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Due the nature of some comments, we have activated the approval program. When you make a comment, it must first be approved by the staff here before it appears.

Too many people have taken the low road. We’ll lift the restrictions soon. We will attempt to approve comments within 6 hours.


  1. andy, if the parents really posted those posts, they should pad the walls of whatever gym houses their next basketball team.
    it’s hard to shoot the ball in a straight jacket!!!

  2. Andy, I know I’ve said a few things on this site in the past that I shouldn’t have ,but it seems to me you’re going a little Nazi Germany on us now. Looks like to me your advertisers would understand that we spend money to.-lol=I dare you to post this after your review board gets done with it.-lol

  3. Andy,
    I realize that many of us have said things in the pst that incite many of the readers, but I think the new rules you have implemented will take away a lot of your readers and posters. My feeling is that these boards need a bit of controversy to keep them active, and the censorship will control that but will also limit the free speech aspect of this board that I appreciated. Last year when your readers were bashing the northern program, the head coach, and the players you allowed a “no prisoners” approach to exist. Now, that people who have another reason to speak out, you are limiting their opportunities. Now, that’s not to say that several of the posts (and the posters for sure) were not only a bit psycho but were even a bit scary! There’s something to be said for supporting your child, but what I saw was beyond normal support.
    My view is that there is a lot of good information that is shared here. Yes, I support my Bengals; but I also appreciate the good that a lot of the coaches and players bring us—that’s not forgetting the entertainment value of their performances and those of the supportive parents (LOL!!!)
    In my opinion, most of the parents have never played and do not have a clue what it takes to play and succeed either at the current level, much less at the next one. If they only watched the games or ever listened to college coaches, they would be able to discern fiction from reality.
    My suggestion is to have a registration process for posters, so that you can verify their e-mail addresses. At that point, you will still be able to control the information, but you will not limit the timeliness for you readers. You have a good product, but I think you will find there are many information sources for sports news, so your comments and the fact that it is free are what differentiate you from, etc.
    Give it some thought.
    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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