Post-game radio: Coach Williams very hard on self after last night’s loss by Tar Heels at Clemson

North Carolina Tar Heel basketball coach Roy Williams was very hard on himself after the team’s 83-64 loss to the Clemson Tigers at Clemson…..

The coach blamed the loss entirely on himself and he said he and his staff did a terrible job of preparing for the game and that they also failed miserably when it came to executing their game duties as coaches and Coach Williams pointed the finger directly at himself and said, “It is my fault for not having this team ready to play tonight”….(He did not blame the loss on his players or make any excuses…..)

I wonder if anyone else heard these comments and do you think the coach was a little bit too tough on himself and should he be the one shouldering all the blame?????

The coach almost sounded a bit distraught and again, can a coach take something like this too hard and how long do you think it will take Coach Williams to bounce back?

Is this nothing that a nice long bus trip back to Chapel Hill after midnight won’t cure?

The coach said there was a problem with the team’s flight back to Chapel Hill and that the plane they were supposed to take out of Anderson, South Carolina, back to Chapel Hill, had trouble with the wings icing over and that the Heels would be on a bus back to their campus in North Carolina……

Hop on the bus and ride her out, take two and then call me in the morning….Will that work?????


  1. Well only he knows what he works on in practice and how he prepares his team, not only before a game but all season long.

    That being said I think he’s just “taking one for the team”. I have to believe in over 20 years as a highly successful head coach he has developed a system on what to teach his players with regards to spacing, passing, how to break a press, how to move the ball, how to find a good shot, how to block out, how to execute a fast break, how to execute a half court set. At some point it becomes the players’ responsibility to execute the coach’s plan. The Tar Heels looked lost on the court last night. I’ve never seen such horrible court awareness. The team has a bunch of talent and athletic skill but when your four year, experienced starters (Ginyard and Thompson) are playing like first year freshmen there’s a problem. Team chemistry is sorely lacking. No leader on the floor amongst the players. Bad thing is its getting worse instead of better and the ACC games are going to really expose every weakness this team has.

    Ugh it’s going to be a looooooong season for us Tar Heel fans.

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