GOSMC Tournament Report: Northern Guilford overpowers Eastern at Spencer-Dixon campus

On the Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center update from Northern Guilford High School out on Spencer-Dixon Road, the Nighthawks won both of their semifinal games tonight in the Mid-State 3-A basketball tournament with the boys taking Eastern Guilford 70-50 and the Northern girls defeated Rockingham County 46-36….

Boys Final:
Northern Guilford 70
Eastern Guilford 50

*****1stQ NG 14, EG 14….Halftime NG 36, EG 30…..3rdQ NG 53, EG 40….*****

Girls Final:
NG 46
Rockingham County 36
…..The Northern girls will meet Burlington Williams for the girl’s Mid-State Tournament finals on Friday night at 6pm at NG and this will be the Lady Nighthawks first-ever appearance in the Tournament Final as they go for the Championship….The #1 seeded Eastern Guilford girls were upset tonight at EG by the Williams Bulldogs….
*****Girls Halftime:NG 23, RC 23….3rdQ NG 40, RC 30….

Burlington Williams girls 45
#1 Eastern Guilford girls 36

The Northern boys will meet the winner of Eastern Alamance-McMichael(Eastern Alamance takes it 59-57 over McMichael) for the boy’s Mid-State crown on Friday night at 7:30pm at Northern….The Nighthawk boys defeated the Dudley Panthers in last year’s Triad 3-A final at Northeast Guilford High School….

The Northern Guilford Nighthawk boys overpowered Eastern Guilford in the second half tonight to move to (20-2) overall on the season. I spoke to NG senior Jonathan Frye who finished with a game-high 25 points for the Nighthawks, and he said he and his teammates are very focused on going for that title on Friday night.

Frye is one of the sharpest and smartest kids you will ever meet on the high school level and he will have his club ready to go for that trophy on Friday night at NG…Great kid, solid team with John McBeth, Dylan Berry and others and they will represent Guilford County in fine fashion on Friday in those finals….

Northern scoring in the win over the EG Wildcats:
Jonathan Frye 25 points
John McBeth 16
Dylan Berry 14
Daniel Downing 8
Joe Daniel 3
Patrick Chandler 2
Jalen Ross 2

Eastern Guilford scoring:
Tre Radcliffe 16 points
Butch Huffman 15
Jeremy Gaddy 7
Brandon Hairston 6
Darius Dawkins 4
Quan Payne 2


  1. The Lady Nighthawks beat Rockingham by about 10 pts. I heard that Burlington Williams beat Eastern in a major upset. The championship game is Friday at Northern. We need a big crowd to support the girls!
    In the boy’s game the supposed “overrated” Nighthawks took it to Eastern Guilford 70-50. NG was obviously the better team. They played very well. Team basketball at its best. They will also play on Friday night so we need Nighthawk nation out there in full force!

  2. I am so proud of the NG boys bball team, all of them especially those who stayed.
    I really hope they go all the way. I think everybody is rooting for them this time around.
    By the way the only ones who are saying their overrated are those who left.

    Way to go Guys

  3. Big win for the nighthawks, but still one to go. Lets push for a white out on Friday night. All hawk fans wear solid white t shirts and Coach Freeman will make a Call to Louisville to borrow Pitinos suit.

  4. Congrats to the Lady Bulldogs for pulling the upset of the tourney as they out husselled the LadyCats last night. It’s crunch time now…do or die…one and done… Shake off the cobwebs and get the heads on straight and set your sights on your goals…I know these LadyCats have it in them and know what they need to do…it’s just time to rededicate yourselves to the rest of the season…you’ve come too far to stop now!

    And now for a word to the parent “coaches” in the stands…word was given from a very reliable source that your presence on the sidelines “coaching” is a huge annoyance to the officiating crew and can be having a detrimental effect. Not only is it detrimental to the game, but have you ever thought about what you are doing to your daughters? Do us all a favor, be a true fan and CHEER for your team and let the girls play the game and the coaches do the coaching…after all, it is their job, not yours.

  5. What are you talking about with all that paranoia that everyone says they are overrated. I have never heard nyone who left have positive things to say about the school and the players. Even on this board, the only negative comments made are about a weak conference. Anyone who knows basketball will have to agree that’s the truth.
    In my opinion, the community has been very supportive of NGHS. It’s comments like that that bring out negativity!

