The crazy night with the Piedmont-Triad and Metro 4-A Conferences

Just look at these wild and crazy reults with the Piedmont Triad Conference ruling the 4-A roost in Round One of the Boys and Girls basketball playoffs….

PTC Girls


PTC Boys



  1. Put WG girls under Smith girls with a L Andy, it just got worse. Now put NW & HPC back in the Metro (boys & girls), like they were until this year & the Metro will have a much better showing. Maybe they should just do a Big twelve conference-lol.

  2. The Viking train keeps clicking along with the great wins over Page and Smith last night. Those trains are traveling in the heart of basketball country where kids grow up hearing such terms as back-door cut, squaring up, pick-and-roll, boxing out, box in one, and taking a charge. If you listen close enough, you can hear the ghosts of legends that have played in the high school and college gyms across this great state. Those ghosts will tell you that anything is possible in the State playoffs on what the old timers call “Tobacco Road”. They will tell you that the team comes before the individual and that you put your back and sweat into it when you step out on the court.

    You now take on the roll of David vs Golliath. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain in a setting that brings to mind the Hoosiers story. Your high school and community is very proud. Remember that you are representatives of your community and your high school as you travel. Keep that train moving down those tracks and play as one. Play as one…..

  3. Audrey Kell looks past NWG – Charlotte observer:

    STRUGGLING: Ardrey Kell needed OT and a rally to beat 10-15 North Davidson Monday. The Knights have struggled in the past few games and need to fix it. Wednesday they host 12-15 Northwest Guilford. My guess, they play at Winston-Salem Reagan Friday for the right to go to the regionals.

    Big Mistake: NW can play with any team in the state at this point in the season.

  4. nw overrated: GDS recruits and NW takes what they have….you can’t compare the two. Just because GDS beat them doesn’t mean they are “horrible”.
    I guess that makes any team beaten by them “horrible”??? Get a clue.

  5. Good showing PT!
    most if not all of those games of metro vs pt were close or went to OT. The pendleton swung to PT this year.

    Good Luck continue to rep Guilford County.

  6. WOW what a night. The MIGHTY Metro versus the pittiful Piedmont Triad. Who would have thought that the PIEDMONT TRIAD would have KICKED their butt. You idiots in the METRO need to realize that it takes more than one dominant team with one superstar to be a great conference. A good conference is more about balance and equality of the teams. The Piemont Triad may not advance any teams beyond the second round, but they sure kicked the Metro’s A__ last night. Great job High Point Central, Northwest and Ragsdale.

  7. timekeeper….is that how you correct your kids? Instead of giving the correct word you call them an idiot?

    hmmm…wonder type of character your children have. Unlike most folk I don’t mind being corrected. However I do mind being called out my name

  8. Last night was one night out of many. Congrats to the teams from both conferences. Most games were close. They could have gone either way.

  9. That’s a good question!!!! I never had to correct my children, because they were perfect. I instilled the need for them to strive for the highest levels of achievement from the day they were born until this exact moment and it worked. Watching them succeed was like watchihing the pendleton ( I mean pendulum ) of a clock move from side to side. Just as steady and under control as could be.

  10. let me know when your perfect world comes crashing down; I will be the first to give you a helping hand.

    I pray that when you are “watchihing” I mean watching your world come tumbling down that you know Jesus.

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