Updates on 7 on 7’s with NWG and NG at Elon and EG vs SEG?

The word from our readers on NWG at Elon last night, in the 7 on 7’s there and a word on Northern Guillford at Elon, for the same 7 on 7’s and does anyone have any news on Eastern vs. Southeast Guilford in a 7 on 7 last night….I know they went at it last Wednesday, but did they face off last night too????? Does anyone have any more news?

On Northwest at Elon last night and they are due back there this evening as is Northern Guilford…..

From Wednesday:
QB Pawlowski looked awesome all night making some pretty good throws down field. The Pauley’s and Dillon both made great catches on offense those kids will be playmakers for NW this season. What really surprised me was the play of the kids coming in from the JV team that went 10-0 last season. The Baxter and Kristy kid look like they may be for real as well as Overcash. On Defense # 7 Carper had 4 or 5 Ints.

More on NWG from last night and info on Northern Guilford:
Northwest looked great last night @ the Elon 7 on 7. #5 was on target with all his WR’s. The Defense look pretty good last night too. I think NW won all 3 games they played

Northern did pretty good as well. # 12 looks like he might be a playmaker this season! Don’t know if Northern won every game.


  1. Way to go Vikings! Keep up the hard work…..Remember this is just a 7 on 7! Lets see you do this when you put on the pads!

  2. NW did look good last night. The QB was very impressive. But I dont see them finishing higher than fourth in there conference. HPC, Ragsdale and Glen have to many athletes and are too fast. I honestly dont see NW beating Smith this year.

  3. Yea, your right justafan, We will see if we can withdraw from playing those great teams since NWG doesn’t have a chance. Thanks for the heads up and your opinion is greatly appreciated. Heck, I better save my $5 dollars on Friday night since you just gave NW Four losses already. Let’s throw in one more, they play Northern as well. so there is 5 losses. Opps, they play Western, that QB is great, no chance of win over there. Now we are 6-6. Now my prediction, NWG will go 8-0 and Ragsdale comes to town on a cold and rainy October 15th. NW has led the division in passing but in a suprising turnaround they go to the run all night long out of passing formations and tear up Ragsdale depleted defense(graduated seniors). “At least I tried to make my story more interesting”

  4. I really think NW will compete for the Piedmont 4A. I’ve seen HPC, Ragsdale, and Glenn this summer at 7 on 7’s and NW has just as much talent on their teams as the other ones do. The Piedmont will be just as close as it was last year. Only I don’t think Ragsdale will be blowing teams out this fall. It should make for some great HS Football.

  5. Actually mine was just an observation from what I saw in the 7 on 7. didnt mean to get your dander up NWG, but 6 and 6 sounds about right and a first round playoff loss. However with the new pod system at least it wont be to Richmond county again.

    I was just speaking of conference schedule but when you throw in EForsyth they may not win 6 games

  6. I really believe NWG will be much improved. They were pretty young this year and the conference not only does not have a dominant team, but appears reasonably balanced. They also had a very good JV team. On any given night a team could take a loss in the PT4A.

  7. Might be hard to go 6-6 when you only play 11 games! I hope the NW Kids take this to heart!

  8. Ok 6 and 5. And I will admit they may compete with Ragsdale but won’t touch HPC or Glen. A loss to smith and Northern. Then one more confernce loss equals 5 L’s . Feel free to post this on the bulliten board

  9. Hey justafan just to tell you ever sense nw coach took over they have been progressing all season and with all the rising juniors that started last season (powlowski, pauleys, tamer a, nolan carpender all county corner, dalton dillion) and a few new pick ups like reid baxter with *+ touchdowns at the 7 on 7 i think they have plenty of talent and also went 6-0 and played jv players there i think they have some what of a shot and if not this year there is a whole new team next year still ran by dalton dillion and powlowski so know teams before you say they re not gonna do well

  10. I never said they arent going to do well. The truth is they have a pretty good QB and they are improved but the conference is tough and they well have a problem stopping teams with good athletes from scoring. and you are right there coach has done well for what he has but they play in a good conference and a tough non confrence schedule. Football is a game of speed and i dont see a lot at nw

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