HS football scrimmages with Page at High Point Central plus NEG and WS Reagan at NWG

Page at High Point Central was just a 7 on 7 with full pads and it was passing only and no running whatsoever….James Summers and Drew Adams, the QB’s for the Pirates and the Bison, both had very succussful afternoons throwing the ball….

The linemen were on the far end working on drills and the defense got plenty of work trying to keep up with the quaterbacks tosses…

At Northwest Guilford the real thing is here with the exception of the kicking game….WS Reagan offense verus the Northeast Guilford defense in a series of downs….The Northeast defense was closing quickly on Reagan…Reagan coach Greg King is a former head coach at Northwest……Reagan in “I” backfield….

Northwest Guilford offense versus WS Reagan defense…The Reagan defense was jamming it up and a Matt Pawlowski goes incomplete…Then a big run for NWG #24 and then a complete pass by Matt Pawlowski and another completion by Pawlowski and then Reid Basxter scores the NWG touchdown….

NEG offense versus NWG defense….NEG small, but with speedy backs…NEG toss sweeps, but NWG gets a tackle for a loss…Long run and out of bounds by NEG…NEG with misdirection and just run it…Speed sweeps, toss left and right…NEG too many penalties and no scores versus NWG…

NEG offense versus Reagan defense….NEG scores and the NEG running game is as strong as ever…

Reagan “O” versus NWG “D”….NWG gives up no ground…Not much passing at all by Reagan and NWG is shooting the gaps…

NWG offense versus NEG defense….No breakthrough early vs. NEG defense, but NWG QB Matt Pawlowski comes up with a big TD pass and NWG takes NEG and NWG’s offense has topped WS Reagan and NEG…..

Pawlowski very sharpe tonight…..


  1. You must have left before the 11 on 11 began. From about 7-8 they brought the linemen over and did 11 on 11. Offenses worked on their running and passing games.

  2. I wasn’t there, my High Point contacts were calling in the reports…..

    They said Page looked very good…

  3. Do Adams and Summers have anyone good to back them up this year? Glad to see they both started off strong.

  4. I know they didn’t have rosters last night, but #24 for NWG was/is Kyle Kristy. Nick Parker #12 caught a touchdown pass and #10 Reid Baxter ran in for a touchdown. Considering it was extrememly hot and humid last night, all the guys and teams worked really hard. You could tell they were all psyched up to play.

  5. Both Page and HPC had good nights, and left needing to work on things….Both will be as good as advertized……

  6. NWG better find a fix for that O line or their QB won’t be playing in many games this year. During the later srimmages we were able to blow past the O line and SACK both QB”S they put in. Maybe they were hot and tired but we all were.

  7. Overall NWG looked solid for their first outing. EVERYONE PLAYED WELL
    they have a lot of weapons on both side of the ball. I know everybody gets all worked up over the players names and #, not the kids themselves but mainly the parents.
    As a unit the defense looked very good picking up where they left off last year, still working out a few bugs on offense.
    Just remeber it takes the whole team playing together as one to accomplish great things and win ball games.

    Let’s Go Vikings

  8. Page had a great balance of running and passing, Rogers had 3-4 long runs and scored about a 35 yard TD. WR Hatfield had 2 TDs, and WR Suggs at a TD as well. HPC scored once off alittle dump pass, not sure who caught it. The Bison did have a fumble recovery though.

    Adams wasnt that successful compared to Summers last night. Also, Summers rarely ran the ball, but when he did.. he busted off a 25 yard gain.

  9. NEG,

    NW was trying to get a look at a lot of players in Thursday’s scrimmage.
    Many of their back up linemen were in late in the scrimmage. The starting O line is going to be just fine.They are the biggest O line NW has had in years. No worries.

  10. To NWG Fan, no sense in getting worked up because most likely a parent listed some names and numbers. They did recognize that all players worked hard and it didn’t seem like they meant anything by it. I was just there to watch and didn’t know the names of many of the players but would have liked to.

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