  6. The overrated comments came from a couple of Eastern Guilford supporters, not the entire community. Most people are pulling for NG. It sounds like you are overreacting to a little message board banter between the two schools.

  7. Tom

    You all know that you all could not handle the PANTHERS when you all played in our conference last year. Everyone one of your girls were scared to death and we blew them out every time. It looks like the News and Records keep trying to pump up Northern even at the Pizza Hut Classic. You all did not even win that. Did you win the conference this year? They got a full report in the paper today as if your girls have been the front runners all year. What an injustice to some schools that have do better. Ask coach if you all are going to schedule the Panthers next year.

  8. Dudley Stud,
    You need to relax. Get a cup of coffee. Read the paper. The Dudley Girl’s are a very good team so you don’t have to beat your chest. Our girl’s are also having a good season as well. Vent your anger somewhere else.

  9. Funny thing about this is. I have never read anything on this board where an EG fan posted negative comments about NG except in response to some NG fans talking trash about how great your girls were and better than every team in the area. Your girls have a good team but they are not the best team in the conference.

    Your boys are a very good group. They play hard, they are well coached, and they understand how to play the game. They are definitely the best team in the conference. The conference has some pretty good teams in it. Eastern Alamance is a pretty good team with some very good players. McMichael has some solid players who play hard. Eastern has some solid players who are a little young, they gave NG two extremely competitive games and the first half last night was very competitive. Be proud of your players and coaches. They are quality people, players, and coaches but at least show some class when posting on the forum. It is good to win with dignity.

  10. Kudos to Northern Guilfords boys coach… very well coaching last night. Huffman needed his EG teammates to step up and help but they fell short mainly because of emotions and great denying defense i do believe. Kudos to Mr. Huffman as well. Big heart game last night and what a hard fought 15 in the first half with plenty of old-fashioned 3 point plays. Frye played great, smart and effective. SO ANDY… WHATS NEXT FOR THE YOUNG WILDCATS??

  11. There are some people who post on this site that supposedly represent NG. They don’t have a clue about basketball and they try to stir up the crowd. I am fairly sure they don’t have any kids at the school. The NG boys were the class of the league and EG girl’s were as well. There were plenty of competetive games on both the boys and girls side which bodes well for the league. There is no need to talk trash about high school basketball. Pull for your team and appreciate the effort that the other player’s and coaches put forth.

  12. Tom

    I agree. Northern boys and their coach did an outstanding job this year amissed all the validated turmoil from last years team.

    Eastern Guilford girls program has been underrated in this area for quite sometime and they have always been a class act with a class act coach in Tina Gunn, who does not try to humiliate teams when she have them way down in the box score column by leaving her starters in like many programs do.

  13. EG ALUM

    for once I agree with you. The NG defense played very well and held the Wildcats in check, particularly in the second half. Huffman played a good game last night and it looked like Radcliff had a good game as well.

    The Wildcats play a playoff game next week. Lets hope they can make a little noise. Anyone know where?

  14. It looks like the conference that Eastern Guilford and Northern are in are going to have at least two 20 game winners: With Rockingham, Burlington Williams right on the verge.

    1. Eastern Guilford 22-3
    2. Northern Guilford 19-5
    3. Burlington Williams 17-6
    4. Rockingham 17-7

    One of the best conferences around with tremendous players that are underrated!

  15. I am assuming that some comments got deleted. In any case, there are posters on here who claim to represent one school but they are only posting to stir up trouble. Their comments are only an attempt to start drama. But if you read the comments from true NG fans you will see that we are a class act. No need to boast or degrade another team to better our own. We do not claim to be the best in the conference. Our girls work and play hard. And the proof is left on the court.

    If you researched all the conferences in the state, about 90% of them have weak schools. Mid-State(Conference 8) is no exception. Is it the weakest 3a conference? Not at all. Could it be better? Of course, but take that up with NCHSAA. All the teams can do is work with what they are handed.

    I wish all the teams who are still playing much success in the conference tourney and states. No need to boast about who is better at this point. The better teams are still standing.


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