Updated HS Girls Coach’s report card

Turned in to us by one of our Greensborosports.com readers……..

1. Tina Gunn: Eastern Guilford: After not being ranked she has gotten Eastern
Guilford squad off to a great start 15-2 and 7-0 in conference play after moving up
and being predicted to finish fourth in conference play. Her team plays with a lot
of class and she has players that can do several different things at key positions.
Led by Seniors Capricia Smalls, Amerijah Jamison, Kristin Crosby and April Totten,
they have shown what staying at one program inspite of not having the luxury of
their own gym and going through a transitional period after the burning down of
their school could be accomplish. She has ten under classmen on the team spearheaded
by team complimentary players in junior Miranda Jenkins, Courtney Torraine,
Priscilla Ojare, new comer Tierra Smith, sophomore and ever improving Karima Jackson
and sophomore center Kierra Purcell. Freshmen Erica Olerich (injured), Autumn
Rumley, Whitney Parks, Jonquil Smith have saw extensive action through
out the season. No other program in the area or coach has had to battle and over
come the odds that Tina Gunn and Eastern’s program has faced. One of the most
underated productive programs in the area. Grade: A+

2. Kenny Carter: High Point Central: Super job by a super coach 15 -1 and 6-1
conference. This squad has the making of doing something really special. Inspite of
a loss to Southwest Guilford this team has been consistently winning all year long.
It is always best not to go down the stretch undefreated. Carter has great team
leadership in Cedrica Gibson who has been out with an injury. Megan Tate, Brittany
Gywnn (rumor could be out for rest of year because of unspecified reasons), Arielle
Harris and many contributions from other key players. Highpoints motion offense
crates havoc for opposing teams. If rumors are true concerning Gywnn and if Gibson
returns to form, the ship could continue moving forward. If not a major upset on
what could be a special season could be looming.

3.Debbie Jones: Page: This squad is doing a fantastic job after going 9-15 a year
ago. She have their program at 11-4 and 5-2 in conference play one game behind
Dudley. Thier upset win of Southeast Guilford was huge and have put them in control
of their own destiny as the season comes to a end. Coach Jones has gotten stella
play from Senior Chevena Pickard who is now having a better understanding of
utilizing her other weapons in junior sharp shooter Brittany Drew, Ashely Fowler who
has taken the load off by bringing the ball up the court on several occasions.
Portia Oakley is providing great senior leadership with super defense and consistent
scoring. Olivia Seegers and freshmen Hannah Pegram have provided great effort off
the bench. Page showing in the Little Four Championship game was very key for this
program since the exit of Boston College signee Jasmin Gill. If Page continue to
play the way that they are capable and do not slip up along the way to
the likes of Grimsley, Western Guilford, Southern Alamance they could get that
number #2 seed heading in to conference tournament play. Southeast Guilford and
Smith are still lurking. Grade: A

4. Kim Furlough: Northern Guilford: The Nighthawks coach has done an outstanding
job is getting Northern off to a very impressive 13-4 and 6-2 conference start. From
the very beginning of the season this team was predicted to be at the top and
predicted to win their conference title and possible a State Championship. They have
all the components that is needed. They have experience and size in junior Samantha
Coffer, Senior Molley Tahmased, Senior Kelly Tessitorre, senior Vontrese Hayes and
Jessica Johnson. Major contributions have come from sophomore point guard Asia
Milton and Taneesha Williamson. Coach Furlough have gotten great contribution from
Alexis Robinson off the bench whom provide offense and defense during quality
minutes. Northern finished 17-11 a year ago and will better that record this year.
Not bad for a program that has been around for only three years. Grade: A

5. Coach Britton: Dudley: 13-4 and 6-1 conference.This squad do what it normally
does. Pressure defense and run up and down the court to wear the opposition out.
They have great team speed and with the addition of Amanda Harriston back they are
poise for another State run. UNCG signee Breonna Patterson is having a great season
but still needs to learn how to run the point if Dudley is going to reach the
finals. The young players Laurin Jackson, KK Rouse are doing an excellent job by
getting a lot of playing experience and with Ebony Goins returning from knee surgery
it will give them added depth come tournament time. Desiree Drayton continues to do
a great job rebounding and scoring appears to be up this year ,which will be needed
as they play larger and just as athletic teams. Dudley must get better production on
a consitent basis from the likes of Kierra Mciver and Chell Jackson as teams begin
to force them to carry the load when Breonna Patterson is
having an off night from the field. Grade: B

6. Shawn Newton: Southeast Guilford: One of the hottest teams in the area after the
upset of Dudley has been subpar lately after losing to Western Guilford and Page. In
order to win out over Dudley for conference supremacy, the likes of Southeast
cannot afford slip ups along the way because when Dudley smell blood in the water,
whcih Southeast have to invade, it could become doomsday if it has not already. They
have the right components in Ayhia Mcneil, Julissa Anderson and Brittany Price. A
great trio that have been very consistent. Now the leadership factor must come to
center stage. They have gotten good play from Sarah Offman but needs to sore more in
order to keep the defense honest. Freshmen Kenya Hailey has shown some good upside
on occasions along with center Destiny Locklear. Now the true test is at hand. Will
Southeast rise or fall as the season concludes. The win over Smith was huge but is
that enough?Grade: B

