Game details from Greensboro Green-Mexico game at Colt World Series


Sunday afternoon at Lafayette, Indiana with Greensboro Green versus Mexico…..

Top of the 1st, Los Mochis, Mexico
Miranda strikes out, Mendoza single to right, Mendoza out on fielder’s choice at
third, Espinoza single to right and Garcia scores on throwing error in right, Ruela
flies to right.
Middle of first, Mexico 1, Greensboro coming to bat.

Bottom of 1st, Greensboro
Colon flies to third, Kimber strikes out, Davies pops to the catcher.
End of 1st, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Top of 2nd, Mexico
Almeda reaches on third base fielding error, Rojas strikes out, Rojas out at second
on fielder’s choice ground by Ruiz, Ruiz out caught stealing.
Middle of 2nd, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Bottom of the 2nd, Greensboro
McCann grounds to pitcher, Olezak flies to center, Blackwood walks, Gunn pops to the
End of 2nd, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Top of the 3rd, Mexico
Ledesma single to right, Miranda sacrifice bunt moves him to second, Mendoza bounces
to first unassisted and moves Ledesma to third, Garcia strikes out.
Middle of 3rd, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Bottom of the 3rd, Greensboro
Carstens strikes out, Harrelson grounds to third, Colon infield single, Kimber
strikes out.
End of 3rd, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Top of the 4th, Mexico
Espinoza strikes out, Ruelas flies to right, Almeda flies to right.
Middle of 4th, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Bottom of the 4th, Greensboro
Davis flies to left, McCann flies to left , Olezak flies to left.
End of 4th, Mexico 1, Greenboro 0

Top of the 5th, Mexico
Rojas strikes out, Ruiz grounds to second, Ledsma walks, Miranda flies to center.
Middle of 5th, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Bottom of the 5th, Greensboro
Blackwood doubles, Gunn pops to third, Carstens strikes out, Harrelson reaches on
error at short and Blackwood moves to third, Colon grounds to second.
End of 5th, Mexico 1, Greensboro 0

Top of the 6th, Mexico
Mendoza doubles, moves to third on passed ball, Garcia strikes out, Espinoza doubles
to right scoring Mendoza, Ruelas lines to first, Almeda strikes out.
Middle of 6th, Mexico 2, Greensboro O

Bottom of the 6th, Greensboro
Kimber flies to left, Davis homers to left, McCann pops to first, Olezak flies to
End of 6th, Mexico 2, Greensboro 1

Top of the 7th, Mexico
Rojas singles to center, Ruiz reaches on Olezak throwing error, Davis comes in to
pitch for Greensboro, Rojas out at third on Ledesman fielder’s choice grounder,
Miranda walks, Davis’ wild pitch scores Ruiz, Mendoza strikes out, Garica caught
Middle of 7th, Mexico 4, Greensboro 1.

Bottom of the 7th, Greensboro
Blackwood flies to second, Gunn grounds to second, Nuesdo grounds to third.
End: Mexico 4, Greensboro 1

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  1. Andy,
    One of your previous posts (not yours but some of the comments) was very critical of the Wheatmore football coach for not letting coach Garrett miss football practice to go to Lafayette with the colt team. I feel that this criticism is a bit”over the top” without all of us knowing the facts. If coach Garrett asked ahead of time and permission was denied, then he could have informed the colt group—–if he did not ask then, he probably should have to be fir to the team especially if there were any doubt about his travel being OKed. Since he does get paid for one job versus the other, then it was probably an easy decision to make on which commitment to “live up to”.
    The head football has obligations to the tea, the school, and his family that made his decision very difficult for him as well. Don’t be too hard on him, as it is always easy not to see both sides of the situation and to make erroneous conclusions.

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