NewBridge Bank Football Jamboree with NWG, WG, NWG and SWG

from Dennis White…..


Rockingham County

Reidsville vs SWG

The format of the Jamboree was fifty-five minutes game clock. Each team
had 10 offensive plays starting on the 45 yard line and a turnover is a
point for the opposing team. First game of the night was the defending state
champs Reidsville vs SWG. SWG had the ball first and did not score on their
first ten plays. Reidsville Rams took control on their first offensive
plays with a high potenent offense scorer on the 5th play with the running
back on a ten yard run. They came back on the 10th play and scored again
with the same running back on the five yard line. After the first offensive
possession, Reidsville had 2 touchdowns and SWG had none.

On the second offensive possession, SWG started to move the ball with
running backs, Larry Edwards, Caleb Crosby, and Airyn Willis. They were not
intimidated with the Rams tough defensive. They moved the right, left, up
and down the field at will. SWG finally scored on the 6th play on a quarter
back keep, Willis called his own number and scored a 20 yard touchdown. On
the 7th play, they fumbled giving Reidsville a point on a turnover. On
the 10th play, Willis called his number again and scored a 3 yard touchdown.

On Reidsville third offensive possession, they were held scoreless. SWG
on their third offensive duirng the 2nd play, Caleb Crosby thirty-five yard
run, jumped over a would be tackle and made the best play of the night as
well as a touchdown.

On the fourth offensive possession, Reidsville scored one more time. On
the fourth offensive possession of SWG, Willis called his number again on
the 8th play and scored again.

The final offensive possession for the Rams, they were unable to score.
Great game for SWG who played the Rams all night like they were the
defending state champs. At the end SWG scored one more touch down.

Northwest Guilford vs McMichaels – 1st Game of the Night on the opposite
side of the field

Northwest Guilford scored seven touchdowns against McMichael who only
scored twice.

Scorers for Northwest Guilford were Dalton Dillon-2 TD’s (running back), Reid
Baxter (running back), Kyle Bullet( running back), Nick Parker (running back),
Xavier Knight (running back) and Coleman Anderson (receiver).

Western Guilford vs Northeast

This was a great offensive game for both teams. Each team played
outstanding on both sides of the ball. Western Guilford is a big team while
Northeast is a quick team. Both Guilford County schools showed the Rockingham
County area how we play football in Guilford County. Western Guilford had
the ball first on the first offensive. The 3rd play of the game forty yard
run touchdown was called back on a holding penalty. It took them seven more
plays to score on a great defense of Northeast. Player #3 took it in on 4
yard run giving Western their first score. Northeast first offensive
possesion scored on the 8th play as 8 yard run by player #5. Western Guilford
scored on the 6th play of the second offensive possesion. AT this time,
Western Guilford had two touchdowns and Northeast had one touchdown.
Northeast on the second offensive possesion scored on a one yard run quarter back
keep. At this time, two touchdown and we were tied. During the third
offensive possesion, Western Guilford fumbled and Northeast recovered the
point. The 6th play of the same drive, Malek scored on a seven yard run. The
defense stood up for both teams for the next offensive drive. This was the
best jamboree of the season. Reidsville Rams met their match with the
teams from Guilford County.


  1. I was wondering how many of SWG’s scores came against the 1st string defense of Reidsville? Heard SW struggled against Western. I heard NW looked fantastic against both McMichael and Reidsville. Are my sources from the jamboree correct?

  2. NWG looked awesome on both sides of the ball. The offense was sharp and looked to have
    several good running backs. #34,#24,#10 and #6 all ran the ball really well. But for me it
    was the defense that impressed me the most. They played with high intensity and were
    all swarming to the ball. other than a play or two around the corners the D gave up very few big plays. It is still very early, however with what I have seen so far this could be a
    special team to watch this year at NW. They have size they have speed and a tough defense
    that is looking good.

  3. Thought I might post this for anyone that is interested..

    Page hosted Eastern Guilford and Glenn last night.

    Page played EG first.. Page scored 5 times to Eastern’s one score.

    Glenn then played Eastern Guilford. Josh Hawkins scored on the very first play against Eastern. After that,I didn’t watch much of these 2 teams play each other because I was catching up with some friends, sorry.

    Page then played Glenn.. Page scored twice and held Glenn scoreless

    After all of that, each team played each other in real game situation with down and distance, and everything. For 30 minutes.

    Page played Eastern first.. Drew Rogers scored on a 45 yard run, but it was called back for a holding call on a WR block. Page would score 2 plays later. Page also held Eastern scoreless. Page’s defense came up with two turnovers.

    After this I left to get something to eat, because it was getting pretty late.. the scrimmage started at 6, and i left at 9. I drove back by Page and they were still at it.

    It was around 9:45 and I was just in time to see Page stop Glenn on all 4 downs as Glenn went for it on 4th and 15 from the 30,they tried for the endzone but to no avail.

    Last chance for Page to score and they did so in 3 plays. 70 yards. Good thing I drove back by Page to catch what was a great night for the Pirates. They look full speed ahead with the wind in the sails.

  4. I believe NW had eight TD’s against McMichael, since WR’s Chris Eley and Ryan Overcash both had touchdown receptions.

  5. One thing that impressed me about this NWG team at Rockingham is the discipline of the players and how well coached they were. You could tell this team works together and supports each other on both sides of the ball. NWG doesn’t have the reputation of a “football school” per say, but this year I have a feeling this will change. This team is going to make some noise this season. Woodruff has evidently done a great job with this program and I for one am looking forward to keeping up with the Vikings this fall. Good luck to all of the GCS teams!

  6. The word is that Kyle Kristy was also scoring TD’s for NWG and does anyone know who was doing any of the scoring for Western Guilford? Had to be the Stadniks and Stutts doing the blocking up front…..Heard that Josh Thompson had a solid game for the Hornets….

  7. Western Guilford scoring at the NewBridge Bank Jamboree:

    vs NE Guilford
    40 yd td run by Eric Davidson called back penalty
    xavier knight-RB 4yd td run
    xavier- 3yd td run
    5yd scamper td by Malik Parker

    SW Guilford:
    xavier- 30yd td run
    30 yd td pass from Thompson to Eric davidson
    xavier- 30 yd td run
    25 yd td pass from Thompson to Dorian Anderson
    All field goals good by kicker Daley Hall

    Thanks to our WG numbers man for the info…..

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