McNeil will be headed to Wingate U

Ayshia McNeil, from Southeast Guilford High School, has committed to play college basketball for the Wingate University Bulldogs….

McNeil plays guard for Coach Shawn Newton and the Southeast Guilford Falcons, where she will be a senior this upcoming season….

She is also a member of Coach William Whitaker’s Greensboro Phoenix AAU team and in speaking with Coach Whitaker this morning, he said he felt like Wingate would be a very good fit for McNeil….

Good luck to Ayshia McNeil and it is good to see another Guilford County product moving on to the college ranks in 2011……


  1. Congratulations Ayshia.

    Kiera, Chris, and I enjoyed having you with us in Tennessee. No more Pineapples 🙂

  2. Congrats Baby Girl!!!

    Wingate is very lucky to get a hard working, phenominal player like yourself.

  3. Skeptic,

    Why the sarcasm? This young lady has made a decision about her future and you are being immature in your response. Are you a parent whose child has no one to commit to then that may be jealously or perhaps your daughter wanted to go to Wingate and is not good enough.

    Ayisha is an outstanding ballplayer and has earned the right to play at the next level! Congrats to her.

  4. My original thought was skeptic being sarcastic, but I wasn’t sure if skeptic was saying she is better than DII or yea right??

    Any how Ayisha IS an outstanding ballplayer and person. She has made her choice. It wasn’t her only option either.

  5. Any opportunity to play at the next level is a great opportunity. You can play the waiting game and find yourself without a chance to play college ball. If you find a school that fits then there is nothing wrong with committing early.

  6. Congrats to Ayisha!!

    I do not know her personally but I do know that she just played her way into a great education and saved her family a boat load of money. When you consider that the tuition is nearly $30,000 per year and the extra benefits that come with being on a travel basketball team – this could be worth nearly $50,000+ per year. Unless you have WNBA type of talent, D1 or D2 or D3 does not matter because in the end the education is the only thing that you are left. In fact, for most girls and boys, the D2 or D3 level schools are better options because the education may be on a higher level than a lot of the D1 undergraduate schools which live off of the massive volume of students that come and go without finishing their degree but pump millions of dollars in the colleges bottomline.

    Great Job Ms Ayisha !!

  7. Congrats to my sister Ayshia. To the sarcasm…. You dont know my familys situation my father is a single parent of six so think about it smart guy, we are all very proud of Ayshia and know she will go on to do great things on or off the court.

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