Lucy got some splainin’ to do!(Buy or sell after high school scrimmages)

Not hearing much coming out of the Smith Super Six Scrimmages, so was it a waste of time????? I was on the road, so I have no basis for any leanings and we are looking for some news on that set of scrimmages….What did you see and what do you have on it?

Lucy, you got some explaining to do!!!!!

Looking at all the recent scrimmages as a whole, what are we seeing as we get set for Friday?

Buy or sell on Smith?

What about High Point Central?? I heard from one caller that Mount Tabor beat Central 9-0 and that Central was running around versus Raleigh Leesville Road….

Was Grimsley at Smith on Saturday and how did the Whirlies fare during the Newbridge Bank Jamboree, at Lexington…Buy or sell on Grimsley???

We heard a number of good comments coming out of the Northwest Guilford camp from last week at NewBridge and from WS Reagan and NEG at NWG……NWG looks like a buy based on what we have been hearing……What about NWG????

Page looks like a buy after High Point Central last Thursday and the EG/Glenn scrimmage last Friday….Page on board as a Buy?????

Ragsdale talk here at the site has been mixed and with Heavner and Smith back, I can’t see why Ragsdale would not be a buy…..Talk coming in on the backup Herndon stepping up and Roberts being away from recent scrimmage, due to basketball and I find that hard to believe, with Coach Norwood at the helm…..Coach Norwood is one of the top veteran coaches in the state and put money on the point, that he will have his team ready this Friday…..Ragsdale a buy, if not, why??????

If we didn’t mention your team here today, then there has been no talk about them and you need to leave some talk, or comments and get the game started for your team…..

The season starts this Friday night, are you ready and is it time to Buy or Sell???????


  1. Ragsdale is definitely a buy and QB Herndon is right on the money. Just read some other comments on RHS, agree on some disagree on others. Team looks good through the transition of strong graduating seniors, OL, DL, and WRs. Friday Briley, Shouse, linebackers on defensevery capable of continuing strong defensive tradition, Wr’s and TE’s look good too. Herndon looks to be stepping up for leadership with others too. Still work to be done of course but Ragsdale overall a buy.

  2. As for the Smith Jamboree . . .could be a real “jewel” if people well support it and advertise. Great preseason crowd, good football as well. Charlotte Christian is a very good team,excitement from both offense and defense: the quarteback has very strong arm and is quite agile with game breaking speed-Buy;HP Andews- pretty decent Qb and reciever-? Mount Tabor-? Raliegh Leesville-not bad; HP Central-can’t get a read ,yea or nay,could be . . . .Ah, but Smith . . .they are quite interesting to say the least . . . .speed, speed and more speed,defense is very fst to the ball;Ebron is the truth9that’s why Butch was there to check out his next pro prospect; for a kid that hasn’t plyed the game . . .he has some God given natural talent ,definitely major D1. You better not skate on these Eagles . . . . . . .they “dangerous” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed Smith Super Six. Smith defense looked really good but there offense needs a lot of work. They will need to put points on the board if they are going to win the Metro 4a this year. I want count Smith out but from seeing them on saturday looks like Page or Dudley will win the conference. Mt Tabor was the best looking team on saturday in my opinion, High Point Central didn’t impress me at all but they are big up front on the OL and DL is big also.I think HPC will be ok once the season gets underway.HPC has the size and speed to win the PT4A but can they beat Ragsdale?

  4. Ben L. Smith had a very, very good showing. They looked like they were the most complete team on the field. Offensively they struggled because they were very basic or “Vanilla” with the play calling. That would be expected with thier week one opponent High Point Andrews on the same field. The offensive line is BIG with very speedy backs. The defense recorded a shut out over a very talented MT. Tabor team and held big East Forsyth to 7 points. This Golden Eagle team will be able to compete each week with anyone they play.

  5. I think that Ragsdale is a definite buy and if you are worried about leadership look no further than the seniors. Luke Heavner is a definite leader out there. He was last year too. Defensively Trey Swaim and others. Do you remember what the offense did last year? Yes some key receivers are gone, but the ball had to be put on the money. Ask HPC who threw and caught key balls right at the end of the first half. Do not write Heavner and the offense off. We will of course see at game time.

  6. There seems to be a lot of talk about leadership on this Ragsdale team. Who do people think led the Tigers last year on offense? The seniors on offense were 3 offensive linemen and 2 wide outs – one of which missed 7 games with an injury. The leader last year will be the same as the leader this year – Heavner.

  7. Good point David.

    I believe it was an (13-1) Heavner-led Ragsdale team that made it to Round Three of the 4-A playoffs where they fell to Dudley and Ragsdale had beaten Dudley earlier in the year in Jamestown and Ragsdale beat pretty much every team they played by a bundle, with the exception of Dudley……

    NWG held Ragsdale scoreless till halftime and then the Tigers roared away, High Point Central kept it close with Ragsdale till right before halftime and the Tigers put up right at 21 second quarter points to go up by three TD’s at half and Ragsdale was rolling last year and I may be wrong, but I think the numbers prove out that the Tigers have only lost two games(both to Duldey) in the past two years….

    Heavner is a proven leader and Herndon will be bonus as the backup and the Tigers are primed to win their conference again…..WS Journal picked Ragsdale ti take the Piedmont Athletic this weekend…

  8. Ragsdale offense should be fine, it’s their defense who after losing 8 starters that is the big question mark for them coming into the season.

  9. Just so there won’t be any confusions in our naming Lucy in the title of this blog, the name refers to Lucy Ricardo(Lucille Ball) from the I Love Lucy Show, with her husband Ricky Ricardo/ Desi Arnez….

    Ricky would come home from work and see the house in shambles and let Lucy know, that, “Lucy you have some Splainin’ to do”…..I think MAD TV did a take-off or two on this skit also…..

    The Lucy mentioned in the title, is not a direct reference in any way toward Lucy C. Ragsdale HS, or even Lucy B. Ragsdale HS, as some of the old coaches used to call her….

    Just making sure we are all on the same Page here……

  10. BisonHerd – You are right the defense is Ragsdale’s question mark. The question is how good will they be – because they certainly are not going to be bad. Last year in the conference your Bison gave up 88 points. If this year’s Tigers give-up 5 times as many points as the 2009 RHS team they would allow only 85 points.

    Ragsdale gave up 83 points in the conference in 2007 starting 8 sophmores! They went undefeated in the conference that year too. Ragsdale has more experience on this team than they had on the 07 team.

    I guess if you are not a Ragsdale fan you have to try to hang your hat on something.

  11. David – I understand what you’re saying but this isn’t 07 and the competetion in the Piedmont-Triad 4A is a lil tougher now than what you had to go up against in the 3A Mid-Piedmont conference back in 2007.

    Now last year Ragsdale had a great team and was head and shoulders above every one else in conference, you return some key players and on offense, but will have almost an entirely new group of players on defense. I don’t no how many points you guys gave up last year but it wasn’t many, so it’s no strech to think you’re gonna give up a few more this season, as far the Bison are concerned they also had a great defense and that was a huge reason for them going 9-3 last season and they only allowed 88 points in conferenece play.

    Now with what should be a potent Ragsdale offense if their defense is anywhere as gppd as the aforementioned defenses from last season then yea they should be fine and the clear cut favorite to repeat as champions, we shall see.

  12. You just helped to make my point. You say HPC had a great defense and gave up 88 points. RHS gave up 17. I would be amazed of they repeated that feat. However would I be shocked if they gave up 88 points or fewer? No. Maybe they will give up more. But they certainly are not going to play bad defense. They had several juniors that would have started on every other team in the conference that will have their turn this year.

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