New basketball polls for this week

Girls poll:
2)Eastern Guilford(21-2)
3)Southwest Guilford(15-6)
4)High Point Central(18-3)
5)Northwest Guilford(16-6)
7)Southeast Guilford(14-8)
8 Northern Guilford(16-5)
9) Smith(14-8)
11)Northeast Guilford(11-12)

Boys poll:
2)Northern Guilford(19-2)
3)Greensboro Day School(23-6)
4)Western Guilford(15-6)
8 Ragsdale(11-11)
9)High Andrews(10-4)
10)Eastern Guilford(13-10)
11)Northeast Guilford(11-11)


  1. Northern girls and Northwest girls should be switched for two reasons: Northern beat Northwest and Northern’s record is better.

  2. I’d love to see a matchup between Eastern Guilford’s LadyCats and the Dudley girls…what do you think Andy? You know where my allegiance lies…

  3. I would like to see that too with EG vs. Dudley…..I think it would help both teams and especially Eastern to play a top-flight program such as Dudley….The pace would help EG in preparation for the playoffs…

    On the poll, Smith beat several of the teams above them and they won the Pizza Hut Tournament….SEG has more losses than Northern, but they beat Dudley once and they only lost to the Panthers by one the other night at Dudley…

    SEG beat EG and EG defeated NG and NWG is really playing well right now with a (10-2) mark in their conference which includes SWG and HPC….

    Northern needs a franchise-type win to move them up in the polls, like a win over Eastern Guilford or another team that is on the verge of becoming a powerhouse….

    NG can make the move, they just need to make it soon and beat a team in the neighborhood of a EG……

  4. EG you are correct, EG Wildcats did beat SEG….I have been trying too hard to prove my point in the basketball court of law….

    Maybe that was one of other arguements, that EG beat SEG and that is why EG is above SEG and so on….

    I will have to start over with my theories tomorrow after I get these new scores on here tonight….

    I will work harder tomorrow when I get my bearings straight…..

  5. Here’s a theory for you Andy(this will give confused more ammo for NG to be ranked even higher-lol). NW girls should be ahead of HPC in the poll at this point in the season despite overall records based on their conference play. NW split with SW & HPC; HPC lost twice to SW. NW will finish the conference race higher than HPC. If your still stuck on HPC’s overall record then SW would need to move down.

  6. Thanks for looking at these teams overall body of work. You do a great job with your poll with why someone is ranked higher than someone else. Most people look at the overall record and automatically think their team or school should be higher. You have always looked at head to head, who’s playing better now. So the POST by I’m a little confused is one who doesn’t see the whole body of work, someone beating the #4 ranked 4-A team trumps a win during a Christmas tournament. Where is a win on your record that makes your team stand out or say that my team has arrived . Play a harder schedule and they will be recognized.

  7. READER,

    EG girls were not ranked in the state poll at the beginning of the year but they are 7th in the 3a state poll now…but they have two and maybe three girls all going D1 next year

  8. what three girls from eastern are playing d-1?? i am very curious… i see only two d-1 potentials and one is a junior

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