Tobias(SEG) named to Aflac All-American Baseball Classic roster

Josh Tobias, and infielder from Southeast Guilford High School, where he is coached by Dave Beasley and Charlie Gamble IV, has been selected to play in the 2010 Aflac All-American Baseball Game….Josh will be a member of the East squad and you can see the rosters down below the game press release that came in from

Check it out and congratulations to Josh, on this reward for all your hard work, over the years….

SAN DIEGO–Today marks the release of the full 38-player roster for the 2010 Aflac All-American Baseball Classic. The nation’s top high school baseball players will descend upon San Diego to play in the eighth annual baseball showcase, featuring an East versus West matchup of the nation’s top high school players. The 2010 game will be played Aug. 15 at 5 p.m. PDT in PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and will be nationally televised live on FOX Sports Net.

Andre “The Hawk” Dawson, eight-time MLB Gold Glove outfielder and four-time MLB Silver Slugger, will serve as honorary chairman for the 2010 showcase. Dawson will be inducted into the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame on July 25, 2010.

In addition to helping promote the Aflac All-American Baseball Classic, Dawson will be on-site in San Diego for game week activities, including player practice sessions and the annual awards banquet. This will be Dawson’s first time serving as honorary chairman. Past honorary chairmen have included Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith (2007, 2008, 2009), Reggie Jackson (2006), Cal Ripken Jr. (2004, 2005) and Stan Musial (2003).


No. Name Position
Larry Knight Manager
Kevin Maris Assistant
Omar Washington Assistant
23 Javier Baez INF
11 Tyler Beede RHP
8 Jake Cave OF/LHP
16 Jose Fernandez RHP
35 Cameron Gallagher C
1 Larry Greene OF
14 Michael Kelly RHP
19 Deshorn Lake RHP
12 Francisco Lindor INF
42 John Magliozzi RHP
9 Dillon Maples RHP
30 Tyler Marlette C
18 Daniel Norris LHP
22 Philip Pfeifer LHP
15 Brandon Sedell C
17 Austin Slater INF
24 Andrew Suarez LHP
5 Josh Tobias INF(Southeast Guilford High School)
10 Sean Trent 3B

No. Name Position
Bill Hutton Manager
Cecil Espy Assistant
Manny Hermosillo Assistant
7 Archie Bradley RHP
19 Dylan Bundy RHP
51 Daniel Camarena 1B/OF
10 Dylan Davis RHP
24 Matthew Dean INF
3 Shawon Dunston Jr. OF
28 Phillip Evans INF
9 William Flamion OF
17 Travis Harrison INF
11 Austin Hedges C
20 Dillon Howard RHP
22 Ricky Jacquez INF/RHP
14 Christian Lopes INF
15 Daniel Mengden C
23 Christian Montgomery RHP
32 Henry Owens LHP
12 Joe Ross RHP
44 Robert Stephenson RHP
1 Blake Swihart C


  1. In no way shape or form am I trying o knock this kid…. I know he works hard, is a great person, and is a great player, but come on, all american game? give me a break!
    I have seen this kid play multiple times and i just done see it. Im not a hater, i dont have any kids that play, i just dont understand all the hype… I know Im going to get bashed on here and that is fine, but i cant be the only one that thinks this??

  2. Really,

    At one time, I thought the same but after seeing this young man play on the showcase level. Ive noticed that this kid is GOOD!!!!! I have observed that our local hs school ball makes kids that are not so good look better than they are. And kids that are good look average. For example, I saw Sawyer Highfill play some outstanding baseball last week down at the wwba in east cobb. This kid was one of the better players down there all week. But I saw him play at Grimsley three times (2 vs Page and 1 vs NW) and each time he looked bad. But looked good against good competition.

    Tobias is a five tool player. He will be the perfect 2 hole hitter at the next level. the only question is where does he play in the field 2nd base maybe

    Then again maybe we just dont see well. LoL

  3. Different groups see players different ways….

    I have worked out with the kid and his training routine is unreal.

    Sometimes you have to be there and when you win the home run derby and tie for top honors in the 60 at the Perfect Game Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida you will turn some heads….

    He’s got IT and he must work on his game and improve and the scouts say second base, but they are not ruling out the possibility of SS….

    Let’s hope an goes well at the Aflac event and then we look for Josh to have a great senoir year at SEG. Good luck to the kid and everyone is entitled to their own opinion….

  4. 6.35 60 is deion sanders fast, win the home run derby at the national perfect game showcase, what else do you have to do be considered really good, the kid showed up and earned a spot on the Aflac team, he hit the ball hard the entire showcase, maybe you don’t know quality talent when you see it,

  5. Again, not knocking the guys work ethic, or the guys ability to play the game, there is no doubt he can play D1 ball… all im saying is that how do u make an all american team when u dont even get player of the year in your own county??? Im not talking about what he has or has not done in showcase ball, im talking about the stats he had his junior year in HS and the many other players who deserve that spot more so then he does! AGAIN, im not trying to knock this kid, he just happened to be the one picked and no one and i mean no one from this state is good enough to make all american! PERIOD!!

