The most storied team in the history of professional sports

I was thinking this one over during a Sunday morning workout and the most storied team in the history of professional sports has to be the New York Yankees….

The Yankees are like a brand….The Yankees are the history of baseball and the top five Yankees all-time are:
1) Babe Ruth
2) Lou Gehrig
3) Joe DiMaggio
4) Yogi Berra
5) Derek Jeter…..

The top professional football team of all-time is the Dallas Cowboys….The Cowboys are as close as you get to being a brand name….

For professional basketball the team would be the Boston Celtics…..Boston is the most storied team in the history of professional basketball…..

I will come back later and list the Top Five Cowboys and Celtics of all-time….You can go ahead and start making your lists….

Top Five Dallas Cowboys:
1) Emmitt Smith
2) Troy Aikman
3) Tony Dorsett
4) Randy White
5) Michael Irvin

Top Five Boston Celtics
1) Bill Russell
2) Larry Bird
3) Bob Cousy
4) John Havlicek
5) KC Jones


  1. Hi Andy,
    While it’s hard to argue with any of the names on the list….I noticed there’s no pitchers on the list!! I think you have to include Mariano Rivera and perhaps Mickey Mantle rather than DiMaggio & Jeter. Remember you said “top 5 Yankees” not “best players” & I think you think of Mantle as a “Yankee prescence” more so than DiMaggio & while Jeter been the captain of the recent run…Rivera strikes fear into the hearts of opponents!! It’s also a shame that Thurman Munson’s career & life ended so tragically or I think he’d have a place on this list as well. Unfortunately, ex Hornet Don Mattingly should get consideration but wont because they never won while he was there!!

  2. You bring up a good point on Mantle….He just didn’t have as much personality as Yogi and Rivera would have to rank as the top pitcher in club history….Whitey Ford, Catfish Hunter, Ron Guidry and others had great runs, but really Rivera stands out…

    Let’s keep looking at this, from a Yankees history standpoint, do we kick out ‘”Jolting Joe” or Yogi and bring on The Mick?????

    1) Walter Payton
    2) Dick Butkus
    3) Gale Sayers
    4) Bronko Nagurski (Former NWA Heavyweight Champion
    5) Red Grange


    The Horseman
    1) Ric Flair
    2) Tully Blanchard
    3) Arm Anderson
    4) Ole Anderson
    5) Barry Windham

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