. Without Canty they don’t have a whole lot. Let them play some real competition and see what they do.

  16. Mr HAHAHAHA,
    Despite missing what is arguably one of the best point guards around (M. Neal) and a 7’0 verbal commit to NC State, I would say you are lucky to get them now… thats the only chance you will have!!

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