  6. I think much of what got Josh noticed was his work at the Perfect Game Camp, not his stats from his junior year in high school…

    There was another kid from North Carolina chosen so there are acutally two kids from our state on the team….They only had the kids names and position on the original roster, so I will have to get an update on the other Tar Heel state kid….

    Garrion Lassiter from Forsyth County made this team two years ago and he got drafted and is making good money in the Yankees farm system….A 1.3 million signing bonus and last year Wil Meyers was not on the team, but he got drafted and received a 1.7 million dollar signing bonus…

    There is better talent in this state than you are giving us credit for and we need to support Josh and tell him, “more power to you”……

  7. Really, just crawl back in your little hater hole. Josh is the real deal and has been working for this his whole life. He is a player and a leader at the HS level and will be a leader at Florida. Way to go kid, you deserve all the honors you are getting!

  8. Really,

    There is no comparing HS to Showcase!

    And please dont put any credit into HS stats, the player who won player of the year had 2 D1 players batting in front of him and one D1 player hitting behind him. If you go by stats two players from northeast had better stats than the player of the year (J Brown and H. Colon)

    Ive seen Lassiter, Myers and Tobias play and as a high schools jr Tobias is right on track. Hes better than Lassiter as a matter of fact hes a better athlete than Myer(faster and stronger pound for pound)

    Lets face it “The Boy can Play”

  9. You’re exactly right justafan, and yet for some reason, the player who won player of the year was walked 65 times the last two seasons, 30 times intentionally.

    It’s as if the opposing coaches….I don’t know….respected him or something.

    I don’t get it. Maybe you can explain it.

  10. In todays game, it seems to be all about promotions.

    The kid is a good athlete, and an a little above average baseball player.

    I would like to have the $$$ that some of the people have spent on marketing for some of the future stars.

    Lassiter at 1.3 Million ?

  11. LOL

    to funny and obviously you guys are so right why would the florida coaches want Tobias and not the county player of the year. I mean he’s not that good (lol).

    But Seriously,

    You cant really compare these two players, one bats lead off, the other bats third. one hits for average and obp, and steals bases. the other hits for power and rbi’s, his obp is high because of the walks.

    Oh and dont give to much credit to local hs coaches there not that smart.

    Both of these players are average fielders, Tobias makes a lot of playes because of his athelitism, the player of the year is a serviceable catcher with an average arm and an average pop time.


    you are so right the kid is a good athlete and a good baseball player and he has a work ethic that would put major league players to shame.

    the majors draft good athletes all the time, last year the Tate kid was drafted 3rd overall and he only batted 280 in high school. Got 5.4 million

    Both of theseplayers are good and work very hard. so I wish both of them well.

    A s for Lassiter he wasnt the best player in the area either. Hanover and Micheals were better baseball players. but Lassiter had size and promotion

    and yes id love to have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ too

  12. Looking at the first six names on the N&R All Area Team (Smith, Jordan, Carter, Hudgens, Crawford and Tobias).

    Seen them all a lot in showcase events. They’ve all had outstanding showcase performances, but I bet all their parents would agree that at this point, they’re all just prospects.

    For the Srs on that list, this is where the work starts.

    I’ve seen Tobias stand out, switch hitting and playing multiple positions in showcase ball and don’t know where he projects on D, but with his speed and plate discipline I think he has a good chance to hit at the top of the order for Fla for multiple seasons. If it were up to me, I’d give him a look in CF before deciding where to slot him.

    Crawford has real good hands and reactions and I’ve never seen him take a play off or fail to go hard on both sides of the ball. There could be a lot of upside there for UNC-G. He and Marrero might make a good foundation for the Spartans’ everyday lineup.

    Hudgens has gained velocity consistently during his HS career, he’s smart and commands his pitches and I think he has a good chance to do well at Charlotte. The type of gritty player I would want on my team and wouldn’t hesitate to give him the ball in the clutch.

    Carter is an interesting prospect; he can hit, is very strong and I assume UNC has him projected at 1b, although he has gotten better on the mound and comes from the left side, so who knows; haven’t had the chance to see him play the OF for a while, but he runs well on the paths.

    I’ve seen Jordan make all the plays on O and D, move runners, range to both sides, he’s real sound all over and seems like Fox’s kind of player. Seems like he has a good chance to be a multiple season player.

    Smith (and another Greensboro kid named Kronenfeld who played HS ball in Va) ripped line drives all over the 17-U WWBC at East Cobb last summer at this time; Smith projects to the OF in college and playing for Moranda could be good for him since Mo favors big athletic lefties (see GaT’s 2010 lineup); very good speed for size.

    None of these kids has anything to be ashamed of and they’ve all proven themselves in both school and show venues. Give me the kids who excel anywhere you put them to build my team around; if you can play, you can play.

    I also don’t understand the need to run one or another of them down in order to try and build up another; none of them deserves that. They are all legitimate prospects and it’s been confirmed on multiple levels by school coaches, college coaches, and professional scouts.

    Now, back to the nonsense….

  13. Good bet that them who feel like they need to run down these young players would be warming up the corner outfielders on a HS team today, assuming of course they made the cut at all, and couldn’t have played with any of these boys on the best day they ever had.

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