Greensboro Green falls in Colt World Series Championship Game

Final at Lafayette, Indiana:

Puerto Rico 7
Greensboro Green 4

WP:Daniel Concepcion
LP:Jonathan Olczak

Puerto Rico-7-8-4

*****Congratulations to Greensboro on an excellent season and a fine effort at the Colt Baseball World Series.*****

Top of the seventh inning with Keith Robinson at the plate for Greensboro Green….Pop up by Keith to shallow right field for out number one…Patrick Nusdeo now at the plate with one out…Ground ball base hit to shallow left centerfield by Patrick Nusdeo….Jaylin Davis strikes out, for out number two and the Greensboro Green team is down to their last out….Adam Gunn to the plate…..Count moves to 1-2 on AG….Gunn fouls a couple of pitches off….Swing and a miss and the catcher drops the ball and the throw to first will take down Gunn and Greensboro Green is gone and Puerto Rico is the Colt World Series Champion…..

Now bottom of the sixth with Sean Geoghagn on in relief of Ryan Stoneman on the hill for Greensboro Green…

Top sixth inning and first two Greensboro batters draw walks….Ryan Stoneman draws the leadoff walk and then Nick Blackwood walks….Base hit Chris Harrelson and Stoneman out at the plate with Nick Blackwood on at second….

Top of fifth inning with Greensboro at plate, Mitch Carstens reaches on a error….Corey Kimber with a hit and Patrick Nusdeo with a hit and Kimber and Keith Robinson both score to cut the lead down to two….Adam Gunn to first base for Greensboro Green…

Now the bottom of fifth with Puerto Rico at the plate…


  1. Guys, Coach Hall and Coach Dezearn, I am very proud of ya’ll and what we have accomplished the past couple of weeks. I know we fell short of our goal, but I am glad to have been able to be around a great bunch of young men. Hopefully you all had fun. Coach Hall and Coach Dezearn, thanks for all ya’ll have done these past couple weeks and the great job that both of you have done. Rob thanks for the updates. Ya’ll have a safe trip home tomorrow.

    Thanks also to Jack Jacobs and Donnie Stowe for all ya’ll have done for greensboro colt baseball.

  2. Great job boys……nice run. You represented Greensboro very well.

    Now the long drive home……..

    Andy, FYI Stoneman was the LP. Olzack was lifted after two, he gave up 3.

  3. Congrats to Greensboro Colt Baseball for another successful run in Lafayette. Colt is a wonderful organization of volunteers that should be patted on their back for the hard work it takes year round to get to Lafayette. From the coaches to the administrators-Job well done! Thank you for representing Greensboro in such a positive manner. To all the players and families, thanks for a great run and chosing Greensboro Colt Baseball!

    On a special note to Matt Dezearn-I’m soo proud of you for giving back to youth baseball. I have had the honor of coaching some of the best players in the country that have gone on to pro careers and college baseball and you rate right up there with the best. You have raised the bar for all my players. When they finally hang up their cleats, it will be their turn to follow your lead and give back to the game we all love!

    Kevan Moore

  4. The Greensboro Colts did a fantastic job in getting to the world series championship game. Any of those latin teams are extremely difficult to beat because the boys start playing “beisbol” when they are just past toddler stage with a stick as a bat and a rock as a ball. They have a lot more years practice than our boys have. Congratulations!

  5. These guys did a great job. Ryan Stoneman came in and pitched one heck of a game. 3 of the 4 runs he gave up were unearned. Also Patrick Nusdeo did a great job stepping in for Colon going 2 for 4 with 2 rbis in the finals.

  6. does anyone on these sports blogs ever get as tired as i do of the self- serving (but subtle) comments that we read ?

  7. I could not be more proud of a group of young men as I am of this year’s Greensboro Green Colt team. Even though they were tremendous underdogs to Puerto Rico, they were never intimidated and played their hearts out. They were convinced they were going to win the game, right down to the last out. The success of Greensboro Colt baseball speaks volumes to the high degree of talent that is present in the triad area. Next baseball season come out and support your local high school program because you are witness to some of the best baseball being played. Proof is in the results.

  8. Greensboro was not that huge of an underdog what hurt them were injuries and untimely errors Greensboro could have very easly have won the championship if not for that.

  9. Greensboro was not that huge of an underdog what hurt them were injuries and untimely errors if not for that they could have very easily have won the championship Puerto Rico was not that far ahead of Greensboro.

  10. Thank you for the detailed analysis. You must have really thought quite a bit about this. It should really be helpful to the coaches when they prepare for next year’s world series, You may want to add “not getting hits with runners in scoring position” or even “allowing walks”. Think about the games they won—could the same comments be made about their opponents? Or how about just about every baseball game that’s ever been played?

  11. Sports is one big cliche…or is it a box of chocolates?

    Where is Yogi and Tom Hanks when you need them?

  12. To start off with baseball fan you spell untimely like this, ultimately. So thanks for your great incite. The boys played a great tournament and like everyone knows errors kill any baseball team, even the Yankees. They represented Greensboro very well and they did a great job. There will always be next year because they will be right back up there and looking to do better.

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