More on Guilford County Girls HS Basketball top numbers

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Normally it has been stated that playing against the best brings out the best in a
player. This is how the All Guilford players and their teams performed against the
other selections.


1. Miranda Jenkins (Eastern Guilford) Against Northern Guilford (19-11pts: 2-0
record),SouthwesGuilford ( 28-7pts: 1-1 record), Southeast Guilford (19pts: 1-0
record) = overall 16.8 ppg: 4-1 team record: selected to 3rd Team

2. Capricia Small (Eastern Guilford) Against Northern Guilford (15-16 pts: 2-0
record), Southeast Guilford (19 pts: 1-0 record), Southwest Guilford (15-14 pts: 1-1
record) = overall 16.3 ppg: 4-1 overall team record: selected to 2nd Team

3. Cedrica Gibson (HPC) Against Southwest ( 12 pts: 0-1), Northwest Guilford (17-22:
1-1 record), Smith (14 pts) = overall 16.2; 2-2 record: selected to 2nd Team

4. Breonna Patterson (Dudley) Against Southeast ( 8-16-15 pts: 2-1 record) , Smith
(11-16pts: 2-0 ), Northwest Guilford (27 pts: 1-0 record) = overall 15.5 ppg: 5-1
team record: selected to 1st Team

5. Ayshia Mcneil (Southeast) Against Dudley (20-16-17: 1-2 record) Eastern Guilford
(10 pts: 0-1 record), Southwest Guilford (14 pts: 0-1 recod) = overall 15.4 ppg: 1-4
team record: selected to 2nd Team

6. Zena Lovette ( SWG) Against Eastern Guilford (18-14 pts: 1-1 record), Highpoint
Central (8-5-21-14: 3-1 record) Southeast (12 pts: 0-1 record) = overall average:
13.1 ppg : Record 4-3 : Selected to 1st Team

7 Brittany Clancy ( Western Guilford) Against Eastern Guilford (11 pts: 0-1), Dudley
( 7-11 pts: 0-2 record), Southeast (15-21 pts: 0-2 record) = overall 13.0 ppg: 0-5
team record: selected to 3rd Team

8.Chevena Pickard (Page) Against Dudley (16-10-8 pts; 0-3), Northwest Guilford (13-3
pts: 0-2 record), Southeast (18- 11 pts: 1-1 record) = overall 11.3 ppg; 1- 5 team
record: selected to 2nd Team

9. Samantha Coffer (Northern Guilford) Against Eastern Guilford (15-13 pts: 0-2
record), Smith ( 4 pts: 0-1 record), Northwest Guilford (13 pts: 1-0 record) =
overall 11.2 ppg: 1-3 overall: selected to 1st Team

10.Gretchen Bennett ( Northwest Guilford) Against Dudley (6 pts: 0-1 record), High
Point Central ( 16-12-5 pts: 2-1 record), Southwest Guilford ( 16-8-8 pts: 1-2
record) = overall 10.0 ppg: 2-5 overall team record: selected to 1st Team

Note: Bishop McGuiness and Megan Buckland did not play Guilford county teams.


  1. Andy;

    Let’s move on from this… There are many good ballers in the area. The A.P. and coaches have spoken… the community agrees… Let it go…

    What’s the writer’s point?

    We have offten noticed Eastern Guilford always seems to be at the top of the page? Eastern is a good team … but; and I say but…. they have a lot of work to do. One superb season isn’t enough… keep moving forward and working harder. We see you! It will come… Just don’t FORCE IT DOWN OUR THOATS. OK?

    All Guilford Team’s 1, 2, 3: Well deserved! Reprint not required…

  2. We are ready to move on and have pretty much wound down the coverage on this topic….

    We will pick it back up next fall…

  3. Personally, I think this is not about any particular team. It is about what was actually accomplished. Reggie Dillard should be on at least second team if the truth be known.

  4. I attended Western Guilford back in the day and I got the chance to read this and agree that when selections are made and chosen that they should be thorough and not predicated on nothing but that. Does anyone out their disagree even if you are a coach? Congratulations to the boys and girls.

  5. Sportswatch,

    This looks like a pretty good analysis too me. Did you have any information that you wanted to provide that is not present are what about this article that is off base to you? Are you a coach ?And if so, would you mind naming the school?

  6. Sportswatch

    Some people cannot handle the TRUTH when it is presented correctly. Breonna should have been POY but I know the News & Records could not have two girls and guys being back to back players of the year in a row. How in the world was coach at SWG Coach of the Year and not Coach B? You must have someone on this list that certain information dictates otherwise. This is not about too me trying to say who belongs and who doesn’t. It seems like it shows more of this is what was accomplished. No one can get mad about that. Unless they cannot handle the truth. GO PANTHERS!


    Recruiter in and out of the area. Watching those on the list and not on the list.

    Can’t share much… just a little advise…

    Self: keep up the good work… surpass the limits… move to the next level…

    Hint: we focus not only on individual stats but watchng to see if you are a team player and can fit in at the already structured programs at the next level. Watching for positive communication on and off the bench. North Carolina has good players, Greensboro is a hot spot!

