QB Vad Lee from the “D” headed to GT and how will this effect Willis from SWG(Lee to the “G” at 7p)

Vad Lee, DI QB, from Durham Hillside, will be at Grimsley tonight, as his Hornets face the Whirlies and next year, Lee has made plans to attend Georgia Tech on a football schloarship and plans are for Lee to be the QB of fuuture, for the Yellow Jackets and how will this effect the plans of Southwest Guilford QB Airyn Willis, who is also headed to Georgia Tech, to play QB and SWG has changed their entire Cowboy offense, to fit what Tech runs, so Willis will be ready when he gets to Atlanta…..

Lee or Willis, what/who fits for the future at Tech?

Vad Lee to GT:

Durham Hillside senior Vad Lee will take his dual-threat quarterback skills to Georgia Tech with plans of putting them to use in the triple-option offense coached by Paul Johnson that helped the Yellow Jackets win the 2009 ACC title.

Lee passed for 1,416 yards and rushed for 675 more last season.

“The offense fits him good,” said Hillside coach Antonio King. “He has a great relationship with the coaches. He enjoyed himself every time he went down there.”

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  1. Looks like a little healthy competition! How will these gentlemen handle it when they get on GT’s campus? Who is more mentally strong? I bet the coaches at GT told them the exact same thing, you are the QB of the future! I think one of these players will find another position to play. Willis is an athlete, so he can play wide out or play DB/Safety on defense. Good luck to both on their journey.

  2. Willis actually helped get Vad Lee. They know each other. Willis is listed as an athlete with GA Tech. This should not effect him at all. Colleges always recruit to give themselves options. Actually both of them could end up playing another postion other than QB at GT.

  3. Willis is really being counted on as an A-Back,receiver or a Def Back. They like him as an athlete that they will give a look see at QB.

  4. Both had good games last nght Lee had a strong game passing out of the spread offense at Hillside and threw 4 tds while Willis had a strong game rushing for 147 yds and a TD running SW Guilfords triple option. Both young men will be fine.

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