It’s time for Butch Davis to speak up

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Butch Davis will face a room full of fans today, all with similar questions on their minds: If not “What did the North Carolina football coach know and when did he know it?” then at least, “What are the implications of the NCAA’s investigation for what was shaping up to be the most promising football season in Chapel Hill in a long time?”

Davis isn’t likely to answer any of them. If he hews to the party line, he won’t even address the issue at all. But other football coaches in the same position have spoken out, and it’s time for Davis to speak out as well.

Today’s Pigskin Preview luncheon in Durham will be attended by Davis, N.C. State’s Tom O’Brien, Duke’s David Cutcliffe, East Carolina’s Ruffin McNeill, N.C. Central’s Mose Rison – and one very large elephant in the back of the room.

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