7. Jessica Bryan: Southwest: 10-8 and 3-1 in conference, has this team headed back
in the right direction with quality wins over conference foe Highpoint Central and
Eastern Guilford. Team has a tendancy to get better after christmas break and are
showing the same. The question becomes consistency? They have great players in Zena
Lovette, Shannon Buchannon and Brittany Mercer. They are getting good minutes from
their bench. This team could win their conference tournament and yet could be gone
after the early round as they wait for the State playoffs. If they come to play
every night with no let down, they could go far. Grade: B

8. Coach Heinold: Western Guilford: Team is still having a great season inspite of
recent losses to Dudley and Page. The win over Smith was huge as they try and
position themselves for conference tournament and State playoffs. They have a chance
of getting in because of the inconsitent play of Smith and Southeast lately. They
cannot afford slip ups along the way to the likes of Grimsley and Southern Alamance.
They have two pretty good players in Brittany Clancy who must learn how to
incorporate her teammates much better and a inside and blocking shots presence in
Catrina Green. Whatever they can get out of the other players is a welcome addition.
Grade: B

9. William Whitaker: Southern Guilford: The fact that this team is now in contention
to maybe win the conference is awesome. 6-11 and 2-2 in conference play can get the
squad excited as the season draws nearer. The two wins in the last three games bold
well in the overall picture. They have a good player in Kamillia Horn and Lindsey
Inmnan. Now that many of the other players like Sylvia Bass, Michelle Caudle,
Jessica Porter and Lyrissa Young are catching on, it could mean upsets along the
way. Grade: B-

10. Coach Apple:Northeast Guilford: This team is in contention to win their
conference and make the State Playoffs. Rashida Pugh is coming off of a 30 point
performance and witht eh likes of Shaquana Jackson, Gabrielle King, Hillary Cook,
Lateria Evans and Taylor Baker the remainder of the season and post season should be
interesting. They must win both games against Southern Guilford to stay at the top
reaching position. Grade: B-


  1. I like the list….insightful. Any chance someone could do a list for the boys side of things. Andy? love to get YOUR thoughts on that one.

  2. This is way off

    Grimsley’s coach has done a great job. They have won some games they have no business winning. Andrews coach has won a few games and they are over achieving. Greensboro Day coach almost won a game at the little four. The best coaching comes from the teams who have no talent and win games.

  3. I agree with about 90% of this current poll, but I disagree with your 4th place coach. There is know way that you can have Northern over your Dudley or a few other schools on your list. They are a combine 1-4 against quality teams with winning records, who have they played? Coaches know who to schedule, if they want a cake walk schedule or a great winning percentage. If they had scheduled half the teams that Dudley plays, they wouldn’t be a .500 team. Why would you think they were a State Championship caliber team? They have one player and when you go box and 1, her teams fall apart. Let them earn their respect with quality wins before we put them in the same class with Dudley the reigning 3-A State Champs, who plays one of if not the toughest schedule in the state, year end and year out. It’s time to make them earn respect in the county and stop praising them for their winning percentage. Will we ever get off the Northern band wagon, we all know what happened over there, it’s time to move on. 16 public schools and 8 private schools in the area and they get more coverage than most of them combined. Let’s move forward,please.

  4. Witness, I don’t where you get your info, but you are way off base. Good coaches, good kids, it is what you want to have in a high school program. The kids succeed on the court and in the classroom (which is more important). We are very happy with our coach and are elated that she is at Northern.

  5. Under Achieving(based off of talent on the team)

    SW Guilford

    Over Achieving

    Greensboro Day
    Southern Guilford

  6. C’mon Andy. Are you serious?? Page was completely dismantled by Dudley a week ago at PAGE, I believe. The Pirates were out-scored 24-9 in the 1st qtr. alone. Final was 63-34. And yes, Coach B. plays a tougher scheddy. I know you didn’t put this list together but Andy, you might wnna re-consider the credibility of some of your reviewers, lol!

  7. NEG swept Southern Guilford on Friday night with the girls at 37-34 and the NEG boys won big over SG…..

  8. Sorry to step on your toes tom and hypre sensitive, but if you’re going to crown someone top coach of guilford county, shouldn’t you play some teams in the county. I understand the conference alignments, but they are currently 2-2 against guilford county schools.
    Just to name a few guilfordvs guilford match-ups.
    Dudley currently 6-1 against the county
    Eastern Guilford 7-2 against the county in the same conference as NG
    Page currently 6-4 against the county
    Western 6-6 against the county
    Northern 2-2 against the county
    Just a few examples of comparing guilfords county teams before we pass out post season awards. Each schools have great students and coaches not knocking that one bit.

