Galaxy reaches Final Four at The Battle in the Boro

article courtesy of Greensboro Galaxy boosters:


Greensboro Galaxy AAU Girls squad Coached by Shawn Simpson, Tonya Campbell and
Rick Mcclean reached the Final Four at the Battle in Boro in Murfreesboro,
Tennessee during a live sanctioned event by the NCAA in front of hundreds of
coaches through out the four day event. Over 250 AAU teams embarked from all
across the country from different age groups to show prospective college
recruiters their respective talents. The age group that Galaxy participated in
were 17 & 16. Eventhough they had several players that were rising sophomores
and juniors. The squad consisted of Ebony Goins (Dudley), Moriah Davis (Dudley),
Phoenix McGee (Dudley), Chell Jackson (Dudley), Kenya Hailey (Southeast
Guilford), Zena Lovette (Southwest Guilford) and Miranda Jenkins (Eastern
Guilford). It was Zena and Phoenix first time ever playing for the Galaxy
squad. Galaxy loss in the semifinal game 64-61 to a team comprised of players
from Tennesse and Virginia. They beat teams that are well known on the circuit
including Boo Williams Lady Stars 47-43, Texas Fire 56-49, Tennessee Flight
68-25, Cincinatti Finest 44-28, NC Magic 59-53 and loss an opener in a hard
fought game against Rhode Hampshire Ridwells 60-57 who had won the conference in
pool play. The players played extremely well and did an outstanding job of
executing and minimizing turn overs. Galaxy ability to play great defense
allowed them to win close games and to keep them in games where it seemed like
teams had a far superior height advantage. One AAU Coach of the high powered New
York Exodus named Apache saw Galaxy which they did not play, stated “Galaxy was
one of the top two opposing teams that they played last year during AAU. Keep in
mind that that team had Bria Hartley whom signed with Connecticutt. Jennifer
Oneal signed with Kentucky and Brittany Webb singed with South Carolina. Galaxy
beat them at the Deep South in Chapel Hill 49-42 in 2009 and loss by 8 at the
Southern Premiere tournament in 2009 in Atlanta. Below is how each player that
made the trip performed at a high level under the watchful eye of many College

Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford: Sophomore:Played extremely well and it is no
coincidence why she was selected to the All City Team in Greensboro. Her ability
to handle the ball under pressure and make plays afforded Coach Simpson and his
staff to have the hardest and probably the best trio of back court players in
Goins, Lovette and Jenkins to cover, that kept pressure on the opposition
through out the tournament. She finished with 111 pts (13.6 ppg), 29 assists
(3.6 apg), 42 rebs(5.3 rpg), 17 stls (2.1 ppg), 3 blks ( .37 ppg). Had high
games of 21 ,19, 18 and 16 respectively. Caught a lot of college recruiters
eyes. She demonstrated a certain toughness that can not be taught. Covers the
ball well in traffic and knows how to finish. Has the ability to make a mistake
and yet not give up on the play and retrieve the ball afterwards to give her
team another opportunity to score. Plays great defense and tend to make
opponents guards uncomfortable which does not allow them to get in to a rythm.
She rebounds very well from the guard position and has the ability to hit long
or mid range shots and can create off the dribble.

Ebony Goins: Dudley: Sophomore: Is really beginning to gain form while still
recovering from a year long knee injury. Showed great ability to attack and
rebounds as well as hit shots from middle and long range. Played her best
basketball down the stretch by scoring 33 points, 19 rebounds, 12 assists, 2
steals, 1 block in the last three games. Finished with a total of 63 pts (8
ppg), 32 (4 rpg), 18 assists (2.3 apg), 8 stls (.50 spg), 1 blk (.12 bpg). Had
game highs of 12, 12 and 9 respectively. Showed great quickness and can beat her
opponent off the dribble and handles the ball and protects it very well. Should
be one of Dudley’s key players this year with All Conference in the making if
used properly. Has the skill set to play the guard position and can easily
transition to the three spot. A healthy Goins will become unstoppable this year
in Highschool.

Chell Jackson: Dudley: Junior: Did an outstanding job of battling larger
opponents through out the tournament. Showed great ability to catch the ball and
finish. Averaged nearly 5 ppg (4.6), 5.8 rpg, 2.0 apg, 1.1 spg. Had game highs
of 10 , 8, 7 respectively. Had a game high of 10 rebounds against Boo Williams
squad. Showed the ability to go coast to coast on a couple occasions and great
poise as to pull up and run the offense when the break was not there. Played
really smart through out the tournament. Has become a more efficient passer at
the precise moments. Her tenacity and strength tend to wear opponents down. One
referee stated after a game against Boo Williams “That she is one of the
toughest players that he has seen”.

