HS Football: A look at Week One Schedule

Here’s a look at the local Week One schedule for Guilford County and our area teams that will get cranked up on Friday August 20th….

Eastern Guilford at Northwest Guilford
Western Guilford at Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
Ragsdale at Southern Guilford
WS Parkland at Page
Durham Hillside at Grimsley
WS Carver at Dudley
Smith at High Point Andrews
High Point Central at WS Reynolds
Western Alamance at Reidsville
High Point Christian at Bishop McGuinness

Game schedules from www.ncpreps.com football yearbook…..


  1. I guess the game of the week is Western at Northern. This should tell a big story. Was Northern all about K. Allen? Can Thompson live up to his billing? Lots of seniors have moved on. Should be a good game.

  2. I know it is a little bit early, but I will go out on a limb and take Bishop McGuinness over High Point Christian by 5 touchdowns. Isn’t this the first year of HPCA football….

    Ragsdale will top Southern Guilford….Too much Luke(not Matt) Heavner, Tyquan Roberts and D’onovan Smith….

    Durham Hillside will be too much for Grimsley and no disrespect meant toward Grimsley, but if this Hillside team still has that Vad Lee kid, they will be a hard Hornet team to beat….Grimsley will be very young, but they will work hard.

    Dudley over Carver…Dudley should still be too tough to beat at home…..Dudley at Page this year…..Ragsdale at Page….

    Northwest over Eastern…..NWG stopped EG last year and Northwest is improved and EG lost Josh Morehead one of the best players in the entire state….I look forward to seeing coach Loosemore’s revamped offense…He is a very hard-working offensive coach…

    Western to upset Northern and if I am coaching Western, I am playing ball-control offense….Get in behind the Stadniks and the county’s most underrated player, Tyler Stutts and take Northern off the ball….Don’t get into a shootout like the two teams did last year…..

    Page over WS Parkland. I really think Page needs to make a statment and win every regular season game this year and they can do that……

    Right now until Southeast shows me something different, I will take SWG over SEG….Willis is ready to have his last run this season for the Cowboys and I don’t think he wants to leave without at least 5 wins this season…

    High Point Central over WS Reynolds and will take HPC in most of their game this year with the exception of Ragsdale and we’ll have to see about NWG…I am a big fan and always have been of the Drew Adams to Derek Grant Show…Monk is a fine RB who knows how to score…

    Smith to beat HP Andrews and the Golden Eagles will have to do with their fefense…The Smith offense will be OK behind Jeff Sims, but the defense is where they will have to pass the test…..

    Reidsville at home over Western Alamance….Reidsville at home is like taking Jack Tatum and Ohio State at home back in the 70’s….What was there record while he played there? Something like 38-2 overall……

    Just a few notes on the games and I don’t claim to have it all, just a few ideas and I better get these in while I can, Tatum passed on at 61 and you never know when the door will close….Better have some fun while you can…

  3. HP Christian had a pretty decent JV Football team last year. This is the first year going Varsity. If they picked up any kids to add to what they had they might be decent.

  4. Andy, I am sure Matt Heavner will appreciate the fact that you are still thinking about him. Matter of fact word is that he will be the starter for Davidson College this year. However, Luke may not feel as good about the slip.

  5. Great Picks…..But here are mine! I only have a few different than yours Andy.

    Eastern Guilford at Northwest Guilford-(NWG)

    Western Guilford at Northern Guilford—-(Northern)

    Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford—–(SE Guilford)

    Ragsdale at Southern Guilford—–(Ragsdale)

    WS Parkland at Page——(Page)

    Durham Hillside at Grimsley——(Durham Hillside)—-Big

    WS Carver at Dudley—–(Dudley)

    Smith at High Point Andrews———-(HIGH POINT ANDREWS)

    High Point Central at WS Reynolds——-(HPC)

    Western Alamance at Reidsville————This might be the game of the week…….(Reidsville…..The streak is still on)

    High Point Christian at Bishop McGuinness———–(Bishop)

  6. All the teams in this area look real strong, it should be an exciting year. NW Guilford is sounding like they are putting together a team that is going to surprise some people. NW looks like they will be led by the Pauley twins. Both play both sides of the ball, #9 I believe is Alex Pauley the inside linebacker, I heard he was selected to the top 100 players in the state for this years shrine bowl. I’m excited to see them both play and what NW has in store for this year. Andy, please try to keep up with NW and the Pauley twins, I’m hearing alot of great things about them and would like to follow up with them this year. Western has a lot of returners and should be well experienced, the same with HPC. I am excited to see these players emerge for a great year.

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