Colt Tournament begins on Wednesday, Green Team update

The Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament will begin on Wednesday, at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park and Greensboro will have two teams in the tournament, that sends it’s winner, to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana….

They will also be awarding the Bill White Scholarships on Wednesday and we have this update on the Greensboro Green team….

Green Team – Practice Monday, July 26 @ Ragsdale 5:00-6:15. The team has tickets to the Grasshoppers’ game this evening…..


  1. Good Luck to both Greensboro teams in the East Zone Tournament. It would be nice for one of them to punch the ticket to Indiana.

    Last year’s Colt team represented Greensboro well by making the semi-finals.

  2. There are (5) teams in the tournament:

    Greensboro Green, Greensboro White, West Region Winner, North Region Winner and Kempsville.

  3. i heard that the lineup would go something like this…
    C Olzack
    1B Gunn
    2b Harrelson
    3b Blackwood
    SS Nusdeo
    LF Sickmiller
    CF J. Davis
    RF Colon
    EH C. Mccann

  4. Any word on the coaches for the Green and White teams?????

    We will have two teams in this one……

  5. Greensboro Gray got knocked out of the Regional at Stoner-White last week….If they would have made it, then Greensboro would have three teams in the Tournament this week…

  6. J.Colon is really going to help their changes at the Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana. Great speed, outstanding arm and has a lot of pop what more can you ask for his a heck of a player. He will lead off and play centerfield as he did last year.

    Green team will play Wednesday, at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park at 6

    good luck to all the teams
    GO GREEN!!!

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