Kenya Hailey: Southeast Guilford: Freshmen: Showed great poise and promise while
facing older players. Her height cause many of the opposition to alter their
shots on numerous occasions.Finsihed second on the team in block shots with 6.
Finished with tournament totals of 31 pts (3.9 ppg), 21 rebs (2.62 rpg), 1 assts
(.12 apg), 4 stls (.05 spg), 6 blks (.08 bpg). Had tournament highs of 12 points
and converted on 6 of 8 freethrows. Showed the ability to hit midrange and also
toughness to battle under the boards. Had a tournament high of 7 rebounds in the
Final Four loss 64-61. Showed a great move around the key by driving to the
basket strong and converting which showed not bold well for Guilford County
opposition this coming season. A young tall rangy player that stands nearly 6’2
and showing ability to handle the ball more efficiently will only make her stock
rise after this AAU season.

Phoenix McGee: Dudley: Junior: For a player that has not played very much during
her tenure at Dudley and has not really played on the AAU circuit through the
years, her late addition was a great plus and was one of the primary reasons why
Galaxy reached the Final Four. She showed great foot work and tenacity that
alloed her to out manuever the opposing teams post players. She did a great job
of playing within herself and rarely forced things that were not there. Her
ability to knock down several corner jumpers may have raised some eye brows from
college onlookers. A legit 6’1 player that can move is always a plus Her totals
through the tournament are not earth shattering because it does not show the
whole picture. Now with a tournament under her belt and the adjustment with new
teammates should elevate her current status as the next tournaments come in to
play. She showed great showmanship by her continued upbeat attitude while on the
bench or on the floor was a major difference. Her totals 36 points (4.5 ppg), 27
rebs (3.4 rpg), 1 asst (.03 apg), 3 stls (.04 spg), 5 blks (.06 bpg). She
finished third on the team in block shots. One college recruiter is already
looking forward to seeing her play in Atlanta. Not bad for a player who may find
her niche playing against tougher competition from across the country.

Moriah Davis: Dudley: Freshmen: Did everything that was asked of her and more by
the coaching staff. She showed the moxy of a season veteran while playing
against competition that were many times two to three years older. The young
guard got valuable playing experience during crucial times that did not make the
coaches hesitate for one moment. Her ability to deliver because of that
confidence hold high remarks. She finished with 45 pts (5.6ppg), 11 rebs (1.4
rpg), 3 assts (.04 apg), 6 stls (.08 spg). Had game highs of 15 pts and 12 pts.
Finished fourth on the team is scoring.Showed great ability to come in as a
reserve and yet play at a high level. Did not turn the ball over and stayed with
in the system that lead to either helping the team win or putting them in a
position to win. As each passing tournament goes by, her ability to play at a
high level has gotten better and better.

Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: Junior: Has had to perform under some
unforseen set of circumstances surrounding the loss of her brother Jeremiah.
During the tournament with only one week of practice and no participation during
highschool summer league basketball, she returned to help lead her Galaxy team
to a Final Four appearance. Adjusted very well in the backcourt with newly
acquired All City player Zena Lovette as they became a formidable force. Led the
team in scoring 117 pts (14.6 ppg), rebounding 57 (7.1 rpg), 36 assists (4.5
apg) and blocks 10 (1.3 bpg) Finshed second in steals with 15 ( 1.8 spg). Scored
in double figures in all eight games 16, 12, 18,13, 11, 11, 23 and
13 respectively. Had two double-double games 12 pts and 11 rebounds against
Tennessee Flight and 11 pts and 12 rebounds against Cincinatti Finest. Showed
great ability to attack the zone and dish. Teamed up with Zena and Ebony to shut
down opposing teams guards from the defensive in. Has received several calls and
is now in the process of setting up for 5 official visits before making a final
decision as far as which college that she will attend.

The Galaxy team represented the Triad very well and were led by a coaching staff
that kept the young student athletes focused and playing well as a unit. Galaxy
has always had the ability to perform well on a larger stage and tend to always
have been one of the last teams standing. What they lack in size they make up in
desire and hustle. Players tend to do whatever it takes to accomplish the
desired out come. Which many times tends to lead to winning when no one else
thought that they could.