    Several tornaments on our schedule from South Carolina to Virginia. Remember; we don’t have to live in your city. We pop in and out, game to game, take notes… and of course read local blogs like

    Greensboro’s on the radar…

  8. I think this year’s selection is a joke. Some of the players that didnt make the list has better stats and contributed more to their team than the ones that did. I am not referring to the girls listed above but the All-Guilford selection period. You can avg 7pts and still make All-Guilford? You can play 6 games all year and still make HM? I am beginning to think its all about who you know.

  9. Sportswatch

    Do you see any girls on this list that are college prospects tht have not signed or verbaled? I respect your knowlege if you would like to share.

  10. Dudley Stud,

    The coach @ SW Guilford was COY because of how she turned her team around. They went on to win 14 straight games before their heartbreaking loss to Butler. When the season started, there were some people who thought that SW wouldn’t be able to have such a good season and they started out low in all these opinion polls that were put out there. Those girls worked hard because of their “Coach B” and the Cowgirl parents are proud of what she accomplished!!!

  11. Dudley Stud,
    You are correct, most people cannot handle the truth..Truth be told, Reggie Dillard should have been on second team at the very least..He could get my vote for first team..And How do the Bishop kids even get in an all county conversation and they are in Forsyth County?…Any list without Duece Bello and the Leeks is really not a list at all..Jacob Lawson not on 3rd team..get real…[name removed] misses half the season due to academics, and gets rewarded second team all guilford county…Cedrica Gibson misses half of the season due to injuries and makes second team…Miranda Jenkins has scored more points in 3yrs,(1182 pts) than most of the seniors have in 4 years and she finally makes 3rd team, after making HM as a soph, and not making anything as a freshman but scored 338 pts; but a soph from a 4A program can make 1st team and the split with 3a Eastern…Eastern has won 94% of their conference games(same as Dudley) in 3 years and Capricia or Miranda cant get on 1st team…College recruits/comits like Catrina Green-Gardner Webb, averaging a double double cant make 3rd team, but a kid averaging 7 pts per game going to d2 Belmont Abbey is in….I have go back to the story perception vs reality..This is reality here folks..I dont know what that was they voted on ! ! !

  12. Dear Sportswatch…what rock have you been hiding under??? One good season? We may have been in the 2A ranks for the past 8 years, but we have played the county’s teams pretty fairly…we have played Southwest, Northwest, Western, Ragsdale, Northwest and prior to going 3A and being placed in their conference, Northern and have been successful. When Coach Gunn took over the program, she went 0-25 her first year. Every year since, she has won over 20 games each season and has been either the conference champion, the conference tournament champion, or both. Maybe the air is thin in the your part of the county and causes you to fail to see clearly. However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt because the News and Record does not cover Eastern Guilford like they do the city schools and Northwest, Western, Ragsdale, Southwest, and Northern. But hey, that’s ok, we will continue to work hard and be competetive. Best of luck to you and whoever it is you support in the future!

  13. jellybeanscotty

    Sorry, but your team was ranked high and unfortunately have always under performed during the early portion of the year. You won I believe 14 games last tear while losing in double digits and won 20 and loss 7. With the talent that you have and lose 18 games in two years is not good.

  14. I believe we had the longest winning streak in the county over here at Southwest Guilford. 14 straight games. I know we beat out Dudley.

  15. Actually, no we weren’t rank high. And yes we may have won 14 games last year, but I said 14 straight wins which wasn’t done last year. Regardless of how many games lost in the 2yrs, they still managed to come out in a new conference and take not only the conference title but the conference tournament title as well which hasn’t been done at SW in who knows how many years. And not really sure why the team always under performs at the beginning of the season but i’m sure that is something that their coach will work on to improve for next season. I say congratulations to all the young ladies as well as the coaches chosen regardless of how it came to be.

  16. We all know who really was the best team in the conference. It was us Highpoint Central. SWG , we still do not understand how your coach got coach of the year. It would have been our coach hands down if it were not for injuries.

  17. What does Coach Carter’s injuries have to do with it? I don’t think they discriminate because of injuries.

  18. Guess HPC had a lot of injuries in the last 3 years considering they finished 3rd in there conference this year, last year & the year before that. Also, when you said injuries did you wanna go ahead and include ineligible players too. Speaking of ineligible players, the SW big girl wasn’t available till mid January. She won’t be there to help next year & SW will go right back to where they were in the previous years. My point, the player made the difference not the coach.(of course she had to be smart enough to put her in once she became eligible)

  19. Jellybeanscotty

    We did some research and here is what we found concerning the longest girls winning streaks in Guilfod County this year:

    1. Eastern Guilford = 15
    2. Southwest Guilford = 14
    3. Dudley= 13

  20. NWG Pearl….your comment should have been posted to Shirley, since they said that SWG had the longest winning streak in the county..and your research was incorrect…Eastern Guilford had 17 straight wins this season.

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