Updated information on a very controversial subject: Central Carolina Sports Academy

The opinions range from, “Outraged” to “This can work”, when you examine the Central Carolina Sports Academy(CCSA), brainchild of local sports entrepreneur Clayton Banner….

Some parents are outraged saying this has been a total disaster while others like today’s responder say this might just work as a Sports/Academic educational outreach if properly positioned….

Let’s continue to hear from all of you on this subject and here is what we have for you today on the Central Carolina Sports Academy from one of our readers…(We have been receiving many responses on this topic and will continue to field these on a daily basis.)

Their thoughts:

Here is what needs to be understood about CCSA.

1. They are a club team that provides educational services as an adjunct. They use local community colleges, online courses and Brittain Academy to accomplish this task. They do not recieve financial aid the student does and should use the money for education and expenses.

2. They do not give out Scholarships! They provide a place for kids who have under achieved in academics a chance to play. Do some research on juco programs for football and you will find they are very rare on the east coast.

3. They are a first year program that took a chance and did not fully understand what was all involved and made a bunch of mistakes along the way.

4. They are getting out of the high school prep business smart decision take a look at the prep basketball route in North Carolina and you will find more fraud than CCSA ever thought of.

5. It takes a lot of money to run a football team so when payments that are expected are delayed or not recieved it ripples down and causes problems across the board.

What is not being mentioned is that kids from CCSA are moving on to get a free education at bigger schools that do give out scholarships.

I beleive if you did the math that a player at CCSA has better chance of getting a free ride than the other option which is nothing in our area. Check out tuition at other post grads!

I have done my research and know what is out there and CCSA is not perfect. However, they can get it done if they get more organized and become more selective on their admissions.


  1. Caveat emptor. I cannot believe so many parents would pay money for this program. These parents need to get more information. Talk to HS counselors or event college coaches.

    The talented kids who are getting scholarships likely would’ve risen to the top either way.

    Interestingly, I came across this story yesterday:

    I really feel for parents who would send their kids across the country for such a program. You’d be better off sending your kids to a community college. There are many on the west coast that offer football, basketball and low tuition.

  2. I have to ask the questions. Why were the kids allowed to fail in school to the point that they couldn’t get into college? What happened to school work first then sports? The deal that I have with all of my children is that as long as your grades are where they should be, then you can play sports. If not, then take the semester off and get it right. They will go to the next level whether they are playing sports or not. If they are having to pay to attend this Sports Academy then somebody is paying attention now; why not when they were in High School.

  3. What is not being mentioned is that kids from CCSA are moving on to get a free education at bigger schools that do give out scholarships. Really? Which ones? Where?

  4. Cedric McCloud 72 PG QB 6’1″ 200 Central Carolina Sports Academy (NC) Verbal Kent State

    Do your research

  5. Yes, that’s one, what about the rest? If this program is so great, why is it not thriving? Send them to community college.

  6. Andy, why did CCSA take down their website, why did the coaches change all of their phone numbers?? Why did they hang up on my mom and dad when they tried getting our investment back?? Why did they set up shop now as the SADA?? What happened to the CCSA all of a sudden?? We need answers, and you buying into their garbage is nothing new for anybody in Greensboro.

  7. The coaches changed their numbers because they didn’t want parents contacting them about a company that they were no longer associated with. They all left when they didn’t get paid, over an extended period of time, which is totally understandable. As for the players they were marketed if they were marketable.

  8. How is this not being exposed to authorities? How are they allowed to set up another entity when CCSA is in bankruptcy? How can they do this with a clear conscience?

  9. Read the comments from the following Greensboro Sports:




    I hope all of you who it appears have been scammed, will ban together and Right this Wrong. I truly wish you much luck, and will pray that things work out in your favor.

  10. @ coach V.. CCSA can do this because despite bankruptcy no one on this blog or in town will say anything to the right people who can make it stop. They whine and complain but will never DO anything about it. Has anyone suggested that the parents get together and make a trip to the local TV station and complain? have they banned together to visit the DA? NOOOOO they just complain and complain and complain but wont do a thing; meanwhile clayton will go from group to group to aviod the law.
    No one to blame but yourselves if he is not in jail.

  11. Do you really want to make a big issue about this? Let the whole coaching community know about what is going on by creating a post on footballscoop.com. This site is viewed by thousands of coaches across the USA, Canada & around the world. You may not receive legal help but you sure will let everyone know the scams being pulled by Banner and his associates.

  12. @ Brian McE….. why is it everyone has suggestions but no one is doing anything? The channel three reporter asked for people to share accurate information from what I am told and there are at least three parents that haven’t heard from anyone at channel three. If you think this footscoop.com will work, cut and paste the complaints.

  13. Coach Banner lives in winston-salem in an apartment complex. He is now working with a company called Veritas at the Triad Conference Center at 7616-B Business Park Drive. He is partners with a Mr. Allan Hooker who is well aware of Clayton Banner’s “ways” and he still has him there. If you show up to that address and make a scene with a Dr. Moffitt ( who is the founder of Veritas) They will shut him down and put him out. Banner’s number is 336.575-3623 for now. He may change it. Hooker’s number is 336.587.6356.

  14. FYI the number for CCSA has been disconnected 336-664-1002. I am not surprised! This is so sad!

  15. I have been reading your blogs all morning and I am really shocked and concerned about what I am reading. I am trully sorry that you and your kids were “victims” of a shady situation.
    I have a couple of thoughts though: 1. There seemed to fundamental flaws in the management of the CCSA program. It may have been a geniune institution, but looks to have ended up in the wrong hands. Poor management (or shady management) can ruin a good thing. 2. Appears that there was one or two people responsible for the bulk of these issues, and a lot of trusting employees, parents, and players (kids) that got burned in the end. Appears there were a lot of people working in and around the program that were burned as well.
    I am not a CCSA sympathizer, first off. I am upset and angry that anyone would take advantage of kids. However, I do feel, that if done right, these programs could really benefit kids in our communities. I believe the “head” was dead at CCSA. As we all know, if the head is dead, the body will eventually follow. There appears to have been no structure of foundational thinking to speak of. This could have been a really good thing, but poor over-sight and corruption at the top killed it’s promise.
    I am a former full-scholarship STUDENT-athlete at U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. I played football there and got my degree in psychology and later my masters in the same field. I did play some pro ball, but after my playing career I choose to focus my attention on service to my community, specifically it’s kids and their parents. I am now working towards a doctorial degree, and work as a clinician, counseling kids and their families.
    Why am I giving you this? Well, I am a part of a upstart program similiar to CCSA. I have been working hand-in-hand with the guy whose is developing it to help provide, oversight, structure, and help put in place fundamental programs needed to run a program like this successfully. I have procured the help of academic administrator, high school and college level (doctorate level) educator, and passionate, experienced program developers.
    We have come up with a 3 pronged structure approach that includes: 1. Academic, 2. Student Support Services, and Athletics. We are applying to be a non-profit, and our focus will be growing a program that will help kids, and not our pockets. We understand that if we are successful, we will be able to make a living, but more importantly, we will improved the lives of some young people and their families.
    CCSA was an unfortunate situation, and if the accusations are true, those involved in the corruption and “theft” should be made to face the consequences. However, please do not lump of all together. There are some of us out here intent on helping our kids, families, and communities. I will use your comments and concerns to guide my development of our program; We will learn from the mistakes of CCSA and not repeat them; and we will remain focused on our goal of serving the kids, their families, and our communities.
    I will continue to read your blogs and wish you all the best. Good luck to you and your’s.

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