Guilford County Girls Basketball Mid-term Report Card

This was submitted to us by one of our readers and if you have a similar idea or suggestion just send it to us by E-mail or leave your thoughts in the Comment Box….

1.Dudley: This squad is poise and ready to make a run at the conference title. The loss to Southeast will only light their fire to run the table. Look for a more agressive team that will take no prisoners from this point forward. Southeast I wouldn’t be polishing no conference trophy if I were you. Breonna Patterson, Desiree Drayton, Chell Jackson, Amanda Harriston and Kierra Mciver do not believe in second place. Coach Britton will have the troopers ready. Grade: A

2. High Point Central: A very good squad that have an undefeated season going thus
far. The question is can anyone even come close to beating them. They take on all
challenges and thus far have met each one. Brittany Gwynn, Arielle Harris, Cedrica
Gibson and Wintrhop signee Megan Tate are the real deal. This well run machine may
coast through their conference . Coach Carter will not let laziness set in and they
will be preprared. Grade: A-

3. Northern Guilford: One of the most talented teams in the city and are playing
like one. Predicted to win conference and possible State Championship because of
their experience with Coffer, Tahmased, Tessitore, Johnson and Hayes. Probably the
best starting five in the city. Coach Furlough has this team well prepared.Grade: A-

4. Southeast Guilford: This team has all the tools to go very deep and challenge
Dudley for the Conference Title. The trifecta of Mcneil, Price and Anderson gives
teams fits every night. They have a great nucleus of players and a super coach in
Shawn Newton. This team can run and have a nice set up offense that executes. Grade:

5. Smith: This team is finally living up to expectations that are long over due.
They seem to be playing more under control and with a purpose. The leaderhip
provided by Maryland Eastern Shore signee Lakendra Wilkerson and the more poised
Ashley Dubose has set the tone. This team is a very dangerous team come tournament
time and could easily upset Dudley and Southeast along the way. Grade: A-

6. Northwest Guilford: One of the better executing teams in the area. Has had some
lows lately by not winning the Little Four after being predicted to win. Must find a
way to increase team speed so that they can be playoff ready and not have the usual
first round exit. Grade: B+

7. Page: What a remarkable turn around from a year ago. This squad is gelling at the
right time. They had a great Little Four showing by reaching the Championship game
and are now getting the super support from the likes of Portia Oakley, Brittany
Drew, Ashley Fowler and a host of others. All Little Four Tournament Team selection
,Chevena Pickard is still the key. Coach Jones has this team in a position that they
could knock off a Smith, Southeast and Dudley on a night they decide that they
belong. Heck, they beat Reynolds who whalooped Dudley.Grade: B+

8.Western Guilford: The team is on pace to win more games than they have ever won in
years. They have an excellent player in Brittany Clency and Catrina Green. The other
role players are adjusting very well and contributing in their own way. Coach
Heinold squad is making great head way and are tunring heads. Reaching the playoffs
may be a stretch because of Dudley, Southeast, Page and Smith. Even if they do not
make the playoffs, they would have made great strides and next year can be even
better. Grade: B+

9. Southwest Guilford: This team always play strong after the break. They have a
great guard in Zena Lovette who runs the show and a host of other players that
perform their duties. Look for them to get on a streak and make the playoffs. Grade:

10. Northeast Guilford: This is the heckle and jeckle hide of the ranks. They can
beat anyone on any given night and yet lose to anyone on any given night. Don’t be
surprise if they do not win their conference and finish with some where in the
neighborhood of 15 wins. Grade: B-

Others on the grading system:

1. Grimsley: Fans must understand that the days of Lucas, Alston, Hargraves, Fields
and Cooks are over. They have a fiery guard in Denika Harden and Tiffany Lucas, but
not enough to overtake the teams in their conference. The great emphasis for a
better building block is that they compete night in and night out. Right now, it is
not there. Grade: C

2. Southern Guilford: This team competes and have a great combination in Kamille
Horne and Lindsey Inman. The other players are finding their way and will more than
likely serve them better in the future with more playing time and experience. They
have good coaches in Whitaker and Odom and now must find the right mixture to put it
all together. Grade: C