  9. It’s no wonder Tina Gunn: Eastern Guilford: After not being ranked she has gotten Eastern Guilford squad off to a great start 15-2 and 7-0 in conference play after moving up and being predicted to finish fourth in conference play. She should have those girls where she wants them. If she put forth the effort in the classroom as much as she does on the basketball court, she wouldn’t have students failing her class. See people, this is all she cares about “her girls.” Try asking her about the classes she teaches and see if you get the same response on getting those students moving up as far as passing grades. And if you do, it’s hogwash. I can tell you when Basketball Season is in, she has no time for a child that needs extra help, or if a child needs to stay after school for help or to make up some work, why she tells them she doesn’t have time, she’s got to get to the gym with the girls….hummmm is right. Oh, and contacting the parent to let you know your child is seriously failing, nope it will not happen; you’ll get notified when the semester is over and what’s done is done. Is this true you might say, well all you have to do is ask around. So, what grade do this picture end with? Grade: F

  10. First of all coach Jones don’t have nothing on Chevena cause if you go back and look at the same game I watch, you see that she the only one playing hard even if they are losing. She is the only leader on the team from a lot of people view. She the only trying to the team by in the game and talks to them, might as well say she the team, but we all know that not the case at page. So I don’t know where u get ur information from, but u need to do some more research. All coachs are good at their job until they give up on their team during a game.

  11. humm2

    Do you agree that when a student is failing classes whether they play ball or not, it has a lot to do with lack of discipline outside of the classroom? When they are at home, how do they utilize their time? Is it on the cell phone, Ipod, TV ect…? Have they learn to balance the two if they want to participate in athletics? Too often people want to blame coaches for their kids failing grades . That is one of the biggest disservices to all coaches across the country. Being able to participate in athletics is a privilege and not a right. Contacting a parent about a kid’s grade is excusing the parent for not being on top of their kid’s situation. Have the parent taken away that cell phone when the kid is not doing what they suppose to do? The parent has flunked when they are not seeing their kids grades and not acting immediately to remedy the situation. Blaming a coach for one’s kid failing grade is one of the biggest excuses that any parent can use when their kid is under performing in the classroom. The rules are always stated ahead of time for what is expected in every program and those that adhere to those requirements will get the opportunity to participate. Its very simple and easy to understand and its universal. Those programs that do not follow the rules normally end up in trouble.

  12. When a child is failing 3 people are at fault, the student, the teacher, and the parent.

  13. Kids failing in my opinion does begin at home. Kids do need to be accountable for their failures as well as the parents. I always personally meet with all of my child’s teachers each semester. Leave all my contact information and email them throughout the semester to follow up. My biggest investment is my child and I will not let my child fail. The teachers do have accountability, but when you have hundreds of students with no parent involvement (until there is a problem) and kids with lack luster attitudes it can cause for disengagement on behalf of the teachers.

  14. hmmmm#2

    why you blaming the teacher for a student that fails? If a child dont put forth the effort to pass a class in HIGH SCHOOL then they dont deserve to pass and play sports!! And proggres reports go home every three weeks so if your child shows them to you why does the teacher even need to contact you and tell you? she has 100 other kids also!! Sounds like an unmotived kid to me!

  15. hummmm#2

    thats the sorriest excuse ive ever heard you need to go back to high school if you believe that

  16. hmmmmm #2
    I think you have been bashed by multiple people here…but let’s be honest here and tell the truth. Your child not only failed that class, he/she probably did poorly in others as well. So what avenues are you using to attack those teachers? I am sure you have found ways. Gossiping and smearing a teacher’s good name does nothing more than make you and your child look even worse. Had you taught your child a sense of responsibility at an early age, the problems he/she now faces would not be looming at the magnatude that they now are. Where was he during SMART lunch? Being a senior, I assume he/she was off campus eating instead of utilizing the time to get the extra help he/she needed in the classes he/she had fallen so desperately behind. What about before school, did he/she attempt to come early for help…because I am sure this teacher was available before the 8:45 bell. Every other week, basketball practice is at 6:00, and Coach Gunn is in the building from 3:45 until 6:00, and no, she is not doing basketball related activities during that time. Where was your child then? And like one of the previous posts indicate, if your child is a senior, you should know by now that progress reports go home every 3 weeks. If you had not seen them at this point, you should have suspicioned something was wrong and that your child was hiding something. At that point, you have an obligation to contact the teacher as well. In a school like Eastern, chances are, you already knew what the situation was with your child and like so many other times in your child’s life, you are now making excuses for him and trying to get him out of something that he should be held responsible. How many times will you do this in your child’s life? What is this teaching him…that mom and dad will get me out of this if I screw up? It’s time for your child to grow up and face his/her responsibilities and it’s time for you to be a responsible parent and stop trying to blame those who are not to blame in this situation!

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