Friday Night – August 20 – High School Scores

Final for tonight. Andy will follow up.

WS Parkland – 0
Page – 41

WS Carver – 2
Dudley – 6

Ragsdale – 21
Southern Guilford – 14

Western Guilford – 14
Northern Guilford – 35

Eastern Guilford – 0
Northwest Guilford – 39

Durham Hillside – 43
Grimsley – 8

Southeast Guilford – 0
Southwest Guilford – 29

Smith – 24
High Point Andrews – 6

ORMA – 42
West Brunswick – 0

High Point Central – 27
WS Reynolds – 24

Southern Alamance – 28
Burlington Williams – 13

Northeast Guilford Rams are OFF on opening night


  1. glad to see Ragsdale won even if it was close. Ragsdale was sloppy last year in the opener at SG. Andy, I’ll tell you right now – if you want this sight to blast off to the moon you’ll stop blocking posts until you get a chance to look every one over. people want to get on here and talk about the games that night.

    Don’t let the few knuckleheads ruin it for everyone else.

  2. Hillside will also beat Dudley ,Page ,Ragsdale,Northwest, etc.,they are that good. The offensive line protects Vad Lee as though he is royalty,and he is something special,Georgia Tech landed a great athlete,he has all the tools as a passer and a very talented runner. Congrats to the Hornets,if any other area teams run up against them,they’ll meet a much simlilar fate as the whirlies, be it your darlings Page or Dudley . .beware !!!!!

  3. I’m siding with Mark on this delay in comment posting. Living in Norway, I am so disconnected from high school football. The live updates on this site help me to feel like I’m still plugged in . My late Saturday nights usually consists of listening to your radio broadcast and reading the posts on this site.

  4. Andy , I think Mark may be on the mark with the posting suggestion
    any way to keep your site more fan friendly?

  5. We have Don Moore on the board here on Friday nights looking in LIVE from say 8-10:15pm and then I will be checking in here at around 11p, so those comments should get up to the site pretty quick…..

    We like to get your opinions on the process and we will continue to try and improve on the comment catchers and make sure it is good for all, or at least we hope that will be the case……

    Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming…..New season is upon us and let’s try and bring home the bacon or the sausage or whatever it is they bring home when they win……

  6. Grimsley got crushed last night, wow. I think the score was 20-0 last year what happened to the defense??? At least they scored this year that college coach must be really working

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