Friday Night Scoring – 02-26-19

Ragsdale (15-14) – 50
Dudley (22-6) – 85 @ FINAL

Fayetteville Westover (21-6) – 58
Northern Guilford (25-2) – 59 @ FINAL

Northeast Guilford (17-10) – 60
Southern Lee (17-8) – 50 (courtesy Coach Know)

WS Carver 58
High Point Andrews 56

Matthews Butler (22-4) – 64
Dudley (24-5) – 59

Union Pines (22-6) – 54
Eastern Guilford (24-4) – 49

*****NCISAA Final*****
Victory Christian 73
High Point Christian Academy 43


  1. B-ball Profit, Why do you think Dudley’s Girls need to add a course. They have nothing to be shame of, they lost to one of the top 2 Charlotte/ Meck Co. teams tonight. Butler escape with a hard fought victory in a come from behind fashion. Oh yeah you spell PORGRAM (WRONG) —– The correct way (PROGRAM).

  2. B-ball Profit:

    Dudley ladies earned their spot in sectionals… you had to be one of many in the crowd that was drawn to Dudley only hoping for a lost tonight… The game was between 2 the top ranking teams in 4A. Dudley showned up … where was your team? I just don’t think you have an answer for that. B-ball Profit my A–! Leave the ladies alone…Hater

  3. One of the scores that was asked about earlier….East Meck is now (26-2)..

    East Mecklenburg 59
    RJ Reynolds 48

  4. Why did dudley girls not hold the ball in the third quarter when they held a 10 point lead? There was no need to attack a zone defense with the lead and players in foul trouble. It could have been a different outcome.

  5. I agree….mid to late 3rd qtr up 10. The ball should have been held. Butler could not handle Dudley offense in man to man. Guards should have saw they were in a zone, but then again this is still high school and the coaches have got to see they were in a zone. Butler switched it up some, but when the girls were up 10..Bulter was in a zone.

    Only 5 girls really played. They were so tired. 4th qtr they began to miss defensive assignments and layups. But they played well.
    Good Luck seniors

  6. Sorry didn’t waste the $6 & go to that one–only one here to predict Dudley would go out in that specific game against a specific team when the brackets came out—-the “basketball theory 101” statement was really only for a select few, not the team or coach. They really have a very good team. With statements like “we’ll beat every team into submission that come thru here” from now on after their L at SE & “we will win the States” just a little jab at those people. Sorry about the “program” typo Psaunders, but if we’re going there, the correct grammer would be “they have nothing to be (a)shame(d) of” I think.

  7. May I just assume that you were making a joke with your comment about PSaunder’s “Grammer”? You might want to look that one up, my friend.

  8. B-ball profit, you brought up the IB program comment if I remember correctly. So I think you open that up.

    To Bowden, you right, they should have held the ball and made Butler, come out of that zone. Plus they “Travel” too many times. In some ways, they got beat at there own gamestyle with the turnovers/fastbreak points.

    B-ball Profit, you right, people do talk junk about other teams. I was alittle irk by comment last night, because it’s one thing for fans to brag about their teams. But I hate to see personal/group attacks on people. especially youg adults. B-ball, I understand your last comments and I apologize for my smart comment to you. Every school that I know of has fans who brag way to much at times but it’s best to be modest, because things could flip-flop one day.

  9. B-ball Profit, I took it there, because of the IB program comment you made about Dudley. People like to attack their Academy, but you know what, maybe if more schools had programs like that at their school, the drop out rate wouldn’t be so high in Guilford Co.

    But with that said, I apologize to you for my smart comment last night to you. I was alittle irk last night and saw ‘RED’ when I read your comment. I know people brag wayyyyy to much on these H.S. forums sites. People should talk proudly of their H.S. or Community H.S., but, I hate to see people/ young adults put down on a personal level. You may not meant it the way you wrote your comments, but that’s the way it came across. I agreed, people should be careful about bragging, because their will someday be someone alittle better than you on any given day.

    To Bowden,
    You are correct, Dudley Girls should have been patient and held the ball some instead of trying to force something that wasn’t there. The mistakes they made shouldn’t have happen last night, but that’s the reason why we play the games.

  10. So BBall Profit is from SEG?? How do you know who posted up those earlier comments?? Could’ve been a Falcon in disguise, lol! My question is why are yoou letting comments posted by some random, unknown entity get to you? You must have plenty of time on your hands considering SEG got bounced in round 1?

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