Top area HS guards/grades: Looking at boys basketball

What are your thoughts on these guards for the top area boys guards on the HS basketball scene and go ahead and vote for two and if you have a name that didn’t make our ballot, then add that name in for yourself when you vote for your Top-Two…..

You may list two shooting guards or two point guards and we are just looking for the top-two in the area and again, if we have left anyone out, go ahead and inlcude them on your list…..

Top Two….You choose:
Brennan Wyatt(The PT Cruiser, Navy-bound/The Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Should have an engineering degree already, as he has kept the Panthers running on offense throughout his senior season.)…..Dudley HS

Tyler Lewis(Are you smarter than an 8th grader, and that is what they were asking the opposition two years ago when they faced FCD)…..Forsyth Country Day

Michael Neal(Hasn’t played a full year for ORMA, but will make a difference for the remainder of the season.)…..Oak Ridge Military Academy

Mitchell Oates(He has helped to put HPCA on the map and he takes his Cougars up against Westchester and Deuce Bello again on Tuesday night. Last time HPCA lost to WCD by around 6-8 points.)…..High Point Christian Academy

Saegan Hilliard(One of the top scoring guards in the area at around 22.5 PPG and he has kept AHS hanging around with post-season hopes still on the Blue Comets minds and in their hearts, with Hilliard pulling the strings.)….Asheboro HS

Dylan Berry(NG Nighthawks top long-range threat and when DB heats up, even the pros at Berico Fuels can’t cool this kid down. Season-high was 33 points versus Eastern Alamance and he can do that again if and when the green-light comes on .)…..Northern Guilford

Brandon Dorsett(One of the area’s toughest/strongest guards when it comes to taking the ball to the basket/hole and he has become a frequent driver/flyer with regularity this season.)…..Greensboro Day School

Burrell Brown(Without BB, Grimsley would be going down hill and the Whirlies haven’t hit that dip in totality as of 28/2010.)…..Grimsley HS

Reggie Perkins(Reggie has been the difference-maker/game-changer and he has his biggest challenge yet, facing him this week with four games on the WG Hornets’ schedule including Dudley at the Hornets house on Tuesday.) Western Guilford

CJ Plummer(He is the watchmaker that makes the WCD Wildcats click and I have only seen him in one game, but was impressed with his floorwork.)…..Westchester Country Day

Beniah Wise(BW is still the man in Jamestown and he has his Tigers in first place with a very good chance to claim the conference crown this week.)…..Ragsdale HS

Asad Lamont(He is bit of mystery, in that he plays on team with an abundance of scorers, but from the perspective of the people that know and follow the game, his name is mentioned when the guard talk starts up again.)…..Oak Ridge Military Academy

Christian Pulliam(He has been the motor man that has kept his teaming moving this season and with Christ School coming to GDS on Friday night, he better get moving today and go non-stop right up until 10pm on Friday.)…..Greensboro Day School

Chris Richmond(Very strong player that can hit from long range as he enters the three-point territory.)…..Oak Ridge Military Academy

*****There’s a few names for you and I am leaning toward Wyatt and Lewis and you can add in names if you feel the need or you can choose two of your liking from our list.

We will go with forwards and swing players later on in the week and that would include players such as Deuce Bello, Jay Canty, PJ Hairston, Reggie Dillard, Jonathan Frye and many others…..

The choice for player of the year, seems to be developing between/among area players Canty, Hairston, Frye and Bello……

We’ll also lean more on that one later on the next few weeks……*****


  1. Give me Brennan Wyatt and Saegan Hilliard, two very accomplished ball-handlers who can see the floor well and run their respective teams. Both players can score when needed and hit the open man unselfishly. Both players shoot better than 50% from the floor and right at 80% from the foul line. Based on NCPreps, Hilliard is averaging over 8 assists per game and Wyatt is second with over 7 per game. Wyatt showed recently that he can score when he had to step up against WG and drop 23 in the absence of PJ. Hilliard may be the best offensive player of the list as the kid can shoot the ball with unlimited range. Bob Gibbons ranked him as the best shooter in a recent showcase and has sent some out of state DI schools calling. He was also rated the #9 overall player of 150 participants, and the first guard listed. Both players greatest talent might be floor vision.

