CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest Playoffs round one results

We had a tie and the Tie-breaker was total passing yards by the Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo without going over and Romo went for 244 yards in the Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night….

Joey and Daniel tied with their (3-1) overall records in round one, but Joey called on Romo to go for a conservative 200 yards and Daniel ended up going over with his call of 271 yards for Romo and again, Romo finished with 244 yards passing….

Joey is our CiCi’s Pizza buffet winner for the first of the week of the playoffs and round two is coming our way this weekend….

We have already posted the matchups on the front page this morning here at the site and here are the results from last week’s contest…..

Roch 101(2-2)
CAR Fan(2-2)
Big Ben(2-2)
Big Walt(1-3)
April Brown(1-3)

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  1. i love that cicis it is always good on a cold winter nite best value in town especially when its free

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