3. Eastern Guilford: A hard team to figure out because of their low key nature. They
seem to have a well balance team that matches up well with a lot of teams. They do
not appear to be fancy but they execute well. Under the leadership of Seniors
Capricia Smalls, Kristin Crosby, Amerijah Jamison and April Totten, it look like
they have raised an eye brow or two way out there in Gibsonville. Grade: C

4. Greensboro Day: The great thing going over at the Day school is that they will
win more than they did last years. The Wilkerson kid from Dudley is the lone bright
spot and she knows that this team is a long way from winning a State Championship
like she did at Dudley. Grade: C



  1. Eastern Guilford should be near the top of this list. How can you give them a C grade? I would put them right below High Point Central with an A. Their record is something like 13-1.

  2. I know they had better have us listed number one. Everyone else are not even close. Yeah, SE beat us, but they got it coming when they come. We use to whip up on Northern so bad they had to leave the conference so that they could whip up on some other lil teams. Page, don’t let that when against Reynolds go to yall heads because yall know what is coming.

  3. Who writes this stuff????? Northern #3 they should be mentioned but not at #3 and the girls basketball team @ GDS is getting better but REALLY? this site shows alot of favoritism towards GDS and Northern sports both boys and girls teams. Eastern a C PLEASE ANDY you have to do better. they are 13-1 just say you need more information then just making something up. WHY is high point central in the poll very good team, but focus on the area i don’t see any other high point teams in any polls. dont tell me you know the coach and how great of s job he has done. we already know that.

  4. I really think reading is fundamental. Andy did not create this list. As he stated it was sent in by one of the readers. So take the comments with a grain of salt. If you think your team should be listed higher, then create your own list and send it in. These polls really are for fun as they do not have any merit when it comes down to conference/state seedings.

    However it is interesting to see one’s p.o.v. on area teams. Although I dont believe Dudley should be #1, they have a decent team that should give other teams a run for their money. They have several losses that shows they can be beaten.

    HPC is undefeated and have beaten many teams with a winning record. Without a doubt they are the ones to beat at this time.

    EG definitely deserves more credit than what they have been given. For a team to move from 2-a to 3-a and only lose 1 game, they are def the underdogs to watch out for. They have the talent and obviously the right coaching to go far.

  5. Dudley Momma

    Your team did not run Northern Guilford off. Southeast just spanked yall and our team would love to play against you. We have players that are strong at each position. Yall may not beat Page on Friday.

  6. FOX 8 at did a real nice feature on the Coffer sisters, Samantha and Amanda from Northern Guilford…

    This is a video feature that everyone should check out over at…….Under sports and I think it was in the high school section…..

    The Coffer Sisters at Click Here.

  7. How can eastern beat the number 3 and 4 team on the list and not be in the top ten?…also beat number 8 and 9…yeah, they lost their first game against ne..nothern is currently in 3rd place in their conference behind eastern and rockingham…with all of the information that’s available, there is no need to make emotional rankings ! ! !

  8. whoever made this list has NO CLUE about girls hoops in the city. it was obviously a dudley fan. how can you rate dudley #1? they lost to SE. Then you don’t even put Eastern in your top ten yet they beat Northern (badly i might add), they beat Western, beat Southwest, beat Southeast (on the road), beat Southern, beat Northeast in the return game handily. They are 13-1. what else do you want to see? and you give them a C???? You are obviously clueless.

  9. how can you say that wg is making strides even if they dont make the playoffs..?? the made the playoffs last year in a strong conf with dudley, northern and rockingham….and i think they won their first game in the playoffs…

  10. When it comes to High Point Central, they don’t need a Midterm Report Card to tell them where they stand! They are showing you all better than any list can tell you. Name a team that can play without their starting point guard and still maintain a 13-0 record in Guilford County? When you say that they take on all challenges, yes they do, and they are going to keep on taking on challenges because they have bigger fish to fry!
    What Time Is It?

  11. Bison

    I wouldn’t be jumping with joy yet concerning Highpoint Central. Yall may have to come through the Panthers come playoff time!



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