  2. Good list except the omission of Zeb Milliner from Providence Grove. I would argue that he is a better guard than all of the above. For a kid that’s averaging over 25 points per game and he’s left off the list. Head scratcher there. Do your research Andy you’re better than that.


  3. Ryan Daye is avg 29ppg at the Elon school. He is the most explosive offensive guard in the area.

  4. i would take brandon dorset and brenan wyatt any day. both of them can control the game very well and are quick with the ball. they both make huge plays when it is needed and they dont turn the ball over hardly ever

  5. “they don’t turn the ball over hardly ever”—
    well, do they hardly ever turn the ball over, or do they never turn the ball over? Another product of the public schools in Guilfors county!!!!!

  6. Andy,
    I would like to see you do an piece on how important grades are to getting a scholarship. Several kids from our area could have gone on but did not have the grades. Some of the kids who are ready to play next year are really struggling to get it all together because they waited to late to get the grades. Starting in the 9th grade you have to get good grades. All c’s might not be good enough. You have to match your SAT/ACT scores on a sliding scale the lower your GPA the higher you have to score. Only core classes count in your NCAA GPA. You have to have 16 core classes to be able to play in college. The NCAA has a worksheet that will let you keep up with your GPA and the number of classes taken and needed. I think young people do read this web site and they need to know the rules so they can understand what they need. Being on a poll, on this web site the leading scorer is nothing without the grades behind it. Sports can be a great tool to get you to college but only if you use it correctly.

  7. Hello to Dale Fulton, another product of our private school system and an arrogant AH!!!!!

  8. Brandon Dorsett(One of the area’s toughest/strongest guards when it comes to taking the ball to the basket/hole and he has become a frequent driver/flyer with regularity this season.)…..Greensboro Day School

    Christian Pulliam(He has been the motor man that has kept his teaming moving this season and with Christ School coming to GDS on Friday night, he better get moving today and go non-stop right up until 10pm on Friday.)…..Greensboro Day School

    GEEEEEEE…..two of the better guards in the area and future DI players in the paint? I thought you GDS supporters said you guys win with LESSER talent?

    by the way Dale, you are right, the guy was another product of GuilforS County Public Schools.

  9. I have always thought of Brandon Hairston as more of a swing-type player much like a PJ Hairston, Demone Harrison, Reggie Dillard, Jay Canty and others….

    They work out around the wings, but they all go inside and some of them even bring the ball up court quite a bit….

    Aaron Toomey should probably get some consideration and I don’t know if he is top two and I have always heard his name throughout the past couple of years and have not seen him play at all, so I was not totally aware of his position…..He is a worthy candidate, again not sure about top two, but this is an open polling place and you can vote and discuss(No cuss please) as you see fit.

    As far as the grades go, I heard a story last week of some kids helping one of their teammates/friends with a calculator, and they were trying to figure out his grades and also trying to work a formula where you can still get in if your GPA is higher and your SAT is lower and the higher GPA can help pull up your overall required entry numbers.

    Students have also been trying to get help on what classes they can still drop so that they won’t get a failing grade that will in turn pull down their GPA. They may have to take some Summer courses at their college of choice to make sure that these grades will balance out.

    I remember the old Withdraw Passing(WP) allowance from college and they also had the Withdraw Failing(WF) rule, which stated that if you didn’t drop a class by a certain date in the semester, then you still had that mark on your record……(You didn’t have to attend the class any longer and when you re-took the class, you could take the higher mark if you pulled it up to passing…)

    The deal I remember from high school was that you looked at a “C” grade as your lowest possible grade when it came to college planning and anything below a “C” then you are not going to get into college. The teachers and coaches need to work to get the point across to the students and the athletes that anything below a “C” won’t cut it. You have to have “C”s” or better or there is No Ride……

    Average is not the best in the world and should not be taken as just getting by, but the “C” must be the lowest common denominator or you are wasting your time and your’e not going anywhere.

