Palomino Baseball from War Memorial Stadium

from Wednesday night at War Memorial Stadium:

The Elks 12
Spirits 4


West Chatham 5
EPC(Northern Guilford) 2

HR:Desmond Cheek(West Chatham) two-run shot


  1. Any web site for Greensboro Palomino? We’ll be moving up this Fall and need contact info.

  2. They do not have a web site…. So of the teams may have individual sites, but there is no league site…

  3. There was one, but not with our local Palomino League and the local league said they had no comment whatsover, on the other group…

  4. That must mean they never got their cut of last year’s tournament still!!! LOL.

  5. Andy – why do they continue to call this the Palomino League? They need to change the name to Triad Baseball or something and should have no association with Pony Baseball anymore – if they are not going to play in Pony Tournaments. Doesn’t the league winner go play Babe Ruth or NABF or something.

    It’s time we get this straight in our area……..all who play in this league should really start lobbying hard to get our teams back in Pony Baseball and back to what it was before and not just let one team rule the roast around here. Fit the local Pony Director and voice your opinion.

  6. As long as this league exsits it will be refered as Palomino Baseball…

    Bob Doss got the league going and he ran it for so many years that whenever the fans see this brand of baseball they will think of Bob Doss, and when people think, Bob Doss they think Palomino Baseball…..

    Tom Veal and Jack Brewer have worked hard to keep things going, but Tom has had to deal with some health issues recently and we hope he is doing OK…..

    Chatham County is a very big part of this league now and they field two teams and seem to be developing some consistancy with the #1 North Chatham Tar Heels(only one loss) and West Chatham is doing very well at (9-4) with Heath Causey, Desmond Cheek and others…..

    It’s a Bob Doss League. If they change it, they should call it Bob Doss Baseball…..

  7. Is there a palomino tournament on 7/21/2010. If so, what is the times and the venue?


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