Metro 4-A Conference Tournament and standings

*****Pretty much the way we had it all the way along and our thanks to Rusty Lee, the Page AD, for sending this our way…The play-in game that you see for Friday, that could feature the Smith and Grimsley boys, would be for sectional seeding purposes…*****

Let the games begin!

All Metro 4A
Regular Season Standing

Women’ Standings
(School) (Conf.) (Overall)
1st Dudley 11 -1 20 – 4
2nd Southeast 9 – 3 15 – 7
3rd Page 8 – 4 17 – 7
4th Smith 6 – 6 14 – 8
5th Western 4 – 8 11 – 13
6th (tie) Grimsley 2 – 10 7 – 14
6th (tie) S. Alamance 2 – 10

Men’s Standings
1st Dudley 12 – 0 17 – 6
2nd Western 8 – 4 16 – 7
3rd (tie) Smith 7 – 5* 14 – 8
3rd (tie) Grimsley 7 – 5* 14 – 7
5th Page 6 – 6 13 – 11
6th Southeast 2 – 10 7 – 14
7th S. Alamance 0 – 12

* Smith won the draw (over Grimsley) for conference tournament seeding @ # 3

All Metro 4A
Conference Tournament
(All games will be played at Dudley)

Thursday February 18
Women’s Bracket
4:00 PM (1) Dudley vs. (4) Smith
5:30 PM (2) Southeast vs. (3) Page
Men’s Bracket
7:00 PM (1) Dudley vs. (4) Grimsley
8:30 PM (2) Western vs. (3) Smith

Friday February 19
4:30 PM Special Tie Breaker game (to be played should Grimsley and Smith
both lose in the Thursday games)
6:00 PM Women’s Championship
7:30 PM Men’s Championship


  1. Wow it really seems like grimsley got screwed. First of all their overall record is better than smiths so that should be a tie-breaker? Secondly your saying that the only way grimsley can get the 3rd seed for the playoffs is if both they and smith lose? this isnt fair at all considering smith plays western and Grimsley plays DUDLEY. There is a hugedifference between a 3 and 4 seed for the playoffs and grimsley really got shafted on this. Think about this scenario if grimsley is the 4 seed there first round playoff game is at piedmont triad #1 ragsdale who the whirlies beat by 24. doesnt seem fair to ragsdale either that their rewarded with one of the best 4 seeds ive seen in a long time

  2. Who is the genius that came up with this plan??? Play Saturday and settle the state seeding unless Grimsley or Smith wins the conference tournament. Don’t penalize the loser of the coin flip twice. At the least, they could have said the loser of the coin flip will get the 4th seed for the conference tournament, but will take the 3rd seed for the state seedings.

  3. You can blame all this mess on Page High School. They chose to play two games this week, knowing it would kill the conference tournament, in hopes of picking up a win or two, which might set them up for a wildcard birth to the playoffs. Why not give every one a opportunity to play in the tournament.

  4. Lost,
    The NCHSAA has a rule that a team can only play four games in a week. Because of the snow and rescheduling problems several schools went into this week with two regular season games to make up. The NCHSAA required the schools to finish the regular season. By playing on Monday and Tuesday to make up missed games it left some schools with only two games they could play the rest of the week.

    “Metro” in a post above blames it on Page who had to play Grimsley on Monday and Southern Alamance on Tuesday. His perception is wrong as several schools had to play two games this week. Page playing Southern Alamance instead of getting into the conference tournament is a disadvantage to Page, not a way to get more wins so they can get a wildcard spot. Playing in the conference tournament gives them a chance to get three more wins and qualify by winning the tournament. Why would anyone trade that for one win and waiting to see if they get a wildcard? It doesn’t make any sense.

    Given the circumstances and with only two games to get the tournament in the best solution was to have the tournament with only four teams. Other local conferences were in the same situation and decided to have a full tournament but if one of the teams advanced to the point where they would violate the four game week rule, that team would not play any further and would forfeit. Neither solution is ideal but there were very few choices given the rules and the situation everyone was in.

    As to the tie breaker proceedure mentioned by “hsfan” overall record would never be a part of the tiebreaker. One team could play a schedule full of weak teams and rack up a bunch of wins will the other plays a competitive schedule and gets some losses. Overall record would be the stupidest way to break a tie. Grimsley got fourth because after going through the tiebreaker of head to head, seeing if they played a third game in the L4, seeing who did better against the number one team, then the number two team, they were still tied and Grimsley’s AD drew the four seed out of a hat. If they both lose tomorrow they play each other on Friday for the three/four seed in the state tournament. If one advances and the other doesn’t they get it. Grimsley can cry that they play Dudley and Smith has an easier game against Western but that is how the rules dictate it. Life isn’t fair, just ask the teams that don’t get to play in the tournament. At least they get a shot at changing things.

  5. Thanks for the info! I wonder if the State had any flexibility in pushing the State playoffs back a week?

  6. Lost – not much in the way of flexibility. Spring sports right around the corner…venues already set up for the State Finals…etc., etc. Can’t push back a week and it doesn’t involve all Conferences, just a few. I feel they have made the best of the situation that they could with the schdule they have come up with.

  7. Like many have said, with the NCHSAA in charge you can only play 4 games in one week and with the make-up games necessary to determine the seedings Page might have ended up playing five and Grimsley four and a-half….

    They had to shorten the tournament bcause of the 4-game minimum that was created by the weather problems….

    As it stands with the possibility of a Smith-Grimsley Tie-breaker on Friday for sectional seeding purposes, Grimsley may still end up having to play three and a-half games and if they upset Dudley tonight, that would still be the deal…..

  8. This is sad, especially for seniors. I hope that coaches and schools will be proactive next year.

    For example; if the weatherman is calling for bad weather on game day…move the game up. Dudley and SA did. During the 1st storm, the Dudley/SA game was played on Thursday..instead of waiting to see how bad the weather would be on Friday.

    As well as cancel those no-conference games to get in the conference games.

  9. The big question in this tournament is whether or not Western Guilford players can handle the pressure? We already know that our young studs at Dudley can.

  10. Metro dont know, thanks for the insight.
    I wouldnt say grimsley is crying about playing dudley. the players are hype for the game and ready to go, that was just a guy on the message board. also all of these ppl saying it will be a dudley-western final? it could easily be a smith-grimsley final

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