    I think you can be safe at 2.0 and if you have some other classes that you can excel in, then you can pull that number up and if you are down in a class or two, then the other courses that you do very well in, will pull you up.

    They need to be teaching the “C” or better rule all the way back to the 6th or 7th grade, because in my opinion, that is where the groundwork is laid down.

    Push for a “C” or better in all classes and then pull the number up in Advanced PE, chorus, shop class/industrial arts, computer classes, and other classes that the student will enjoy and where they can pull a higher grade. English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Languages, will be the trouble areas and if you can pull “C’s” in all of those, then you are on your way…..

    If you are down in one, use another to pull your other grades up…”D” in math, push for a “B” in English or History and for the foreign language find an Hispanic girlfriend for the athlete and learn to talk to each other in Spanish and you should be able to get through Spanish I and possibly Spanish II…Get yourself a part-time job in an Hispanic restaurant and learn more about the language and culture there and you can pass those foreign langage required courses….(Comma se llama ustedes? Me llama Elena, el se llama Pepe….What is your name? My name is Ellen and his name is Pepe…. Never forget it, I memorized the Spanish I tapes and the workbook too….)

    Maybe too much detail, but maybe this might help someone. First of all, you must have a game plan to succeed in academics, just like you do in athletics. Your academic load is not a joke. You will be using what you have learned to some degree for the rest of your life and if you learn early, that anything below a “C” is failure, then you have set your bar where it needs to be.

    In athletics, Average Performance(“C” Grade Level) will get you in the game and it will do the same for getting y0u into college.

    Once you get into the game and into college, you must strive to be much better than average if you won’t to win the prize. It’s not just about getting there, it is doing something after you get there.

    I’ll move on now to another subject and if this helps one person, then time well spent…..

  10. Grades are extremely important especially for the average player. There are a lot of D3 schools that will give academic scholarships. I was able to go to a D3 school for free because of my grades and my financial need. For D1 players, the Ivy Leagues schools, Stanford, the Patriot League schools are only accessible if your grades are very good. Even though some of these schools don’t give scholarships, the combination of need based aid and academic can provide a full ride.

  11. Andy,

    I have to disagree with you on this one. Striving for C’s in the Classroom and on the Court will not get any Student-Athlete to the next level. In athletics a “C” effort on the court translates into being a reserve player at best. Only those athletes at “A” or “B” level performance will even have a chance to play and contribute in High School enough to be recognized by Collegiate Coaches. The only way to succeed in the classroom and on the court is to strive to be the best meaning “A” performances, because if you should somehow fall short you’ll have room for error.

  12. I’m saying that you should strive for A’s and B’s and that you need to have at least a “C” average(2.0) just to get in the game.

    My theory was always the “C” is the lowest possible grade that you could make and still get in/be in the game……

    As I said in my close, once you get in the game or the classroom, it is more than just about being there, you have to do something while you are there….

  13. what have we heard about how many athletes have had to sit out for bad grades with the new GCS policy. Kids had to have a 1.5 weighted and no more than one failing grade. Next semester that will be at 2.0 weighted and no more than one failing grade.

    And to play the devils advocate, how many grades do you think will get changed to keep kids playing… grades they didn’t earn.

  14. i have always said it’s not the coach’s job to make sure that a player is eligible. Taking care of your academics begins at home, long before you get to 7th and 8th grade. Not to say that there are not sometimes extinuating circumstances, but as a parent, I know that you almost have to try to fail not to pass with at least a C.. With the opportunity to retake tests and do extra work, why is the subject of failing even being discussed?

  15. Congratulations to Wyatt and Pawlowski for making the top 10 North Carolina Assist leaderboard on Max Prep. The 2012 class have some players. Should be entertaining to watch these guys dish the ball to the shooting guards. Although Wyatt is both.

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