Report from the Army All-American Bowl

from with the A A-A Bowl report, and on this subject, we don’t have direct information on how Keenan Allen did, but some of the Alabama Crimson Tide message boards are saying that Keenan will visit Alabama again this weekend to meet with coaches and there is some specualation/talk on the Alabama boards that Keenan was hoping to see the Tide put the ball in the air more during the bowl win over Texas and since Allen is their Five-Star recruit, and he is #1 on Alabama’s list, he wants to be sure that the Tide will be ready to throw the ball more, if he ends up at wide receiver, when he suits up for them in the fall……..

Could Keenan Allen be having second thoughts about choosing Alabama? Maybe, maybe not; but all parties involved want to be together on the same page/playing field, as they look to come together in the future…….

from the game……

One of seven finalists for the U.S. Army Player of the Year award, given annually to the best high school football player in America, Ronald Powell admitted he was disappointed to lose out at Friday’s awards banquet.

As far as consolation prizes went, earning game MVP honors for his role in the West’s 30-14 victory Saturday in the 10th U.S. Army All-American Bowl wasn’t too bad.

“I didn’t win the Player of the Year award,” he said, “so I made sure I left with a trophy in my hands.”

A 6-foot-5, 230-pound defensive end from Mission Viejo, Calif., Powell burnished his reputation as arguably the top prospect in the country at his position with five tackles, one sack and one forced fumble.

But that was merely part of his standout afternoon in front of a crowd of 34,126 at the Alamodome.

He also caught a 23-yard touchdown as an emergency tight end, returned a blocked PAT for two points, then capped off his day by committing to Florida. He was the last of four players who pledged to the Gators on Saturday, including highly touted defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.


  1. I hope this rumor is not true. What right does a recruit have to tell a coach to change his game plan for him? And it’s Alabama, they just won the NC. Not like Saban doesn’t know what he is doing. I can’t see Allen saying this. he is not that kind of kid.

  2. The sides would preferably just talk this over and the coach(Nick Saban) would convince Keenan Allen, that if your are one of our receivers, then we will utilize your talents, and we will get you the ball….

    Keenan Allen, again, is a FIVE-STAR recruit and he is Alabama’s #1 player on their class of 2010 list. Those five *****’s mean a lot and if he were to de-commit he would just tell the coaching staff that he was headed elsewhere, since all they have now is verbal committment and the actual signing for the playes doen’t hit until February 2nd….

    One Alabama recruit de-committed last week, but the coaches got with him over the weekend and he renewed his intetions and the kid is still going to Alabama…..

    Alabama is having a load of their top recruits down to Tuscaloosa this coming weekend to make sure that everybody is still on the same page and that all is still full steam ahead for the fall…..The coaches will meet with all the players…..

  3. Well if the national champs are not good enough for him, then let him leave. I know the kid is a stud, but 5 stars do not mean everything. Mark Ingram was only a 3 star recruit, Chris Johnson was a 1 star recruit ( he did hurt himself his senior year), and Darell Reavis was only a 3 star recruit at Pitt and he is the best CB in football. Most of that message board rumor is a bunch of crap, my guess is that he is still happy with Bama.

  4. Joe, you are absolutely correct…5 stars mean basically the potential, because you can’t judge heart, work ethic, and their will and determination…I would say that 3 star rating for Mark Ingram didn’t factor in his will and determination…How many tackles did he break this year?

    Also, I’m not saying that Keenan isn’t a great player, and honestly I can’t judge him, because I’ve never seen him play, but a lot of these players get a lot of hype by other people…Keenan is probably deserving, because I hear a lot of people in the Triad say how great he is…However, you had some other players who were hyped up by ONE STREET AGENT here in the triad (I’m not mentioning any names, so dont ask) that are rated high on boards, but probably will not be much in college, because they don’t have the heart, work ethic, and will and determination…They may have the potential, but that would be it…Bascially, the potential would be is that they look like a football player and coaches drool over their size and speed…

    Recruiters are like draft experts…They don’t always get it right (i.e. Ryan Leaf)…

  5. Know How, you speak the truth. that stret agent hyped some kids that couldn’t play dead in a western. I wa shocked at a couple. Eventually the rubber meest the road and you have to produce. Even 2 previous coaches could not believe it.

  6. Keenan Allen will do well at Alabama and he is one very talented young man. Let’s all wish him well and watch out for him as he heads off to college…

    As far as the other kids that we have headed off to other colleges, let’s hope they do well too and I am sure their parents are grateful to whoever helped them get the chance to attend college.

    As February approaches, let’s keep an eye out for some of our local guys that are still in the hunt for the college opportunity….

    I am still waiting to hear about where Kasey Redfern, Major Bryant, JR Peterson, Jon Spain, Aaron Jones. Jimmy Moorman and others are going…..

    We wish them all the best and hope they get the college opportunity that they are looking for.

    I do not feel CCSA will be an option for any of our young football athletes next fall. From what I have been hearing, that Academy has shut down or is looking to reorganize under a new banner…….

  7. It will be very interesting when all is said and done exactly where these
    high profile athletes end up attending college. Up until now and signing day
    its all hype and talk which means nothing. I wish all of them the best but time will tell
    the impact they will make if any at the next level.

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