Page Pirates strong in scrimmage with Eastern Guilford and Glenn HS

from one of our top reporters in the Page Pirate camp:

Page hosted Eastern Guilford and Glenn last night.

Page played EG first.. Page scored 5 times to Eastern’s one score.

Glenn then played Eastern Guilford. Josh Hawkins scored on the very first play against Eastern. After that,I didn’t watch much of these 2 teams play each other because I was catching up with some friends, sorry.

Page then played Glenn.. Page scored twice and held Glenn scoreless.

After all of that, each team played each other in real game situation with down and distance, and everything. For 30 minutes.

Page played Eastern first.. Drew Rogers scored on a 45 yard run, but it was called back for a holding call on a WR block. Page would score 2 plays later. Page also held Eastern scoreless. Page’s defense came up with two turnovers.

After this I left to get something to eat, because it was getting pretty late.. the scrimmage started at 6, and i left at 9. I drove back by Page and they were still at it.

It was around 9:45 and I was just in time to see Page stop Glenn on all 4 downs as Glenn went for it on 4th and 15 from the 30,they tried for the endzone but to no avail.

Last chance for Page to score and they did so in 3 plays. 70 yards. Good thing I drove back by Page to catch what was a great night for the Pirates. They look full speed ahead with the wind in the sails.


  1. Go Debo!!!! Go Debo!!!! You’re working out some kinks but I have to admire your heart! Just remember…..eagles soar above ALL the rest. What “they” can’t recognize now, your hard work, dedication, and determination will force the Pirates coaching staff to see.

    I’m watching you #45!! I’m watching………

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