Wake Forest University 7 on 7’s coming up on Saturday

This should be an all-day event at WFU……

from the Jim Grobe Football Camps web site:

7 on 7 Team Passing Camp
July 17,2010 $350.00 per team

*****Last year Smith, Dudley, Northern Guilford and some of our other area teams attended and as for this year, we already know that Northwest Guilford will be there, at Wake Forest on Saturday…..*****

There were also several Charlotte-area teams at last year’s camp and we never really saw or heard much about the anticipated head-to-head matchup with NG’s Keenan Allen and Dudley’s David Amerson, but it was still a very hot topic at this time last season…..(Amerson was battling a bit of an injury at the time when the two teams met in Winston-Salem at WFU, but he was healthy for the hookup at Dudley, in the regular season)……


  1. One of the best teams in the nation last year Byrnes, SC will be there, as well as Chester, SC. Kannapolis A.L. Brow will be there. NW and Northern guilford so far from the triad.n

  2. Northwest Guilford made it to the Final Four at BBT field. They were the only NC team to make it thru. The other three teams were Brynes SC A and B teams and Chester SC (who won it). NW lost to Brynes A team in the semi’s. Great job Vikings!

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