Can you believe it, former Dudley Panther Brendan Haywood’s making 9 million per year?

Brendan Haywood re-signed with the Dallas Mavericks yesterday and he will now be earning 55 million dollars over the next six years and that gives him a cool salary of over 9 million bucks per year……

Can you believe it?????

I find it a bit hard to take it all in, when I think back to Brendan, standing at the foul line at Grimsley HS, in his junior year in high school, in the sectional basketball playoffs and he couldn’t buy a free throw…..

He was something like 2-12 on that Saturday night and Dudley made a quick exit from the playoffs. Brendan couldn’t hit the right side of a barn, let alone the rim and he would have had trouble finding Grimsley on Westover Terrace, if he had not rode over on the Dudley team bus….

Haywood, a very nice kid, had bad vision…..He really couldn’t see. Brendan needed glasses and he had to squink every time he took a shot…

He got that straightened out later on, with contact lenses and he made his game work in high school by blocking shots and getting rebounds….You don’t have to see all that great to do that, especially when you are 7’0 tall.

Haywood has proved his value to the Dallas Mavericks, just like he did at Dudley and later on he did the same thing, improving on each stop, at North Carolina with the Tar Heels and then with the Washington Wizards…

Haywood was on the team, with Vincent Whitt and Braxton Williams, when the Dudley won the State 4-A Title in 1996 at the Dean Dome, in Chapel Hill. Williams was the MVP as a freshman and Whitt went on to play at Clemson. Haywood needed glasses and he was still a diamond in the rough…..

Now Haywood is making 9 million dollars a year and the rest of us are wondering if kids like P.J. Hairston and Reggie Dilliard are taking notice…..

Where will they all end up?

Haywood’s making 9 million a year, can you believe it?????