Site leader on the road, but reports still coming in….(Training in 95 degree temps)

My first vacation in 10 years with a few days at the South Beach this weekend, but the show must go on and my reports are still coming in from a McDonalds on Highway 17 South in Myrtle Beach….

With McDonalds WiFi I should be able to do another report from McDonald land in Bennetsville, South Carolina on Sunday afternoon…

No vacation in 10 years and hadly any days off in the last decade, but I have been able to get full-time sports coverage into Gulford County and we haven’t had that before….

Road work Friday in the 95 degree heat and what’s the Big Deal????

It was 95 at around 2pm and I’m running down the main street on Friday and Saturday and again what’s the Big Deal?????

No train, no gain…….No pain, no gain…..

You have to pay the price, and the tougher the conditions, the better the end results…..It’s a war out here and only the strong will survive and I’m getting older and stronger……..


  1. Hey Andy. Has Ragsdale gone underground or have they just been written off for the year?? Seems all we hear about are HPC, Page and some Dudley. Early talk around Jamestown is often real quite when something is brewing.

  2. Based on last nght’s performance Ragsdale has some work to do. Granted, starting tailback Smith did not play nor did Tyquan Roberts and a couple of others due to basketball. But Ragsdale lost a bunch of linemen on both sides of the ball and it showed. Defense should come around but not near as big as last year. O-line is a definite question mark. Something else that was apparent was Heavner doesn’t have Anderson and Sonricker tgo throw to this year. WR’s Roberts, Anderson, Sonricker can make a lot of QB’s look good. None of those played last night; 2 graduated and 1 sat out. Heavner struggled against North davidson. Most teams will look good against West. Actually QB Garrison Herndon looked very good last night. Ragsdale has the luxery of two good QB’s. Also did not see any leadership. A few need to step up. But need to identify those few.

    Stats, ND scored on 2 long plays and has 2 very tall WR’s but little else. Ragsdale scored once and chose to kick a FG. ragsdale scored at will against West with Herndon looking good as well as Heavner.

  3. Need a better sun screen and I need to learn to set screens like Sam Cassell used to set….And then roll, I have to set the pick and then off of the pick, but if I were to among those trees, I would the ball back outside to D Wade….He then pops the three or catches LBJ coming off the curl or hits Bosh for Monster Mosh Dunk….

    It sounds good on the surface anyway….Thanks for asking or looking our way and what do you hear Damon, about those SEG Falcons for this year….

    Is Fields the back that can take you to the playoffs?????

    Will Greene or Austin Bain at QB or others?????

    Is Seth Stone the rock up front?????

    What about Petro(Pettress) and Money??????

  4. On another note, back when I was high school we would practice 4 times a day after week one of conditioning practice….

    Full gear at 7:30am….
    Light workout with helmets and “T” Shirts at 11am….
    Full gear at 5:30pm
    Light workout at 8:30pm with helmets and “T” Shirts….

    They used to give you a Coke cup full of salt tablets to take in the pre-season to keep your sodium levels up and all kinds of wild things…

    What about the HS and College wrestlers that weat the sweat suits…..They also work out under heat lamps down by the main HS auditorium theater stages to increase the sweat rate…..

    You have t o wear a “T” shirt under your shoulder pads or a half “T” shirt under your pads to protect from the rub and that shirt does not allow for hardly any heat to escape….

    There’s all kinds of things of things that are going on…..Taking all those salt tablets back in the day and not getting a lot of water because the doctors were afraid you would cramp is another thing to look at……

    The old bull in the cage drill is a tough drill and there have been many rough and tough training tactics over the years…..Bull in the Ring till you drop out and they roll you out, get you some water and then you get another shot at it….

    Football is a touhg sport and not for the faint of heart….I see practices today where kids can bring their own water bottles to practice and their parents can bring then something to drink to practice after practice gets started….

    The from the past would day, you drink my or our water of you don’t get no water and tomorrow I bet you’ll be drinking our water and you’ll be glad to get it……

    The tougher the better is what I always said and if that is the case you’ll be prepared for the worst possible experiences…..

  5. One more note which is food for thought….

    Train under the worst possible conditions for the best possible performance…..

    When we were kids we used to love to workout and train against the older players and if they kicked our butts, by the time they were gone and we took over the farm(team), we had a firm handle on what was going down….

    I have never seen a coach give me or any other kid back in the day a task that we could not perform……I sometimes wish there would have been more stumbling blocks and then maybe we or I would have slowed down….

    Nothing like being on a kickoff team and being able to go flying right to or be told to go find the ball…..Not me, back in my it was the job to run right down the middle and take out as many opposing players as you could and that’s what I did on that special team…..Suicide jockey or camakozie pilot and that’s the way it was…..Take out 5 or hopefully six others on the way down and gunners could gun the ball carrier and clean up….Lots of fun, not really, but if that is your assignment, then that is what you do…..

    Sport is much like war, here and let’s pick up on this…..You were not drafted to play football and we have a total volunteer military system……Not one made you come out for the team and nobody made you sign up for the military….

    You tried out for the football on your own and if you are 18, you signed y9ur military enlistment papers….

    Obey the commanding officers, men we are on a mission here…..

    Life is a lot like war and you are a better player/soldier for having served……

  6. Andy I am sure you got a workout carrying that tuba around in the hot sun during band practice.

  7. It would have been to tough to carry a tuba, since I was already carrying 10 other players on my back….

    I remember my last year well, they didn’t tell me where to play, the coaches asked what position do you want to play, it is your choice….

    I chose second base, wait a minute, wrong sport….Should have chose the oboe, but I ended up playing the Ikickbutt and take names sucker…..Stay out of my neighborhood, cause my team is a one wrecking crew when we come to town…..

    I miss those old days, but that bump on the back of my head is still giving me problems, even as I write this….

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