Senior Night Tonight at Oak Ridge Military Academy

Senior Night Festivities will begin promptly at 7:00 PM tonight with the game versus
Queen’s Grant to follow. We will also be recognizing Jacob Lawson (1,000th career
point), Chris McCain (1,000th career point) and Jay Canty (2,000th career point).
Looking forward to a memorable night for our four seniors and their families!


  1. Andy,

    Have you always covered private schools the way you have been covering
    ORMA. I have been a reader of Greensboro Sports for a few years now and I can’t
    remember a private school receiving this much attention.

  2. I am with you just wondering, I do not think GDS has ever gotten this much coverage from and they have won a whole lot more than ORMA.

  3. we have won a whole lot more games than they have for starters and , if they play the way the did tonight, we will always win more than they will. it was so bad i had to leave. who wa mont towe there to look at. there was a coach from the U there as well as the former coach from WFU and Elon. lawson’s skills have really gone south this year. every time i see him, i think he gets worse.
    you didn’t really think i would wear a blue and white striped shirt did you?

  4. You may be right, but we have never received this much info from a private school before and they a good job of getting the info and their message across.

    We have also known a number of their coaches over the years and you have to give them credit, they are agressive….

    We have covered Greensboro Day basketball in detail over the years, but mostly with extensive game coverage.

  5. Andy,

    You should get into politics, or maybe you already have.
    You have a answer for everything and always so unbiased.

  6. First of all Dale u know that GDS didn’t wanna play us again, because of the fear of getting destroyed. And plus it was senior night and two guys started that haven’t played five mind the whole season. And not to mention that Queens Grant has a pretty good team they have only lost 5-6 games this year so you have to give them credit. Bottom line is you know who the best team in Guilford County is ORMA. Probably a close second behind Christ School as far as the state goes. Look at who we have played compares to everyone else.

  7. we’ll be ok @ gds, ’cause the new sheriff will be tied up with stan and orma. LOL!!!!

  8. dale fulton
    Lawson will get alot better did you see his 9 blocks and he is progressing as a player

  9. Hey Dale,

    If GDS is so much better than ORMA, then why did you cancel the second game? There’s only one way to prove who the better team is …. play them again. Stop running and let’s see if you can pull out another lucky half court shot to win the game.

  10. you folks are so defensive and so much fun to play with——remember this, all us hillbillies aren’t as stupid as you think—–22 wants to know may even be out there to film you fools at some point—–any day now, they will be out to inspect you guys just the way they do the restaurants and we all know what they will find, don’t we? are you guys getting rings for being the best team in oak ridge this year? your players are not getting better and that’s how you judge a program—-
    i think the first scheduled meeting for our two schools should be in football next fall—-we do not have a team and neither do you, but we are more likely to have one by then than you are—-
    dale fulton
    ps. look at the pictures from last night’s game—-i tried to get into a couple of shots but not sure if i did. LOL!!!!!!
    see if you see anyone with a red baseball cap.

  11. Hoops Fan,

    Talk about whining You guys at ORMA cry about everthing and make excuses.
    GDS beat you guys just take your whipping and go on.
    Half court shots count lucky or not. Arnold Palmer said I’d rather be lucky than good.

  12. GDS will have a new point guard next year. I think he was the number 1 assist leader in NC as a sophomore this season. Just a rumor I heard.

  13. no they will not he goes to my school, he plays QB on the football team he is not leaving

  14. The statement about OMRA being on the same level as Christ School must have been a joke. Christ School was ranked 12th in th nation this year and was a clear 25 pts better than GDS on any given night this year. If OMRA could not beat GDS, how could their even come close to beating Christ School. I think OMRA would compete with Charlotte Christain or Ravencroft (out of Raleigh) or Westchester but not Christ School. If OMRA can keep the pipeline of good players coming, then they will continue to compete but to get on the level of Christ School it will take players playing on the national level like the PJ Harriston type of kids.

  15. NOO i bet you they can compete with christ school and far as u saying they were 12th that was last year. Oak ridge matches with them pretty well and they aint beat GDs cause they played bad GDS lost so bad to christ school cause they didnt shoot well and ORMA had to main players missing when they played GDS. and it was early in the season play them now and see how bad they lose

  16. posting by OR – you need to check your facts and pay more attention to what other teams have to offer and stop drinking the OMRA koolaid. Christ School is currently ranked #14 just behind #11 Oak Hill which beat OMRA by about 30 pts. Some of the OMRA fanbase keeps crying about GDS beating them “early” in the season and if we just played today then “what if”. Should you play Oak Hill again today would you only lose by 25 pts or should you wait to play them in late May. The games are played when the games are played and if OMRA was not ready to play, then that falls back on the coach and its players readiness to play. I have not heard Stan make an excuse and I doubt if the players are making excuses. It is what it is but for this year GDS will reign over OMRA and OMRA is not playing on the level of the Oak Hill’s and Christ School. It does mean OMRA is not good because they are but they are not on the national team level yet. Again they need the PJ Harrison or Deuce Bello type of players coming on a regular basis. The fact is that the girls program may soon outpace the boys program with Delaney Rudd on staff.

    Here is the site that shows the current boys rankings for b-ball:

  17. It does not matter how many excuses you have—players out, sick, last second prayer shot or any of the others that might be available—You lost and that’s it!!!! Will never play again, so you can mark down that GDS beat ORMA, a more superior team with a lot of excuses, the last time they ever played. Just ask yourselves this, what does GDS have to gain by playing again? They should probably change GDS’s name to Greensboro Dragon Slayers—-ORMA should be renamed the ORMA Dragons because the breathe fire!!!!
    LOL!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

  18. Andy Gds doesn’t matter. With the tough schedule that ORMA will be playing next year GDS would be a step down. It doesn’t matter. ORMA will be a school in NC to recon with in the next 5 years. GDS will be top in Soccer

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