First day of high school football practice

The teams hit the field for real today and some teams will tell you that they have been hitting the field for real all summer, but today is the first official day, of high school football practice in North Carolina…..

The teams can not put the pads on until next week, so this will be be a full week of conditioning and drills and going over plays with both your Varsity and JV teams…..

Back in my day we had a nice little session during conditioning week called the “County Fair”….You go through one station after another of drills and there is no stopping in between….I heard the National Associtaton of High Schools later outlawed this type of training, but what the heck, you live and learn….

I saw a lot of boys go home after the first day of practice and they never came back and usually after the first week of drills, you pretty much know who is going to be there for the duration….

It is much easier to write about this stuff than to do it and I don’t envy the kids that are out there today…..They will get a break from the heat, with highs today set to be in the 70’s like they were back on Sunday…

First day of practice football memories, will live on for a lifetime and I still remember that first week of practice, back in the 9th grade and getting up the next day after Day One, so sore you could hardly move and hitting the bathtub, sitting there in the hot water, in an attempt to soak the soreness out….That soreness would usually persist for about three days….That was some rough stuff and probably would not have quite so bad, if I would have taken it a little bit easier, in the beginning….

You have to love running those end of practice sprints with 20’s, 40’s, 50’s and those good ole’ 100’s…..I always like the 100’s, since I could save up a little extra kick on those loner runs and beat the seniors and make them look bad and make them want to kill me, as the end result….But that’s OK, it’s always good to make new friends the first week on the job….

What time will everyone be going today?????? Your guess is as good as mine, but if I had to take a stab, I would say the following will go at it in the morning based on previous years and today it’s all about the workout and being in shape if you did your summer training….

Morning…..Page, Southeast Guilford, Smith, Northeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Northern Guilford….

Afternoon….Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale, Western Guilford, Grimsley, Dudley, High Point Central….

This all based on assumption and if you know for real what time the teams are going, send the news our way….I probably know more about these type of practices than anyone alive, other than the coaches and I never intend to take anything away from them and their efforts, but I have been there and seen it all many times, over the years….

Next week will be even more fun when they put on the pads and you might get a chance to do few Oklahoma drills, which are always fun, as you lay on your back on the ground looking blindly in the opposite direction, you wait for the whistle and then get up, take on the blocker and try and find and tackle the back before he gets through the hole….Your best bet, as a coach once told me, is to tackle anything that moves when you hear the whistle, so a couple of times, I tackled the coach too and he didn’t seem to appreciate that gesture very much…..

Football practice is here and if you know of any times for today, send them our way and good luck to all teams and the kids that are out there today, you’re gonna need it…..

Remember this is High Football Practice Central at……We know more about this stuff than anybody else in the state other than the coaches and that is what makes this time of year so much fun….I am ready for that Oklahoma Drill right now, any challengers???????


  1. Yo Andy…..How’s them wildcats looking this summer? Heard they might have one heck of a team this season!

  2. EG with two real big linemen in the 300 pound category, plus kicker Tyler Hunt who is still playing baseball with the Green team as of last week and Butch Huffman is back, and you might see Adam Gunn out there when the baseball is over….

    EG with Hunt should be in every game, and they have another Tyler in Tyler Wolf who is due out there too…

    We will have more, what about you, what are you hearing????

  3. We got word earlier that Dudley got it going last night with a Midnight Madness practice and High Point Central will go this evening at 6pm and Western Guilford held a morning practice to kick off the new season…

    If you know of other times please send them our way…..The football fans are counting on us and you can make the call…………….TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

  4. Eastern Guilford will surprise a lot of people this season! They have speed all over the field and the power up front to clear the holes.

  5. Just wondering how many players Oak Ridge has for the team this year. I can’t wait to watch them. What time do they work out.

  6. Looked like they had around 40 kids as I drove by around 7:30 tonight. Maybe a few more or less.

  7. Last year the word on EG was they were going to be really good,
    but that was not the case and they had Morehead. here we go again with
    hype about this years team. you can’t say what ant team is going to have until
    they play the first couple games.

    Time will Tell

  8. Northern got started yesterday at 5om, Roscoe is doing the late shift the first week this year.

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