New Talk station RUSH Radio looking at WPTI call letters

94.5 RUSH Radio to be WPTI…..

We have been following the radio station format changes, with sports and talk and the what-not, in recent days and now we have received word that the new RUSH Radio 94.5FM, with Bill Flynn in the mornings and Rush Limbaugh from noon until forever, will go with the new call letters, WPTI…

WPTI for We’re Piedmont Triad Information or something in that neighbohood…..

This will also have close them to the local airport in talk terms and that phrase PTI is used a lot in this area and around the USA…So, PTI is in the air and they will now be on the air, as well….

The station is also located near the airport and if Bill Flynn needs to fly out of town in a hurry, he will not have a problem with airport security, since he will now be working for PTI(WPTI)…….


  1. If Clear Channel owns the station in Kentucky then they can pull a switch and move the call letters WPTI to the Triad, where it would be a good fit for them.

    They filed with the FCC earlier this month to secure those call for the Triad. Let’s see if it happens or if they have to go with some of variation of the WPTI, maybe WTIP or WPIT…..

    I don’t think 94.5FM will be WGBT very much longer. Maybe Bill Flynn will check in and give us the update. Word is he left WMAG mornings as of yesterday(Monday Dec. 28)……

    Flynn’s Inn at WPTI? The Bill Flynn fly-in at WPTI?????

  2. We welcome Rush Radio @ 94.5 but.. We quite often have unbearable interference
    at all different times of day or night;in home or car radio.. We wonder why??
    We’re located in the Winston-Salem area, in north Davidson County.

  3. Does the weather channel know it is being used by 94.5 ??
    My son used to work for the WC, and I don’t think the WC
    really agrees with the politics of 94.5.

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