Grimsley senior Carter Gourley leads Whirlies over Page 79-48 and GHS still has a half to play with SEG on Tuesday

Boys Final:
Grimsley 79
Page 48

*****Fine job shooting, passing, rebounding and just a complete game from Grimsley senior Carter Gourley in the Whirlies big win tonight over Page….Grimsley still has to go to SEG on Tuesday and finish the second half of their game from last Friday night that was halted at halftime when the “Snowstorm” came through our area….Page at Southern Alamance on Tuesday.*****

Grimsley boys scoring:
Krechaun Williams 19 points
Carter Gourley 15
Rashad Sweeney 14
Burrell Brown 10
Jake Mulvey 6
Mark Nadler 5
Christian Hairston 4
DJ Reader 3
Nevada Anderson 3

Page scoring:
Demone Harrison 9 points
James Summers 9
Jackson Kent 8
Stacey Greene 6
Dylan Sykes 5
Desmond Harrison 4
Bryson Fonville 3
Michael Dungee 2
Frank Eaves 1

Girls Final
Page 53
Grimsley 44


  1. Carter Gourley played an unbelieveable all around game, he had to have had a triple double. It was cool to see him get a standing ovation in his last home game

  2. What the H#ll ! How and why would you stop the game at half time for a dusting of snow? These decision makers need to be evaluated for the debacle with conference tournaments that they have created in the past few days with their ill advised decisions concerning the weather. I have heard it all now. Suspend a game at halftime! WOW. Not to mention the clear streets that led to empty gyms Saturday evening! Who’s Decision was that? Now we have possible Cinderella stories that will not happen! Think about the Seniors on those teams who will not be able to give it one more shot to win the conference title. Someone needs to loose their position or their decision making authority because this is a disaster for the kids!!!

  3. Just got back from from the grimsley game and wow what a blowout! Coach kent gave up in the 3rd quarter. great games from #21 and #23 from grimsley. all i gotta say is the whirlies are going to be a dangerous team come playoff time

  4. I cannot believe they suspended a game at halftime because it was snowing at the time. I attended the Dudley vs. Page game last Friday night and there was never any delay in the game to think about stopping the game.

    How is this going to effect the Metro 4A tournaments to be held at Dudley this week? I was told on Monday morning that the Dudley girls will play in the semi-finals on Thursday at 4 PM. The boys are scheduled to play at 7 PM. Will the quarterfinal games be played at Dudley or on the home court of the higher seeds?

  5. It looks like if Page plays Southern Alamance tonight. The Metro will have to cancel the tournaments first round. Page lost to GHS gives GHS a 3 or 4 seed in the playoffs and Page gets the 5 seed. The only game that should happen tonight is to finish the GHS vs SEG game to deterimine if Smith or GHS gets the 3 or 4. Why are we allowing Page to play tonight and cancel the first round, if the best they can finish is 5th place. I fell sorry for those teams that will find out today or tomorrow that their season is over.

  6. MouthPiece & Dudley 1969,

    Speaking of weather and road conditions. After the WG & NWG game on Friday evening a car full of WG students were leaving that game. The road conditions were such that there car was involved in an accident about 1 mile from NWG. I think you would feel differently had your child been involved in an accident. I think you need to put sports in perspective. Sports are a compliment to life. I commend the authorities at those schools for agreeing that safety of their students and fans is priority over finishing a “game”. If you remember the southern part of the county go hit harder than the northern part of Guilford.

    It’s just a game fellas – grow up!!

  7. If there can truly be no cinderella….and 1- 4 seeds make play offs anyway. No need for a conference tournament.

  8. The way it all sorts out is that there would be no quarterfinals of the Metro Tournament the seeds would go:
    Boys….Dudley #1
    Western Guilford #2
    Grimsley, Page, and Smith filling out the #3 and #4 spots…..Grimsley, Page and Smith are even at one game a-piece in their season series, having split them all right down the middle….

    Girls wise it would be:
    Dudley #1
    SEG #2
    Page #3
    and I believe Smith #4 although the Smith Page might be a flip-flop…..

    We’ll do some more digging at MaxPreps just to be sure on the Page-Smith girls deal….

  9. page was eliminated last night because weve lost twice to grimsley, once in the little four, so even if grimsley loses they will at least get the 4 seed

  10. get a grip

    Thanks for the lecture! Sorry that the kids were involved in an car accident. I understand that safety of all is first and foremost. So what your saying is if that game was suspended at halftime, those kids would have made it to their destination free of peril? Who knows the answer to that question? The point I’m making is the judgement of the decision makers who pulled the the plug on the games Saturday with out giving mother nature a chance. I work in the elements daily (That Saturday’s included) and I just think waiting until 1 or 2 pm to make a decision would have made teams (such as those not in the top 4 of their conference) fell a little better even if the outcome would have been the same. Just the possibility of a #5 seed (Page) beating a #4 seed in the tournament was stripped away by a quick trigger. Now their coach have to tell those seniors that it’s over; we could have played Saturday evening but the games were called off even though the roads were clear by early afternoon! WOW, what a way to go out!

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