Will cell phones work at Wyndham or is this a bad call?

from golf writer Ron Green Jr. at the Charlotte Observer:

When marshals ask for silence at the Wyndham Championship next month at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, they’re not going to be talking just to the spectators.

They’re going to be talking to their cell phones, too.

In an experiment that has the potential to backfire, the Wyndham Championship will allow spectators to bring their cell phones to the tournament every day provided they keep the ringers turned off, they don’t use the camera function Thursday through Sunday and they only talk on the phones in designated areas away from play.

Cell phones and golf tournaments have traditionally been a bad match. Ringers tend to go off at the wrong time or chatterboxes who snuck their phone in wind up with their conversation drifting over to a green where someone’s trying to do their work.

The best golf tournament/cell phone policy has been something close to what they have at the Masters: Don’t even think about it.

But officials at the Wyndham Championship, with the blessing of the tour, are going to see if they can play a tournament with any number of smart phones vibrating in the pockets of the spectators. Good luck.

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  1. It was not on the front page of the N&R on-line, but I was able to find in their e-Edition….

    Here’s a sample and go for more at better try this link, other one not working today, http://www.news-record.com.

    GREENSBORO (AP) — Fans will be able to bring their cell phones onto the course at next month’s Wyndham Championship.

    Defending champion Ryan Moore hopes to give them something to talk about.

    Tournament officials said Tuesday that they would allow fans to use mobile phones at Sedgefield Country Club — as long as the devices are kept in silent mode and calls are made only in designated areas around the course. Also, fans won’t be allowed to take pictures or video during the four competitive rounds.

    Tournament director Mark Brazil, a member of the PGA Tour’s tournament advisory council, said the group discussed changing the cell phone policy after some fans complained they were out of touch with their families and businesses without their mobile devices. He said the tour has confidence in his event’s network of volunteers and security workers to enforce the trial rules.

    “We’re going to be kind of the guinea pig tournament on allowing this,” Brazil said. “We’re just going to test it here.”

    Though wireless devices have long been a no-no on the tour, Moore said he usually hears rings from contraband cell phones roughly once or twice per tournament. He joked that he might send some text messages from the course, then said he expects fans to use their phones responsibly.

  2. Since this is golf it should also be noted that all farts should be set on silent or vibrate only mode. PGA Golfers are such wimps.

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