The Conferences are quickly coming to a close: Could end up tighter than the JD Hayworth-John McCain senate battle in Arizona

The Conferences are closing out the season very quickly this week and they may end up having some of the quickest conference tournaments in history…..

The Triad 3-A with Northern and Eastern get their post-season tourney going tonight, but in the Metro and the Piedmont-Triad 4-A Conferences their regular seasons aren’t even finished yet.

Page at Grimsley tonight in the Metro, along with Southern Alamance at Western Guilford and SWG-East Forsyth in the Piedmont-Triad and then tomorrow night you have Page at Southern Alamance in the Metro and High Point Central has a game left to play in the Piedmont-Triad……

That means the new look Conference Tournaments will get going on Thursday and run through Friday with the Metro and others cutting back the tourneys to a four-team field, with Semifinals on Thursday and the Finals set for Friday….

It gets real interesting in the Metro where the Dudley boys have secured the top spot and Western Guilford has pretty much locked down the second seed, but after that it gets tighter than the race for the Arizona Senate with JD Hayworth out of High Point, chasing the John McCain’s Republican seat in the US Senate…..

We may need to call in Wolf Blitzer to figure this one out with the Page, Smith and Grimsley boys now all fighting for the last two spots…..The Page-Grimsley winner will be in better shape, but if for some reason, they all three end up tied in the Regular Season standings, then if they look at the head-to-head, it could go like this…

If Grimsley wins tonight then it would be:
Head-to-head….Grimsley and Page=1 game each….
Page and Smith=1 game each….
Smith and Grimsley=1 game each…..
*****This could get a little wild and wacky as they try and decide among the three, who gets the two spots for the Four-team Tournament……

Ragsdale and HP Central could still end up tied for first place over in the Piedmont-Triad 4-A conference based upon what happens to both clubs tomorrow night…..

The four-team tournaments fit for this week when you look at the two regular season games that some teams need to play and they could end having to play two tournament games and that would give them their allotment of four games for the week, which would keep them within NCHSAA guidelines, of four games maximum for one school-week……


  1. This is the craziest reason to cancel a conference tournament. You have one school who chose not to play a conference game on a Thursday, but still played two non-conference schools late in the season. So now we watch one team in the middle of the pack(Page) play a team that hasn’t won a conference game all season(Southern Alamance) ends the season for 3 other boys and girls teams from the metro. The Southern Alamance game shouldn’t have any bearings on the standings, so why play it. This is how we reward our student athletes, who have worked hard all season and looked forward to post season play, even if it’s just the conference tournament.

  2. Mid State Conference Tournament (Women)

    Northern Guilford 57
    Morehead 42

    Mid State Conference Tournament (Men)

    Northern Guilford 77
    Rockingham County 49

  3. I understand that Grimsley has to go plat the second half of their game tomorrow that was suspended Friday night! What the H*++ happened here? I believe all the other games were completed. So a lot of seniors will not have the opportunity to play for an upset or spoil another teams post season dreams. Isn’t that what makes the conference tournament special. It’s that last chance for some, and a possible Cinderella story for others. I know the chance’s of the upset are slim on this level, but you never know! This year, no one will ever know!

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