Updates on 7 on 7’s with NWG and NG at Elon and EG vs SEG?

The word from our readers on NWG at Elon last night, in the 7 on 7’s there and a word on Northern Guillford at Elon, for the same 7 on 7’s and does anyone have any news on Eastern vs. Southeast Guilford in a 7 on 7 last night….I know they went at it last Wednesday, but did they face off last night too????? Does anyone have any more news?

On Northwest at Elon last night and they are due back there this evening as is Northern Guilford…..

From Wednesday:
QB Pawlowski looked awesome all night making some pretty good throws down field. The Pauley’s and Dillon both made great catches on offense those kids will be playmakers for NW this season. What really surprised me was the play of the kids coming in from the JV team that went 10-0 last season. The Baxter and Kristy kid look like they may be for real as well as Overcash. On Defense # 7 Carper had 4 or 5 Ints.

More on NWG from last night and info on Northern Guilford:
Northwest looked great last night @ the Elon 7 on 7. #5 was on target with all his WR’s. The Defense look pretty good last night too. I think NW won all 3 games they played

Northern did pretty good as well. # 12 looks like he might be a playmaker this season! Don’t know if Northern won every game.